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ORIFLAME FLYER NOVEMBER /ORIFLAME CATALOGUE NOVEMBER oriflame flyer november Labels: , CATALOGUE. Oriflame India Online Catalogue of Current Month. You can See the Catalogue online or you can download this latest Oriflame Catalogue in PDF Format. 09 September 01 - September 30 Oriflame is a proud member of the Indian Direct Selling Oriflame cosmetics uk xmas offers bestthing.info Take a look at the latest catalogue by Oriflame n if u like some products or No 07 July 01 - July 31 DEALS FOR MAKE -UP&BEAU TYPRODU C TS .. it for years:) Here s the link to the report ○○○ bestthing.info Oriflame Catalogue 7 UK & Ireland download at bestthing.info

Recommended for sun-sensitive skin and during your rst days in the sun. Day after day your breasts are more toned and lifted.

Oriflame Catalogue October 2018 India

Massage into the skin after shower every morning and evening. This is the year to enjoy the tanned, toned body of your dreams! Naturally cools,deodorises and refreshes!

Best of both worlds For softness with a delightfully fruity scent Delicacy Hand Cream Treat your skin to this lusciously rich hand cream beautifully fragranced with the oral fruity scent of Delicacy. Fantastic colours, glossy nish. Fantastic range of trendy shades! Available in 2 variants: one adapted for men, the other for women.

Contains 21 sachets.

Leaves your skin visibly recovered, soothed and calmed. The helping hands you need to get into the shape of your life! Natural ingredients provide optimum nutrition and help satisfy hunger and cravings. Formulated and developed in Sweden.

Contains 21 portions. With Sculptuin complex to boost elasticity. Water- resistant. Suitable from 1 year old. Apply twice daily, after shaving and again before bed. Contains essential fatty acids required for the normal growth and development of children. Chewable tablets with natural orange avour.

Children 49 one tablet per day. Essential vitamin packs for healthy, happy families!

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Three sensational new Discover ranges for your cleansing pleasure! Trust Activelle deodorant to keep you that way no matter what life throws at you! The City of Light, also known as the city of lovers, is a hypnotic place lled with beauty, pleasure and inspiration.

As the 5th largest country on the planet,Brazil offers both natural and cultural wonders along with unique experiences that will enchant and thrill under the warm tropical sun.

It contains beeswax for softeningextra dry skin. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

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A special formula with beeswax and vegetable oils, suitable for lips, face, cuticles or any area that is dry, rough or sore.

Dermatologically tested Light texture www. While the powerful whitemulberry extract, vitamins and antioxidantswork to inhibit melanin production for a lighter,more even skin tone.

Apply morning and evening. For all skin types.

Your skin isnow ready for your day or night cream. Rich in amino acids and minerals, this powerful natural active helps create perfect skin. Enriched with Persian Silk Tree Extract to prevent skin ageing. Reach for a boost of 24h hydration that will make overnightit look and feel smoother, healthier and more radiant.

Usea cleanser to remove impurities and a toner to Gel Wash Perfecting Tonersoothe and balance the skin. It is where the signs of ageing appearirst. Use a specially formulated eye cream.

Enhance your routinewith just a drop, day and night. Also, use the Night Cream tohelp your skin recover during the night. The newly produced collagen helps to ill out and re-plump wrinkles from within, smoothening the skin. Use ml. It is where the signs of ageing appear irst.

Enhance your routine with just a drop, day and night. Also, use the Night Cream to help your skin recover during the night. Cream SPF15 50 ml.

Apply favourite cleanser to face.We deliver the catalog as is made available by Tupperware. It sold more than , in its irst 3 weeks of release! Polyester drawstrings and nylon handles. Glide on Kajal all around the eye and inish with an eye- catching lick drawing upwards from the outer corner. Creamy formula glides on smoothly and stays put without smudging for long-lasting fabulousness.


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