Recipes with Practical Concepts and Techniques For Rapid Web Application Updated Continuously; Paperback N/A; eBook HTML, PDF, ePub, Mobi (site) JavaScript Frameworks (jQuery,, AngularJS, Backbone. js. Ebooks give you a structural and organized way to learn a new topic, Recipes With AngularJS is written by Frederik Dietz and is available to. Extend the capabilities of AngularJS and build dynamic web applications by creating customized directives with this selection of more than 30 recipes.

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Each recipe solves a specific problem and provides a solution and Learn more about Leanpub's ebook formats and where to read them. I understand the "recipes" format, but I was looking for something that was more of a Step-by-Step intro. Experienced AngularJS programmers will likely enjoy. Editorial Reviews. Review. "I'm happy to say I've finally found a book I can recommend. The book's recipes are designed to be consistent and congruent.

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The original content of this site is based on my ebook Recipes with Angular.

I'm currently working hard to release all chapters on this website in the coming weeks. If you like this site, please support me and download the book! It gives Javascript developers a highly structured approach to developing rich browser-based applications which leads to very high productivity.

If you are using Angular.

Each recipe solves a specific problem and provides a solution and in-depth discussion of it. Recipes with Angular. To help you keep your project code organized, it ships with a by-feature files organization.

20 best resources for learning AngularJS

Ng-Inspector Ng-Inspector is an extension for Safari and Chrome which includes an inspector panel showing whole scope hierarchy along with associated controllers or directives in real time.

As you mouse-over a scope in the inspector, the DOM elements attached to that scope get highlight.

On the other hand, clicking on a model would console. Djangular Djangular is a reusable app built to make app integration with AngularJS easier and better. By allowing you to both include and namespace AngularJS content per app, it saves you the trouble of building a single big application inside of Django , a popular Python-based web framework. Generator Angular Generator Angular is a handy code generator developed by Yeoman.

This tool provides you with several terminal commands to boost your AngularJS development. With a single line of code, it generates all the boilerplate needed for you to get started.

A lot of things, including directives, views, controllers, filters, constants, and decorators etc. Containing more than pages, this eBook walks you through all of the key fundamentals of AngularJS with appropriate screenshots and the timestamp of when a topic appears in the original video.Solution Implement a directive my-widget that contains an example paragraph of text we want to style. This demonstrates the typical use case of a reusable component augmented by other directives.

Solution Use the uppercase Angular filter. You can read Recipes online for free here.

If that is the case, you have to read this ebook, since it involves step by step explanation of how to add, connect and remove the functions and components. The controllers get the UserService injected by adding it to the controller function as params.

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