Features of Computerized Record bestthing.info Missouri Agricultural Education Record Book Features. Hardcopy F. Activities Outside FFA. Missouri FFA is 25, members strong —and growing! FFA continues to help the next generation rise up to meet the challenges of feeding a growing. Present a history of the FFA chapter's and students' activities over a given period of time. . Students must enter & use the Missouri Agricultural Record Book for.

Missouri Ffa Record Book

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1, Cass Career Center - Supervised Ag Experience Electronic Recordbook. 2. 3, Student 28, Form 5, Year 2 (), Other FFA Activities, SAE Goals & Skills 22, MISSOURI AGRICULTURAL SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE CERTIFICATIONS. Description: The Record Book for adult farmers was developed cooperatively by by the Instructional Materials Lab at the University of Missouri-Columbia and. Copies of twelve recordkeeping forms are provided in this record book designed for and record of show or fair activities); and (3) Future Farmers of America ( FFA) leadership Missouri Agricultural Education Series, Volume 11, Number 3.

Last year I participated on the Parlimentary Procedure team, the chapter scrapbook, and received a Proficiency Award in grass and turf management.

FFA is a great organization to get involved in! Hi my name is Kayla. I am a sophomore at Southwest High School. In the future I plan to have a steer to show. Outside of school I like to ride four wheelers, hunt, fish, and hang out with my friends. When I was younger I participated in small bore and archery. My name is Chelsea. My SAE consists of goats and dogs. My future plans for my SAE are showing goats and getting a job.

I show meat goats and I am getting more this year. I hope to get a job at Hy-Vee. FFA is a great organization to be in. Hey my name is Dillan. I have been in FFA for one year, now working on my second year as we speak.

Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve

My SAE consists of raising meat and dairy goats. I think that every one should join FFA, because of all the fun that you have being in it so please join FFA an have some fun. The things that I enjoy most about the FFA are the classes. I also enjoy all the educational field trips. Last year, I got to go to State FFA Convention and I thought it was fun because I met new friends, saw my old friends, and learned about a lot of different agriculture related jobs.

My name is Stephen. I am a sophomore at Chillicothe High School. My SAE project last year was showing hogs. I plan to show hogs again this year. I would recommend FFA to other people, because it is fun and you learn things you can use in your career later in life.

Hi my name is Matt.

My SAE project is downloading and selling cattle. I played football my freshman year as well as joined the FFA Trapshooting team this year. I enjoy all the activities in FFA. Hi my name is Luke. One of the activities I enjoyed last year as a freshman is the American Royal trip. Another group I am in, other then FFA, is the hunting and fishing club.

Hi my name is Korbin. I am a sophomore this year at Chillicothe High School. My SAE project at first was raising pig, but I am going to mow and weed-eat yards. In my freshman year I liked going on trips. My name is Levi. This is my second year as a FFA member.

Missouri Farm Business Record Book

My SAE this year is showing hogs, and I hope to get a job at a construction company next year. FFA is a lot of fun. My name is Marie. My SAE project for my first year was showing two markets barrows. Everyone should join FFA!

Hello, my name is Kelton. My SAE project is raising and breeding show swine.

I own Hampshire, Yorkshires, and X-breed show hogs. I recommend FFA to any upcoming students.

Last year my SAE project was helping my parents on their farm. Besides being in FFA, I like to hunt and fish. The things I like about FFA are the Agriculture Olympics, getting to know all of the other kids, and learning how to become a stronger leader.

My SAE project right now involves 6 market pigs and 5 breeding pigs. I plan to breed 4 pigs and in the summer show at fairs around Missouri. I enjoy being in FFA because of the qualities of a character you learn such as: You also get to participate in many fun and enjoyable activities. My name is Jordon.

My future SAE plans are going to show steers. My name is Konner. I have my Chapter Degree and am the assistant sentinel of our chapter. My SAE project for my first year was about crops and a cow and calf project. I plan to keep expanding my SAE project. The reason is because you are with your friends. Last year I participated in knowledge team, and record book contest. Hi my name is Hannah. In the future I would like to show the at the fair.

This year I am Assistant Vice President. My SAE consists of breeding, taking care of, and showing swine. I also have 10 acres of wheat. I am employed at Davis Farms, and plan on getting another job. Outside of school I work and am in the hunting and fishing club.

FFA is great! Hey there…My name is Cheyenne and this is my 2nd year in Ag. For this year I plan to get a hog or sheep to show at the fairs and get a job.

Outside of school I help with the Breckenridge Fire Department. Also I like to hunt and fish, and just spend time outdoors. I enjoy going on all the trips that the FFA offers and being an assistant officer. I was on the knowledge team, received a gold leadership medal at camp, and received the Singer Locker Award at Area Banquet. The leadership skills that you learn are amazing!!! My SAE project this year is downloading, selling, and raising Percheron horses.

My name is Carrie. My future plans for my SAE projects are babysitting, showing market lambs, and getting another job. I am glad I joined the FFA! My name is Jeremy.

Supervised Agriculture Experieince

I like going to the fairs and banquets that FFA goes to. We raise crossbred Angus cattle and our farm is home to some of the first Charolais cattle that were introduced to south central Missouri. I also raise market hogs during the summer with my brother Chris. In addition, we have a vegetable garden, raising specialty crops like pumpkins and gourds, which I sell during the fall. I show these items on the local, district and state levels. I was motivated to become a state officer because I wanted to be an individual who inspires and leads people so they, too, can make a difference in their homes and communities.

H Who is your hero and why? My brother Chris is the biggest hero in my life because he has been with me through thick and thin, has taught me to never give up, and always pursue my dreams. Chris has a mild to moderate form of autism. He also has many physical handicaps. Although he has many struggles and obstacles to face, he always seems to overcome them.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I hope to open a farm to table restaurant. This style of restaurant can demonstrate how the food has gone from farm to the plate. We live in a society where many do not know or understand where their food comes from.

Educating and advocating would be the goal of my business. It could also give students in urban areas an opportunity to have their very own SAE. I know that this would leave a lasting impact on my home and community. What is something unique or interesting that few people know about you? Most state officers listen to country music and they also are very good at dancing. I dance like a chicken with its head cut off. I also do not listen to country music. I listen to a lot of Christian hip-hop.

Fear kills more dreams than failure. Always remember it is not how good you are, but rather how good you want to be. We have 22 horses that we breed, train, sell and trade. I simply want to help others become involved in the FFA. I could not get over the fact that they were so kind and friendly. They wanted to get to know who I was.

After going to two FFA summer camps and getting to spend time with them, it made me decide that I wanted to help influence others the way those state officers had influenced me. In The Future of Agriculture. Growing Leaders.

National FFA Organization Records, 1916-2008

Building Communities. Strengthening Agriculture. Upcoming Scholarship Deadline. Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship Deadline: August 1, Now Available: May E-newsletter!Howard, John, Account Book, , C 1 folder Records of wages paid, money expended for lumber and supplies, and other accounts.

American Royal is a field trip we take during school to Kansas City and watch the rodeo and a concert! I am one of the 2nd vice-presidents of the chapter officer team. The goal of this collaboration is to raise funds to provide food for hungry Missouri children and stand in the gap for those children who face food insecurity.

My favorite ag class is Ag Construction. Find out which officers are available in your area. My name is John. My SAE this year is showing hogs, and I hope to get a job at a construction company next year.

We also have a lot of activities like Barnwarming that is a lot of fun too. Next year I would like to show a different breed of swine.

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