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Never Too Far book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. He had held a secret that destroyed her world. Everything she ha. Never Too - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. The #1 New York Times bestselling novel that concludes the story of Rush and Blaire from Fallen Too Far and Never Too you find your reason for.

I mean her preggy hormones were doing wonders for Rush and us readers too!! Then I got pissed, Because things were going nowhere and I wanted to beat the shit out of Rush..

I swear he is a stupid stupid jerk!!!! This book was a bit dragged out.. I mean the same book1 drama was being dragged out here.. Nothing new was developing.. Blaire would Run, Rush would follow.. When Rush would run.. Blaire would be like 'I'm insecure' Well.. I wanted to yell at him to get his fucking head out of his ass and just think straight!! You got to do right by your woman man, I mean stand up for her, stand by her and be the fuck there..

Not run off at the first bumpy road. Just reading about Nan and her god awful mother was making my blood boil, I hate those bitches with all my being.

Such a selfish fucking sluts. Abe too. Spineless bastard. I wanted a lot more out of this book, there was barely any scene in Rush's house..

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Even if it is not sufficient for a strong attribution, you can correlate these two observations with other elements you might have at your disposal. View all 45 comments. Dec 18, Jamie rated it it was amazing. Blaire felt betrayed by Rush because he withheld information from her about her dad, mom, and Nan.. Blaire has gone back to Sweet Home Alabama to nurse her wounds.. Blaire ends up going back to Florida where Rush is and the only friends she has..

Rush is having none of that though and trys to break down her defenses at every oppurtunity.. Rush is really good at several things by the way Rush screws up constantly!!!

Never meaning to.. Through all of Rush's screw ups though.. I still loved him..

Her father is a screw up, his sister is a total bitch.. Click here to see Never Too Far's bonus chapter that Abbi has given us http: The End View all 21 comments.

Dec 16, Christy rated it it was amazing. For those of you who have read Fallen Too Far, you know how brutal the cliffhanger was. Everything was a mess. I was heartbroken. I was so excited to read this one, too hopefully see everything come together. But maybe I never would.

Rush is desperate and hopeless without Blaire. Blaire has a plan. She will go back to work at the club for Woods, save some money, and in a few months she will be able to start fresh. Somewhere else. She knows seeing Rush will be unavoidable, but they can never be more than friends. She has to do what is best, she has something bigger than herself to think about now. When Rush finds out Blaire is back for a while, he will do anything to get her back and keep her with him.

After a while, Blaire cannot resist Rush Finlay. It took me a while to warm up to Rush in Fallen Too Far, but not in this one. Rush is so in love and willing to do anything for Blaire. He is more emotional and sentimental in this one, but he is still a hot as hell alpha man too! Best of both worlds! She felt all alone in the world, but she really did have more than a few people who love her and care for her and I was glad she realized that. I was also happy that her dad talked to her, that conversation was crazy- but she needed to know it.

There were so many great secondary characters- Woods and Bethy! Loved them both! I am so excited about Woods book: D He was really great, there for Blaire in the way she needed him without being pushy. Bethy is just an all around great friend to Blaire, plus she is a hoot! I was a little disappointed with Grant in this book, seeing as how much I loved him in the first.

Nan was pretty terrible, but that is to be expected. I wish we could witness when she learns the truth. Ugh- what a bitch. After being up almost 24 straight hours, I stayed up and read this Once I started it, it was impossible to put down! I enjoyed every second of this book! A fabulous story with characters you will fall in love with all over again! View all 30 comments. A breaking point to sanity. Some truths are not meant to be acknowledged Blaine's whole world just crashed.

She was settled, at peace and loved. She had Rush and she had a chance in a new life. But the unexpected truth of her parents' past and Nan, the secret all knew but no one bothered to share with her, has 4 Crush-On-Rush but kinda mad at him Stars "You only deserve what you make yourself worthy of.

But the unexpected truth of her parents' past and Nan, the secret all knew but no one bothered to share with her, has her running away, hurt, confused and pregnant. But Alabama isn't the home she knew anymore and she can't hide from Rush forever. She has to face reality, fight for what she deserves, confront Rush and deal with the people that betrayed her. Will she be strong enough to leave the past behind? Will she emerge a winner and give herself at chance at happiness and love?

Rush has never loved before. But Blaire is worth the effort. Destroyed and confused, angry at himself and the people and circumstance that drove her away, he will have to beg and plead and fight her tooth and nail. If he doesn't screw up everything again. These two kids mess up and screw their lives.

Make bad decisions and fuck up. I swear to God, by the end of the book I wanted to throttle Rush, smother him with kisses, smack him and love him to death Special Mentions: Woods, I'm totally in love with you My feelings aside, I really think that these books are awesome. Emotional and real, raw and heartbreaking. A beautiful story of a truly beautiful couple. And if you are already craving more there is a bonus chapter just for you: I managed to wait for this book to be released and I enjoyed the hell out of this back to back reading.

My reaction, to the release news: March Early release, my wonderful ladies.. You did it! You survived the cliffhanger!!! And I kinda cheated it, too View all 48 comments. Dec 16, Laura's Book Addiction rated it really liked it Shelves: The wait just about killed me but boy was it worth the wait.

I freaking loved it. I want Woods and Grants story's now please!!! View all 24 comments.

Dec 24, Faye rated it it was amazing. I read book 1 on a whim actually and I should have checked first if it was a series because I usually don't like reading a book if it's a series when the first book is a cliffhanger.

I'm half regretting my choice because I'm still heartbroken from the ending of book 1. I hope time flies faster because right now I couldn't get "Fallen Too Far" out of my head.

OMG, it's there already. Can't wait to go get it! This was me I was practically dancing around my room onc I read book 1 on a whim actually and I should have checked first if it was a series because I usually don't like reading a book if it's a series when the first book is a cliffhanger. I was practically dancing around my room once I finally got the book. It took me 4 hours to finish reading the book and totally worth my lack of sleep the next day.

I love this book as much as I love the first book Fallen Too Far. Three weeks have passed since the ending of the first book.

Fallen Too Far/Never Too Far/Forever Too Far

I both love and hate how the story goes in terms on how their relationship progressed, still my love for this book was higher than my hate for it. I guess if you read the book, you'd understand why I hate it at the same time. Rush totally understands how to handle things when it comes to getting Blaire back and I love him for that. Speaking of Blaire's father, that was another shocking truth wherein they wouldn't have these problems in the first place if it weren't for the lies of Georgina I really hate her!

She's my number one and number two would be Nan. Now, sweet Blaire. As much as I love her too, I hated the part where she had a lot of insecurities. I mean, I understand why but seriously she looks down on herself too much. She also misinterprets a lot of things that involved Rush wherein Rush had to grovel.

Though, what surprised me is her acceptance towards her father at the end in which I'm happy too.

The father of Blaire is a weak man but I'm glad that he helped both Rush and Blaire in way. Also, how he truly feels for his family. Once again, I gotta say I totally love this book. I'm happy that it's the end but I wish there was an epilogue. I wasn't contented in the ending. Something I just want to mention about. I can't wait for Woods' story in Twisted Perfection.

I'm also happy that it's only in one book but guess what? I'm not sure if I'm gonna be happy with Grant's story. View all 7 comments. Jan 17, Autumn Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, Abbi Glines has done it again. She gave me another book that I fell in love with.

Sequels are often hard to write, but Rush and Blaire had more to tell. I was thrilled with the outcome and I can't wait for everyone to read this, so I can talk about it with someone!

There is so much I want to say, but I don't want to ruin the story for you. I still love all the key players in the story. It took me a while to warm up to him, but in this one, I r Well, Abbi Glines has done it again. It took me a while to warm up to him, but in this one, I really fell hard. He is determined to win Blaire back.

He truly feels remorse over hurting her. And Blaire I still like her. She has to make some difficult decisions in this book. I felt like she handled them very realistically. She didn't jump in blindly. I still love Grant and anxiously await his story.

Nan is still a brat, but we start to understand her a bit better. But the character I loved getting to see more of in this book was Woods. I was on the fence about Woods in the first book, but let me tell you He's a great guy. If you've read Fallen Too Far, you know how it ended.

Major life altering secrets were revealed and it tested Blaire and Rush's relationship. His betrayal wasn't easily forgotten. Well, now Blaire has her own secrets and she isn't the only one.

Everything I thought I knew, was wrong. Glines threw me for a loop a few times in this book. Overall, I loved it, but you probably aren't surprised. There are some major things happening in this book and I promise you, you will be enthralled until the end. Blaire and Rush's love for each other was addicting. If you thought they had steam in the first book, just wait.

This one is even hotter. The ending was absolutely perfect for them. This book also gives a good lead in to Woods' story, Twisted Perfection. If you want romance, steam, drama, and a great love story, you must check this series out.

I don't know what else I have to do to prove it to you but I won't let you down again. I won't hurt you. You don't have to be alone anymore. View all 11 comments. I mean, it had its moments, sure, but for the most part, the bad far outweighed the good.

Perhaps I came into the second book with too high hopes. Maybe my expectations were too high. Suffice it to say, I was sorely disappointed. Never Too Far can be summed up in one word: Much like the first book, Fallen Too Far, lack of prop Warning: Much like the first book, Fallen Too Far, lack of proper editing was an issue for me. My biggest complaint with the first book was Rush himself.

I thought he was an inconsiderate jerk and some other not-so-nice things. However, this time around, my contempt has now shifted to Blaire. She got on my nerves and frustrated me beyond measure. She was a martyr to the extreme. For someone who claimed to be so independent, she sure was dependent on a lot of people.

She talked a big game, going on and on about how she planned to start over someplace new, but not once did she actually do, well, anything. She made no effort toward her proposed plans. It was nothing more than an empty and half-hearted desire.

She was all talk and no action. Everyone liked her, everyone wanted to protect her, and everyone wanted to help her out in one way or another.

And she had no problem letting them. She was too nice, too forgiving, and too understanding. I wanted to shake some sense into her.

She was quick to make assumptions and jump to conclusions. She had no self-confidence, which I found extremely irritating. She was a doormat and just plain weak. It's hard for me to root for a character like that.

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He over-analyzed everything, constantly worried that he would somehow upset Blaire. Of course, this was before he proved himself a liar when he promised Blaire that she would always come first in his life.

He was overly emotional and whiny and second-guessed himself far too often. Then, on top of everything else, he got sappy. As a result, when he acted like a possessive, alpha male, I couldn't take him seriously. The entire situation grated on my last nerve. So she has daddy issues.

Guess what? Get over it. Rush enabled her and treated her as if she were a delicate flower. I got tired of Rush and Grant making excuses for her behavior. I want my time back. If I could unread this book, I would. It was longer than it needed to be, and for a book with very little plot, it dragged on and on. The repetitive miscommunication and misunderstandings drove me to the brink of madness. They were blown way out of proportion, all for the sake of creating drama, because the plot had nothing driving it.

The secondary characters only made an appearance when they could be used as a tool to stir up more drama. It lulled because not even the not-so-shocking pregnancy or Nan's accident were enough to keep things interesting.

It was beyond predictable and poorly plotted.

Forever Too Far

Sorry, but an excessive amount of smut does not make up for lack of plot and character development. Rush and Blaire used sex as a substitute for talking out feelings and working out problems far too often. To be honest, Rush and Blaire's relationship still makes no sense to me. I have no idea what they see in each other. They haven't had enough time to truly get to know one another, and now with the pregnancy, things are more rushed than ever. Also, that ending…yeah.

Talk about abrupt. View all 10 comments. Dec 17, Monisha rated it liked it Shelves: That being said, I'm gonna keep this short and ever so sweet. But now the wait is over for both of us! I loved Fallen too Far. It is one of my favorite books so you can't imagine how excited I was to read this book. Boy, I didn't know I was in for a big surprise. And it's not a pleasant one, mind you. So how can a book almost made me want to massacre our whole neighborhood?

So, Blaire is pregnant and dealing with it. Rush is dealing with the loss of Blaire. Fine, you have an issue with the guy who knocked you off, big deal! But the baby has nothing to do with your fucked up life! Fuck it! So,time for more RUSH I really felt bad for Rush because this book is not really a big picnic for him.

He does all the chasing. He does all the things to make their relationship work. Hell, he is even willing to sacrifice his family for Blaire. But every time he does a small mistake, Blaire goes all overly-dramatic and threatens to leave again. The more I read I just felt like I was in bad game of ping pong. Back and forth Fuck that shit! Give the guy a fucking break!

Moving on to: Blaire's father, who drops a bomb and I thought Nonetheless, this book is also very steamy! They are so passionate about each other that the pages burn every time they are together! Rush is a sex god! There I said it! As my above ranting proves, Blaire irritated the living daylight's out of me, but the redeeming factor was hot, protective and utterly gorgeous Rush.

Also, was it me or did the ending seemed "rush"ed? I know I am ranting, maybe because I am angry I waited so long and maybe my high expectations. With everything said, book 3 better be darn good. I did enjoy it but I cannot say that I am in love with this book like I hoped I would.

If you read my review of Fallen Too Far you would have seen how excited and how messed up it left me. With Never Too Far I am left feeling So, yeah, this pretty much sums it up. View all 18 comments. Amazing book!! I love it more than the first book!!!!

In this book Blaire went to live in Granny Q house in Alabama. Weeks after that she find out she's pregnant and with all the people knowing in their small town she needs to leave before it will show. She came back to Rosemary and have to inform Rush that she will be staying for a while in a condo she and Bethy will share,and get back to work to save up before she will leave for good. With her morning ickness and Rush sticking up with her and all Amazing book!!

With her morning ickness and Rush sticking up with her and all their family drama. Blaire was torn between her love for Rush and his priority to his family Anything,Blaire,just to be near you. I cant think about anything else. I cant focus on anything. So never think you're inconveniencing me. You need me,I'm there"!! This book was addictive!!! I loved watching their relationship evolve and the way their story paned out. Never Too Far was jam packed with emotion,love and some serious steamy scenes.

I like Blaire more than the first book!! I like the way she always manages to get back up when life knocks her down. I'm glad she didn't give in easily with Rush even if she love him and still considering options for her life.

This books is also very steamy! They are so passionate about each other that the pages burn every time they are together!!!! The only complaint I have is that I wish the book was longer because I can't get enough of Rush This was a great, emotional, sexy read that I recommend to everyone. If you haven't read Fallen Too Far do that immediately!!!

View all 31 comments. Dec 08, Syndi rated it really liked it. Well here it is. The drama of the soap opera. Delicious tempting and addicitve. I like never too far. So much groveling. Especially from rush. He grows on me.

He really does. He knows how to groveling. Meanwhile blaire That traits is very very annoying.

Turla LightNeuron: An email too far

How she accept everything rush throws at her. Even she does not deserve it. But i am happy she and rush have their happy ending. And i know wood gaining his own fan base, i can not help myself pinning for nan. Yes nan. The Well here it is. The super villian. The bitch of the bitchiness.

I want she have her own happy ending too. She is such interesting character. View 1 comment. The second was way better than the first book in this series. I was told by a Goodreads friend to keep going. Dec 29, Brittni rated it really liked it.

I really enjoyed this book. I love Rush!!! He is so sexy!!! I can't get enough of his dirty mouth.

She has been through a lot in her life but she has still managed to come out of it all as a strong independent woman. I love that about her. Even though I really liked this book, it could have been longer and a little bit better. I was so disappointed 3. I was so disappointed with the ending. Overall, I liked this book. View all 25 comments. Another one I gobbled up in a few hours! This books are New Adult drama at its most Springer worthy! Rush is a giant effing tool and a total moron.

If Blaire had any other options in the world, she would have left his dumb ass. But, with no parents, and only a handful of friends, she is pretty much stuck sleeping on the floor because she can't afford a bed , walking 3. Meanwhile, Rush has 4 Another one I gobbled up in a few hours! Meanwhile, Rush has 4 cars, a giant house with beds in every room, and has never given money a second thought.

The disparity between the 2 is striking, but it makes me even more irritated with Rush for not even wondering what her life is like. He never bothers to ask and then is shocked when he finds out she had to walk 3 miles because he left her standing in the driveway without a key to get in, or that she was sleeping on a friends couch and then eventually on the floor because she literally has NOTHING.

Like, dude, you know what she has been through, how is it you keep missing this shit!? And what the fuck is up with Grant? Sometimes he is Team Nan then he does a and is Team Blaire. His mood swings are giving me whiplash.

Two Weeks Late Just when Blaire thought she had let Rush go, there she is back in Sumit where she discovers she's pregnant. She has a confrontation with Caine.. We were best friends, then we were a couple, then my momma got sick and you needed your dick sucked so you cheated on me.

I took care of my sick momma alone.I guarantee I'm not alone: site Music Stream millions of songs. Then I fell in love with Woods all over again, I mean I just cannot wait for his book to learn more about him!!

I'm actually disappointed.

Although no samples were available for analysis, code artefacts in the Windows version lead us to believe that a Linux variant exists. But the character I loved getting to see more of in this book was Woods. Nothing new was developing.. Rush totally understands how to handle things when it comes to getting Blaire back and I love him for that.

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