How do Elizabeth Wurtzel's 'Prozac Nation' and Peter Brinson's 'It Did It' establish themselves as two autobiographical modes for thinking about the implications. PROZAC NATION. I HATE MYSELF AND I WANT TO DIE. I try to walk somewhere-to the grocery store or the pharmacy, no- where special, routine errands-and I. Elizabeth Wurtzel's New York Times best-selling memoir, with a new afterword " Sparkling, luminescent prose A powerful portrait of one girl's journey through .

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This books (Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America [PDF]) Made by Elizabeth Wurtzel About Books none To Download Please Click. Prozac nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel; 10 editions; First published in ; Subjects : Mental health, Depressed persons, Biography, Protected DAISY, In library. was possible, an homage. After a half an hour, 1 felt as old as my grandmorher, 1 heard myself say ing things that would have felt corn fortable coming out of her.

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Steven Corcoran New York: Semiotext e , , 8. The great book of Man-the-Machine was written simultaneously on two registers: the anatomo-metaphysical register, of which Descartes wrote the first pages […], and the technico-political register, which was constituted by a whole set of regulations […] for controlling or correcting the operations of the body.

Alan Sheridan London: Penguin Books, , See John P.

For this autobiographical experiment, Brinson decided to employ the scientific method, based on the formulation of a hypothesis and the performing of tests, in order to self-estimate whether he needed or not to be on antidepressants, while attempting to demonstrate how the assimilation of psychoactive drugs impacted upon his storytelling. At the outset of his video, Brinson renders the beholder aware that, This video is not a critique of our medical institutions because I acquired the medication at a clinic without the supervision of a therapist […].

I scored a sixty-three on this test that proved that I required medication for depression. Is it the pill or the person creating a self? And if a pill can produce a self that feels satisfied and taking it away makes one feel not oneself, does the self become a social object?

What and where is the self if a pill can make it indissoluble again? I am more and more interested […] in the technologies of individual domination, […] in the technology of self.

Steven Corcoran Los Angeles: Semiotext e , , 8. As it will be later shown, subjects might even reach the acme of identifying themselves with their own illness, until their malaise becomes the kernel of their identity. And in a strange way, this resignation allowed [her] to stabilize. Colin Gordon, trans. Colin Gordon et al. Alan Sheridan London: Penguin Books, Stanford: Stanford University Press, Fee, Dwight, ed. Foucault, Michel. Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison.

Translated by Alan Sheridan. London: Penguin Books, Translated by A.

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London: Routledge, Accessed March 30, History of Madness. Edited by Jean Khalfa.

Translated by Richard Howard. New York: Vintage, Mental Illness and Psychology. Berkeley: University of California Press, Edited by Colin Gordon. New York: Pantheon, Accessed April 12, Translated by Robert Hurley.

Edited by Luther H. Depression is in an altogether different zone because it involved a complete absence: absence of affect, absence of feeling, absence of response, absence of interest.

The pain you feel in the course of a major clinical depression is an attempt on nature's part nature, after all, abhors a vacuum to fill up the empty space. But for all intents and purposes, the deeply depressed are just the walking, waking dead.

There is a classic moment in The Sun Also Rises when someone asks Mike Campbell how he went bankrupt, and all he can say in response is, 'Gradually and then suddenly. I'm always missing someone or someplace or something, I'm always trying to get back to some imaginary somewhere.

My life has been one long longing. It was all still with me, the storage space in my brain crammed with vivid memories, packed and piled like photographs and old dresses in my grandmother's bureau. I wasn't just the madwoman in the attic—I was the attic itself.

The past was all over me, all under me, all inside me. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it's impossible to ever see the end. The fog is like a cage without a key.

My gifts are for life itself, for an unfortunately astute understanding of all the cruelty and pain in the world. I know that if I could just get out from under this depression, there is so much I could do besides cry in front of the TV on a Saturday night.

It might be terminal velocity, the speed of the sound of a girl falling down to a place from where she can't be retrieved.

What if I am stuck down here for good?Prozac Nation. Mental Illness as Discourse and Experience. What and where is the self if a pill can make it indissoluble again?

Prozac Nation

And I know it's around me somewhere, but I just can't feel it. Stanford University Press, , Full Name Comment goes here. Power, Change and Social Worlds London: Cancel Save.

Translated by Alan Sheridan.

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