PhotoInPress is Canada's Photo book specialist. Using our free software BookDesigner, make your own photo book and take advantage of our fast turnaround. This is a real book, created with your own photos. Add your own text to describe a monument, a beautiful landscape, or a special moment of your life. We do print. Turn your memories into high quality photo books, starting from $15, Check our wide range of sizes and cover options to create your own photo book.

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Photobooks are perfect for immortalizing your memories. Photo books are today's Photo Albums. Discover the different options and order yours easily!. Using Photoinpress Book Designer, you can create your very own stunning photo book, using cutting edge features we developped for you. Be creative and. PhotoInPress BookDesigner est notre application gratuite pour Windows et Mac qui vous permet de créer vos propres albums photos de manière agréable et.

Then they went to Hong Kong, then Cincinnati, then into Canada. It was a Friday afternoon and I called DHL and they told me the truck had not yet attempted to deliver my package that day, so luckily if I remained home for the next 6 hours or less, I would get my package that day.

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I arranged to have someone else pick my kids up from school so I could wait at home. It was lucky I did, because that's when the delivery came. At least I could then leave the house. I could have told DHL I would pick it up myself from one of two locations one was the airport the next day, a Saturday. I was worried they might be closed, have modified hours, or it would get lost since it was so close to Christmas, although not likely.

The charges cost more than the item I bought! It was NOT a good deal! It is false advertising to call themselves "Photobook Canada" when it ships internationally for large fees and duty is payable. Even the shipping you don't know the cost until after you've already spent hours creating your photobook and are ready to order. Plus, you can only pay by PayPal, so it will probably be harder to get a refund, if not impossible than if my credit card paid Photobook Canada directly.

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By the way, I got superb customer service from Shutterfly in the U. Marie 5 months ago I have created over 15 books with photobook Canada. I paid as much for shopping as I did for the extra custom fees. This is news and I have read a lot of negative reviews since.

Their customer service won't explain why the change and why this was never communicated to client. Along story short, I will never order from them again, which is too bad because I love their readybooks but my recent items ended up costing me over 60 dollars for 40 pages and I had coupons Although, their office is in Markham, you can't pick up your product at all.

I do like the fact that you can install their software locally on my computer and so I can work on my album without any internet connection.

However, even after a few books, I still have problem with pictures printed outside the edge. I really like the photo colour and the software by Shutterfly.

Too bad they are in the US otherwise they would be my choice for photobook. Manon 7 months ago I just built an album with Photobook Canada and am ready to order. Heather Dixon 9 months ago Interesting! Thanks for letting us know! We'll look into it and adjust our post. Thank you for the feedback! Katka Selucky 9 months ago I have just this week October tried to use Vistaprint to make a photobook.

Big mistake!

Their software crashed on me, pages disappeared, the phone number for customer support on the website was out of service and when I tried to get assistance at the main Vistaprint phone number, their representatives did not know how to contact the photobook department.

I ended up sitting on the phone for about 40 minutes as they tried to figure out how to reach the photobook department and when they finally did and connected me with it, the connection was cut off before they could be of any use. Stay away from this company!

Walmart, by the way, does not seem to offer the photobook service in Canada - I tried but, as is often the case, could not reach a live human being at the Canadian web site to tell me if it is or is not available here and there was nothing online about it.

Maybe the U. Walmart would deliver photoboks to Canada, but I doubt it as they don't deliver anything else to this country - if it isn't available from Walmart Canada, they won't ship it here.

It offers the best photo book quality I have found in the US. It prides itself on using archival-quality materials that will last for generations without fading or deteriorating in any way.

Kristie 2 years ago I also like Shutterfly out of the States Then I put the relevant number at the beginning of every file name.

Presto, photos in approximately the right order! Less searching among the photos because they were logically grouped together. See, brilliant!

Advice over, back to experience gaining! I felt so good, I twittered about my photo booking.

A very kind friend mentioned Scrapblog. More than one site creates photobooks! Who knew! I checked it out and was VERY impressed. They are primarily for online albums, but they announced that they were now printing albums. That felt like enough research, so I took my folder of highly organized.

Scrapblog building Notice how much more flexible this is — I can angle photos, and add as many or as few as I want. The intelligently-ordered photos are in a tray on the upper left this time I can add text boxes anywhere, anytime, and backgrounds and frames etc.

The tray at the bottom contains the already created pages and makes it easy to navigate. I loved setting up my Scrapblog! I showed the finished online version to my husband, and he was impressed! But no, he really was!

I got to the country field. I clicked on the downward-pointing triangle.

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Nothing happened. Maybe that was connected with the state field only offering American states, I thought, and tried again. This got old quickly so I searched for the contact information. It was after business hours on a Friday, but what the heck, this is a hobby site, I tried to phone.

Left a message. I emailed. Monday, mid-morning, I called. Left another message. Emailed again asking for a work-around. Monday, late afternoon, got an email explaining that the printing option was new and they would, sometime in the future, be expanding to other countries.

They suggested I get some one in the States to order my printed scrapblog and mail it to me. I suggested they should mention somewhere that the printed option is only available in the States currently.

I thought of the daughter of someone I know, then looked at the calendar to see how close we were to Christmas. Swore some more.I researched and compared. Cover color: 5, The color on the cover was pretty close to what I saw on my screen. PhotoInPress Book Designer. Once a book has been published from within the builder, as far as I can tell, you cannot access it to make changes to it. Major pain!

However, even after a few books, I still have problem with pictures printed outside the edge. You can read more about their shipping prices including international if you would like.

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