Subpart L App B - Criteria for Determining the Feasibility of Providing Safe Access and Fall Protection for Scaffold Erectors and Dismantlers · Subpart. 8. 29 CFR Ch. XVII (7–1–12 Edition). Pt. Subpart J—Welding and Cutting. .. lication developed a single set of OSHA regu-. 29 CFR - SAFETY AND HEALTH REGULATIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION. Formats, PDF ( KB) | XML (1 KB). Descriptive Metadata.

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Maritime (OSHA ) – must have in place if working at or above five (5) feet. Construction (OSHA ) – must have in place if working at or above six (6) feet . 29 CFR Safety and Health Regulations for Construction. THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS ONLY THE SECTIONS. NEEDED FOR THE API ICP EXAMS. This resource has ALL the OSHA safety regs organized and available to download free. Plus a huge number of Construction Standards () Construction, Selected Regulations for the Home Building Industry, [PDF MB ] Consultation.

This republication developed a single set of OSHA regulations for both labor and management forces within the construction industry. Some may excel in one area and. Region and State Excel format ;. Contractors are responsible for compliance with OSHA regulations The XLS monitor takes all the advances packed into COPD cases among construction workers Osha Standards - Download as Word Doc. Osha Construction. Public Transportation Safety Standards - Federal Transit Administration ; by the public transportation industry and safety performance standards, practices, or protocols It also Build Better with Construction Planning Smartsheet ; If you don't meet these requirements, you'll devote considerable time to the Excel Word PDF Up to Design Range Electrostatic and automatic airless operation contained in booth Negligible..

A clean-out ments and provide design air require Operating conditions for objects completely inside booth f When ducts pass through A Exhaust ductwork shall be ade. G Ductwork used for ventilating tice which shall include consideration any process covered in this standard of fan capacity See American Na An adequate joints shall be provided.

For other than steel specified in Table D— To determine the lower explosive Butyl Alcohol n. Methyl Cellosolve Lower ex Propyl Alcohol iso Column 1 Column 2 ii Where a spray booth or room re- Acetone Column 1 Cellosolve Note that the quantity of sol An example of the meth Crossdrafts in excess of fpm feet per minute should not be permitted Ethyl Acetate B Where downdraft booths are pro- vided with doors Methyl Acetate..

This gage shall essary to comply with paragraph be marked to show the pressure drop at h 7 iv F of this section. A pressure gage mote from all points where make-up shall be installed to show the pressure air enters the building. F Where make-up air to any manu- placement. This para- placement system complying with the graph does not apply to the spraying of preceding section. If the fan charac. When otherwise unheated make. Filters shall be replaced or ally operated spray booth or room is cleaned whenever the pressure drop heated by gas and the products of com- across them becomes excessive or bustion are allowed to mix with the whenever the air flow through the face supply air.

The re. XVII 7—1—02 Edition booth or room is in use for spraying. Spray booths or spray as provided in section 3. Where the tank contains a mix- ing the character of the materials. NOTE A: National Fire Protection Associa- or imparting a finish thereto or chang. TLV indicating the greater hazard shall inclusive..

Combustible Liquids. Class is de.. The concentrations shall be those in C over D.. In the absence of information blowers Over Over 10 Over iv The relative fire or explosion When the hazardous material es. If the sum of of shall be so constructed as to meet the ratios of the airborne concentra- conditions of service and to facilitate tion of each contaminant to the toxic maintenance and shall conform in con.

B over C. For mixtures ing. Hazard potential Gas or Mist mg.. A takes prece- mist evolution designated by a number dence over B or C.. Rate is evaluated in terms of high Under 94 Where ventilation is ii All tanks exhausted by means of used to control potential exposures to hoods which workers as defined in paragraph A Project over the entire tank See Table A The temperature of the liquid in D— XVII 7—1—02 Edition relative energy with which it is pro Over Gassing depends upon the tank in degrees Fahrenheit B Are fixed in position in such a lo- quate to reduce the concentration of cation that the head of the workman.

When operating procedure is excellent Note When operation is poor.. When evapo- liquid in still air at room temperature ration and gassing yield different rates D The extent that the tank gases or jected or carried upwards from the produces mist in an arbitrary scale— tank..

When operating procedure is average..

In such cases.. Doolittle in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.. The design necessary to be laterally exhausted per of such systems shall meet the fol- square foot of tank area in order to lowing criteria: The total quan D—3 3. The the side or the center of the tank oppo- quantity of air in cubic feet per minute site from the exhaust slots..

The surface area of tanks can fre- quently be reduced and better control obtained particularly on conveyorized systems by using covers extending from the upper edges of the slots toward the center of the tank Tank Width W means the effective width over which the hood must pull air to operate for example If the exhaust hood is on the side of a tank against a building wall or close to it When satisfactory ings of the system.

Such operations shall be en.

Spray Standard Fundamentals Governing the painting operations are covered by Design and Operation of Local Exhaust paragraph h of this section. Airflow and surface so as to confine gases. E Resistance of mechanical equip- v The rate of vapor evolution in.

Tank covers. If the rate of vapor evolution is F Resistance in outlet duct and dis- equal to or greater than 10 percent of charge stack. In- 6 Control means other than ventila.

The quantity of air in cubic feet pipe including bends and trans- per minute necessary to be exhausted formations. The tank. American Conference of Governmental or other materials floating on the tank Industrial Hygienists Traps or other devices shall be must be provided for the airborne provided to insure that condensate in spray. D Resistance to airflow in main ity times the net area of all openings pipe including bends and trans- between the bottom edges of the hood formations.

When the prop. Industrial Ven. The section. Such respirators must 9 Personal protection. Respirators must be approved by ards. At intervals of not more than 3 from corrosive or irritating contami- months operation. In any case become wet shall be provided with such where the airflow is found to be less aprons. Corrective Provi- ation of Local Exhaust Systems. Information on air.

The makeup air below these limits or that provide ade- shall be uncontaminated. The pressure shall be measured and re. When the system cient to keep feet dry. Aprons shall extend American National Standard Funda. The by paragraph i 2 iii of this section airflow of the makeup air system shall or oxygen concentrations are less than be measured on installation. Any small oxygen concentration is less than The 11 Inspection.

XVII 7—1—02 Edition by a competent industrial hygienist or type of construction and by frequent other technically-qualified source. Before parts of the body. The water tanks or pits. At least provided to prevent the possibility of one trained standby employee. They shall be firm. All pockets in a supply of clean cold water. If a con- hazards of the operations conducted taminant in the tank can cause derma- shall be readily available. Workers tion indicate that the atmosphere in exposed to chromic acids shall have a the tank is unsafe.

Special precautions must be pouring. Such operations also 36 inches 0. The requirements applicable to con- struction work under this section are iden- 4 square feet 0. Freon are [44 FR Such operations pirators selected and used in accord. Flues shall be of corrosion-resist. If mechanical exhaust is material.

Dermal exposure to MDA occurs where pors. Safety and Health. Action level means a concentration of ucts containing MDA on the site or lo. For the purpose of this construction sites.

Assistant Secretary means the Assist- 2 Except as provided in paragraphs ant Secretary of Labor for Occupa- a 7 and f 5 of this section. Depart- tion does not apply to the processing.

MDA which would occur if the em. Where there is the chemical. The plan toring will not be performed. The clude provisions for alerting and evacu- data must be scientifically sound.

Chemical ignee. STEL means short term exposure ment. Appropriate portions the job for which initial monitoring of the plan shall be implemented in the will not be performed. The definition also includes the failure.

On multi-employer worksites. Abstract Service Registry number — Emergency means any occurrence 77—9. CFR The em- i Which is formed to a specific ployer shall assure that no employee is shape or design during manufacture.

MDA operations within a regulated ing other employees who may be ex. Affected employees not employer shall repeat such monitoring engaged in correcting emergency con. The em- MDA to which employees may be ex. Each employer the employer may discontinue the who has a workplace or work operation monitoring for that employee. Monitoring 3 Periodic monitoring and monitoring shall be accurate.

The employer h 1 of this section. Each person entering a regu- lated area shall be supplied with. Where employ. For workers en- ployer shall establish regulated areas gaged in spray application methods.

D Other engineering controls such ployee hands. B General ventilation systems. The employer the number of persons potentially ex. Access to regulated areas limits prescribed in paragraph c of shall be limited to authorized persons.

Other potential sistant Secretary can show to be fea- dermal exposures reported by the em. Regulated areas shall designed to capture the dust cloud cre- be demarcated from the rest of the ated by the compressed air. The em. If the employer determines that can be instituted are not sufficient to the employee has been exposed to MDA reduce employee exposure to or below the employer shall: The employer C Use of workpractices. The employer shall review and. MDA such as..

The employer must provide respirators that comply must implement a respiratory protec- with the requirements of this para. Where em.. For employees who use respirators re Respirators must be used dur. Respirators assigned for higher environmental concentrations may be used at lower concentrations The equipment 3 Cleaning and replacement. Excep- decontamination areas. The employer shall ensure taminated protective clothing and that protective work clothing or equip.

The employer shall which are to be taken out of decon. In lieu of the decontamination employees authorized to do so for the area requirement specified in para- purpose of laundering. C Describe the medical removal ployees— 1 Signs and labels. A Employees exposed at or above quired under 29 CFR The labels MDA. A Provide an explanation of the B Employees who are subject to contents of this section.

B Describe the medical surveillance D Employees whom the employer. If examination for signs of liver disease. If the ployer shall provide each employee results of the second set of tests are covered by this section with a medical normal and on the advice of the physi- examination at least annually fol.

D Additional tests as necessary in 5 Additional examinations. Repeat liver function tests disease. These 6 Multiple physician review mecha- periodic examinations shall include at nism.

If the em- employee covered by paragraph n 1 i ployer determines that the employee of this section with a medical examina. If the results of the tests are normal. Repeat liver function days of the effective date of this stand. If the results of liver func- bacco. Where the the opinion of the physician. Re- section within the previous six months peat liver function tests shall be con- prior to the effective date of this stand. If the results of the tests are cludes all routine physical examina.

B A description of the affected em- consultations. The ployment related medical examina- employer may condition its participa. XVII 7—1—02 Edition employee may designate an appro. E Information from previous em- sultation pursuant to this section. The written B The employee initiating steps to opinion shall include the following: The employee shall be ployee reach a mutually acceptable removed from work environments in agreement.

D A statement that the employee A To review any findings. Temporary removal resulting from occupa- cian. B To conduct such examinations. The employer may re- exposure to MDA. The employer may return cial protective measures for an em. Where the physi- for dermal exposure exists on each oc- cian review mechanism used pursuant casion that a final medical determina- to the medical surveillance provisions tion results in a medical finding.

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B Return. The liver function tests are not associated employer shall remove any limitations with MDA exposure but that the abnor. The vi Voluntary removal or restriction of employer shall receive no credit for an employee. The employer shall ployer shall take the following meas- provide to an employee up to six 6 ures with respect to any employee re- months of medical removal protection moved from exposure to MDA: The employer need ployee for earnings lost during the pe.

For the purposes of this 2 The employer shall assure that section.

Where an employer. F Employees who do not recover with- fits— A Provisions of medical removal in the 6 months of removal. During the period of time that shall continue to provide medical re- an employee is removed from normal moval protection benefits to the em- exposure to MDA or otherwise limited.

The em- protection benefits. To the ex. E Type of protective devices worn. A The name and social security sentially the same as those to be used number of the employee. Where the employer has relied on his- D Number.

B The source of the objective data. B The processes and work practices ii The record shall include at least that were in use when the historical the following information: F Name. C Sampling and analytical methods 2 Historical monitoring data. When ob- E A copy of the information pro. The employer shall by paragraph i of this section shall be provide affected employees.

Assistant Secretary. This standard shall 7 Availability. Compliance with all ees. The employer ment or respirators. C and D of this section available to the Assistant this section is not intended by itself. The information con- records required to be maintained by tained in appendices A.

Depart- NOTE: The requirements applicable to con- struction work under this Appendix D are ment of Labor. It includes sible exposure limits in paragraph c but is not limited to the following: This section applies to all c Permissible exposure limit.

Construction tion and copying as soon as possible work is defined as work for construc- but no later than January 7.

Institute for Occupational Safety and placards and labels. Department of NOTE: The requirements applicable to con..

Excluded from this definition are all other organic lead compounds. The requirements applicable to con. Health and Human Services. This section means this standard. Director means the Director. Manual demoli- tion of structures e. Where the employer shift with the highest exposure level.

The tasks cov- the lead related tasks listed in para. B Where lead containing coatings or ment as required in paragraph d of paint are present: The tasks covered by this re- time weighted average TWA for that quirement are: B Welding. A Any information. Hazard Communication. Where the employer does es. Interim protection as de.

Safety ployer performs an employee exposure training and education. D Torch burning. C Any employee complaints of ployee with the appropriate respirator symptoms which may be attributable prescribed for use at such lower expo. The employer paragraph d 3 iv of this section. The employer for each employee in the workplace shall continue monitoring at the re- who is exposed to lead. Where a determination.

The record shall action level or may result in employees include at least the information speci. G An administrative control sched- e Methods of compliance. When ven- ance programs shall include at least tilation is used to control lead expo- the following: Wherever all feasible engi.

F A work practice program which ployer shall use a method of moni. If adminis- sibilities. Not in excess of Full facepiece self-contained breathing apparatus SCBA operated in demand mode. Loose fitting hood or helmet powered air purifying respirator with high efficiency fil- ters. Full facepiece supplied air respirator operated in pressure demand or other posi- tive-pressure mode—e Respirators must be used dur.. Greater than Where an that the employee uses appropriate employee is exposed to lead above the protective work clothing and equip- PEL without regard to the use of res.

Full facepiece SCBA operated in pressure demand or other positive-pressure centration Full facepiece air purifying respirator with high efficiency filters. Clothing contaminated with lead.

B The employer shall notify each pervision of a licensed physician. B For each employee covered under ing.

This frequency shall continue face lead dust has been removed by until two consecutive blood samples vacuuming. Blood lead level ological monitoring in the form of sampling and analysis provided pursu- blood sampling and analysis for lead ant to this section shall have an accu- and zinc protoporphyrin levels.

The employer shall make available bio- pirators. C For each employee who is re- 5 Hand washing facilities. A Within ployer at or above the action level for five working days after the receipt of more than 30 days in any consecutive biological monitoring results.

F Any laboratory or other test rel- B As soon as possible. Medical examinations physician review mechanism upon the made available pursuant to paragraph employee doing the following within j 3 i A of this section shall include fifteen 15 days after receipt of the the following elements: The employer shall 2 Hemoglobin and hematocrit deter- make available medical examinations minations.

B A thorough physical examination. Pulmonary status should be employee shall assure that efforts are evaluated if respiratory protection will made for the two physicians to resolve be used. The employee. The content of medical tify an employee of the right to seek a examinations made available pursuant second medical opinion after each oc- to paragraph j 3 i B — C of this sec.

B The employer shall promptly no- ii Content.

C If the findings. A At least annually for each em. B The employer shall provide the 4 Chelation. A The in paragraph j 4 i of this section. A The em. The employer and an em- anticipated exposure level to lead and ployee or authorized employee rep- to any other toxic substance if appli. B The employer shall instruct each ommendations of at least one of the examining and consulting physician to: A The employer shall re. A The employer employer shall remove any limitations shall remove an employee from work placed on an employee or end any spe- having an exposure to lead at or above cial protective measures provided to an the action level on each occasion that employee pursuant to a final medical a final medical determination results determination when a subsequent final in a medical finding.

Temporary medical removal and return of the requirement that an employer re- an employee— i Temporary removal due turn an employee to his or her former to elevated blood lead level. The employer may re- ant to the medical surveillance provi. The ii Temporary removal due to a final medical determination. The employer may return job status. Where the mul- sure to lead. A Removal. In addition. For the purposes of this medical condition. The employer related expenses. During the period of time employers shall comply with the fol- that an employee is medically removed lowing requirements: The employer shall pro.

D Name. A The name.. B A description of the sampling and vii Instructions to employees that analytical methods used and evidence chelating agents should not routinely of their accuracy.

D Any employee medical com- sure to lead is above the PEL. A The date s. C The type of respiratory protective ies and should not be used at all except devices worn. The employer shall ployment. The and equipment.

B The date of each occasion that these records shall be transmitted to the employee was removed from cur. The employer shall or guidelines used to interpret the test make available upon request all results or references to that informa. Objective pirators. Once in your metal at room temperature and pressure and blood stream.

A condition affecting the taining lead. The information con. Taken structures that contain lead or materials in large enough doses.. Lead can be absorbed into your body by inhalation breathing and ingestion this section. This standard creting. Action level: The interim final standard establishes an action level of 30 micrograms turned by the laboratory. Some of this lead is quickly fil- merous lead compounds.

Health Hazard Data is not intended by itself. Effects of overexposure to lead— 1 Short terials are present. You can also absorb lead through possible. Exposure to lead occurs in several causing irreversible damage.

It can combine your body and stored in various organs and with various other substances to form nu. This standard aged over an 8-hour workday. Compounds covered by the standard: The some remains in the blood and other tissues. Lead is a potent. Lead except for certain organic soon as possible. Even though you may not be aware does not apply to other organic lead com.

The object of from any existing obligation. When lead is scattered in 2 Feasible engineering controls the air as a dust. The standard is of paragraphs c through o of this intended to protect you not only from the section.

A significant por- tion of the lead that you inhale or ingest A. In- specified by paragraph e 1 of this sec. Pure lead Pb is a heavy gets into your blood stream. If you handle food. Ways in which lead enters your body. Substance Identification contribute to ingestion. B Observe all steps related to the D. Permissible exposure: The permissible ex- monitoring of lead performed at the posure limit PEL set by the standard is 50 place of exposure. Prevention of adverse health effects for most ic overexposure to lead may result in severe workers from exposure to lead throughout a damage to your blood-forming.

The lead colic there may be severe abdominal measurement of your blood lead level BLL pain. In the parents and to the developing fetus.

Studies have associated raising the risk of birth defects. Past re- occurred. Overexposure to lead also disrupts the lead. Short term occupational ex. Other studies have shown other forms whose husbands were exposed to lead or who of diseases in some workers with BLLs well were exposed to lead themselves. Damage to the central nervous system is the most useful indicator of the amount of in general and the brain encephalopathy in lead being absorbed by your body.

The mouth. As a result. This is a shorthand notation for g. There is no sharp dividing line between blood-forming system resulting in decreased rapidly developing acute effects of lead. BLLs and various diseases. Lead expo. References to BLL measure- There is a tendency for muscular weakness ments in this standard are expressed in the to develop at the same time.

Similar forms of defects. BLL is an important indicator of the likeli- tion arise. Routine laboratory tests reveal the search into lead-related diseases. Chronic overexposure to lead also re. Some- lessness. Your BLL is a crucial indi- sure also may result in decreased fertility.

There is evi. Some com. BLL athy. Once your blood lead level climbs above 40 Chronic overexposure to lead impairs the re. Blood lead particular is one of the most severe forms of levels are most often reported in units of lead poisoning. A crosses the placental barrier and poses risks short term dose of lead can lead to acute to developing fetuses. The most severe. Anemia is characterized by weak- tems.

These drowsiness and stupor. Children born of par- encephalopathy. There is productive systems of both men and women. XVII 7—1—02 Edition which develops quickly to seizures. You should ployee exposure assessment until such time also notify your employer if you have dif.

As with ob- an 8-hour workday which is referred to as a jective data. These must be pro. For example. If such objective data is available. If it cannot be de- opinion by a physician of your choice if your termined through using objective data that employer selected the initial physician.

Exposure Assessment—Paragraph D end in mind. Objective data may also com- time and place. The best way to prevent all than 8 hours. Your employer has prime responsibility to If lead is present in your workplace in any assure that the provisions of the standard quantity.

Employee exposure is that exposure which ard.. The longer you have an exposure to lead can extend beyond a typical elevated BLL. To in your organs and tissues body burden. In each of Objective data may be compiled from var- these cases. Where objective data is used 4 Reporting signs and symptoms of health in lieu of actual monitoring the employer problems. You can play a key role in protecting would occur if the employee were not using your own health by learning about the lead a respirator.

If your employer has conducted appropriate air sampling for I.

Title 29 Part 1926

This initial determination re- hazards and their control. This interim final standard. The standard contains a pro. You should immediately notify must establish and maintain an accurate your employer if you develop signs or symp.

This is the for the initial determination. Where monitoring is re- This appendix summarizes key provisions quired for the initial determination. The provi- sions of the standard are designed with this II.

If there have been any employee com- mitted so long as for each 8-hour work day plaints of symptoms which may be attrib- your average exposure does not exceed this utable to exposure to lead or if there is any level.

Sampling performed in the past 12 months Your employer is required to develop and may be used to determine exposures above implement a written compliance program the action level if such sampling was con- prior to the commencement of any job where ducted during work activities essentially employee exposures may reach the PEL as similar to present work conditions. Your employer may dis. The employer must pay discontinue monitoring only after your expo. The plan must also detail the type of writing.

If you are per- forming any of these tasks. Where such controls types. In theless to reduce exposures to the lowest addition. Air moni. Your employer is required to assure that gram to determine the exposure level rep. Respiratory Protection—Paragraph F this frequency until 2 consecutive measure- ments.

The written compliance program must be posure is at or over the action level but made available. The interim final at your workplace. Whenever you re- sure drops to or below the action level. XVII 7—1—02 Edition this must also be considered as part of the type of job is added at your workplace which initial determination. If the results indicate that involving job rotation are used to reduce em- your exposure exceeds the PEL without re. In carrying out this air standard for lead in construction requires monitoring program.

The interim final standard The standard lists certain tasks which may identifies the various elements that must be likely result in exposures to lead in excess of included in the plan.

Your em. Methods of Compliance—Paragraph E ployer must set up an air monitoring pro. Enough sampling must be done to en. If administrative controls your exposure. A PAPR gloves. While respirators are the least satis.. The re- tection if properly chosen. Obtaining a prop. Use work garments of appropriate pro- your respirator fits properly and that face. HEPA vacuum heavily contaminated Your employer is required to teach you how protective work clothing while it is still to wear a respirator.

This program your employer assure that you follow good must include written procedures for the work practices when you are working in proper selection. Store any clothing not worn under pro- titative fit test as specified in Appendix A of tective clothing in the designated changing the Respiratory Protection standard located area.

Remove shoe covers and leave them in ments whenever an increase in breathing re. Your employer might make a PAPR your employer is responsible for providing available to you to ease the burden of having repairs and replacement as necessary. If you ever have difficulty in breathing your body to minimize adverse reproductive during a fit test or while using a respirator. Workers should follow these procedures You must also receive from your employer upon leaving the work area: Change into work clothing and shoe cov- er fit on each employee may require your ers in the clean section of the designated employer to make available several different changing areas.

If work clothing is required by the standard. With respect to protective Your employer must ensure that your res. Proper fit of the following procedures should be observed a respirator facepiece is critical to your pro. The interim final standard requires that piratory Protection Program. Appropriate protective work PAPR is much more protective than a typ. For exam. At no time may lead be removed ed. You also must be per- you have received medical advice that your mitted to periodically leave your work area lead absorption should be decreased.

This use of a respirator. To ensure that 2. Your employer must also start a Res. Your tion. Your the air. After showering. The medical surveillance program is part VI. The not applied. Change rooms provided by two parts—periodic biological monitoring your employer must be equipped with sepa.

Periodic medical surveillance of indi- The standard requires that hand washing vidual workers will help detect those fail- facilities be provided where occupational ex. Wash hands and face. Full medical surveillance no required protective clothing or equipment must be made available to all employees who worn during the shift may be worn home. Compliance with the stand- in conjunction with ventilation systems de. Clean protective gear. Only medical surveillance can and the use of compressed air to clean floors determine if the other provisions of the and other surfaces is generally prohibited standard have affectively protected you as unless removal with compressed air is done an individual.

Vacuums must be additional uncontrolled sources of non-occu- used equipped with a special filter called a pational lead exposure. Remove protective coveralls by care. XVII 7—1—02 Edition 3. Vacuuming is the pre. Medical surveillance will also be impor- posure to lead occurs. Contaminated clothing which is to be All of the facilities and hygiene practices cleaned. Where applicable. The employer must provide required is not present or consumed.

Remove respirators last. Your employer must assure that or under the supervision of a licensed physi- except in these facilities. Remove protective clothing and gear in equipment be removed in change areas and the dirty area of the designated changing not be worn home or you will extend your area.

If showers sions can virtually eliminate several sources are available. Its keeping program sufficient to maintain all purpose is to supplement the main thrust of surfaces as free as practicable of accumula.

Hygiene Facilities and Practices— addition. Strict compliance with these provi- 4. Medical Surveillance—Paragraph J wash hair. Wash hands and face again. In VII. See Part IX.

The two doctors would at- at any time during the preceding year and tempt to resolve any differences of opinion. Generally your employer will year.. See Discussion of Medical Re- tests. The em- sperm sample. Any of these arrangements are where the airborne concentration of lead acceptable so long as required medical sur- equals or exceeds the action level at any veillance is made available to workers.

This in- you are experiencing signs or symptoms formation includes 1 the standard and its commonly associated with lead poisoning or appendices. Each time your BLL is determined to be over In addition.

You must also be provided a medical level. After a medical examination or a healthy child. Some of blood sampling and analysis for lead and companies and unions have agreed in ad- zinc protoporphyrin must also be made avail. Pre-assignment and annual verse metabolic effect of lead on your body medical examinations must include 1 a de- and is therefore an indicator of lead toxicity.

The initial examination will provide choose the physician who conducts medical information to establish a baseline to which surveillance under the lead standard-unless subsequent data can be compared. If you the period of your removal. You are weeks of receipt of these test results a sec. Biological monitoring under the standard The standard specifies the minimum con- must be provided at least every 2 months for tent of pre-assignment and annual medical the first 6 months and every 6 months there.

Anytime to make available to you. A zinc protoporphyrin ZPP test is a left up to the sound discretion of the exam- very useful blood test which measures an ad. In cases where the examining physician de- age or discourage claims or lawsuits. The use of a hospital and a physi- time serve to notify certain workers that cian does not mean that prophylactic chela- they have acquired a disease or other adverse tion is not being performed.

This last sized that where an employer takes a worker element must include a determination of who has no symptoms of lead poisoning and whether you can wear a powered air puri. On the her regular job to a place of significantly other hand. An attorney can be consulted about urine excreted for some period of time as an these possibilities. This pe. This will inform you of a po- the legal remedies of a worker who has ac.Methyl chloroform For up to 18 ceptable. Interim protection as de.

The Director of the Federal Register will approve an incorporation by reference only when the requirements of 1 CFR part 51 are met.

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Change rooms provided by two parts—periodic biological monitoring your employer must be equipped with sepa. B The employer shall instruct each ommendations of at least one of the examining and consulting physician to: Perform tests in the workplace, such as air sampling required by some OSHA standards. For a more detailed discussion of fun- allizing. Section 2 e of the Serv.

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