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Slide the Top Cover rearward to remove it.

MAIN 3 P. Remove 4 screws 8. Remove 5 screws 9.

Remove 5 screws 0. Remove 2 screws A. Loosen 1 Locking Card Spacer. Check Cable 2.

This state is called the standby mode. In procedures other than those specified herein may result in this state, this unit is designed to consume a very small hazardous radiation exposure. Page 5: Prevention Of Electrostatic Discharge DVD-EMK2 Warning for power supply The primary side of the power supply carries live mains voltage when the player is connected to the mains even when the player is switched off!

Service personnel have to take precautions to prevent touching this area or components in this area.

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Disconnect the power cable from the AC outlet. Removal of Top Cover Top Cover a. Remove 4 screws 1 , 4 screws 2. Slide the Top Cover rearward to remove it.

In most cases of real life, circuit diagrams of specific players will be different. To customize VFD driver chip for handling miscellaneous numbers of grids and segments, the chip should be programmed appropriately.

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It may use default settings also. VFD interface to host. You can always download and read original. Nevertheless, some attention to programming of chips should be paid. Usually this topic is not covered extensively and datasheets are full of technical details useful for engineers in electronics but have little interest for programmers. Signal may change its name when traveling between sheets of drawings and complicate understanding for the first time. That happens very frequently because OEM service manuals created by copying and pasting pages from different sources and none carefully scrutinizes every sheet.

Originally NEC proposed 4-wire interface. Chip inside has some protective logics preventing registers data from mutual influence.

Thus, 4 wires became 3. To see which pins of MT used for VFD interface, look at the summary table at the end of this memo.

This is one of the reasons why firmwares may be incompatible between OEMs and may not work if flashed directly without adaptation. Adaptation requires careful studying of all available info. The best source is service manual for specific model, but obtaining it is not simple, and frequently is not possible.

And even you have pdf on hand, be careful. For example , schematics of BBKS probably may have errata.

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For proper functioning it should be somewhere connected together, but this is not shown. They use different chips as VFD drivers. To write data we should : 1. Set STB pin low. Put data on DIN, 3.

Accompany each bit with toggling CLK. To read data we should : 1. Between sequential write and read there should be delay of twait to ensure write operation has been completed and there would not be unwanted influence of previous operation. Datasheet says that 1 microsec of delay would be enough. Usually you see the six or seven nops in code.

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After this discussion understanding of display memory updating by incrementing address would be quite obvious.The PCB redesign requires much more efforts, time and money in comparison of changing bits order while programming. Originally NEC proposed 4-wire interface. You can always download and read original. Removal of Top Cover Top Cover a.

VFD driver example. Loosen 1 Locking Card Spacer. How it works.

MT1389 Datasheet

Usually you see the six or seven nops in code. Remove 5 screws 0. Gridd,

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