MARYAM JAMEELAH. of Books MARYAM JAMEELAH. Islam and the Muslim Woman Today. ISLAM And The Muslim Woman Today. Download Read. Three books by Maryam Jameelah. Identifier: IslamAndTheMuslimWomanTodayByMaryamJameelah. Identifier-ark: ark:// t8gf5hm6w. by: Maryam Jameelah (Margaret Marcus) She wrote many books which need to be made accessible to Muslim and DOWNLOAD OPTIONS.

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Articles and Books Of Maryam Jameelah. 1. ISLAM VERSUS THE WEST 2. ISLAM AND MODERNISM 3. ISLAM IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. Muhammad Yousaf I could not get this book on online bookstores. please suggest how to get this book or send me a link to download pdf copy? flag source, not because I agree with or sanction every aspect of Maryam Jameelah's ideology. Maryam Jameelah Why I embraced - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Quoted from her book "Islam and Modernism".

My elder sister detested the "Sunday School" so much that my mother literally had to drag her out of bed in the mornings and she never went without the struggle of tears and hot words. Finally my parents 5 were exhausted and let her quit.

On the Jewish holy days instead of attending Synagogues and fasting on Yum Kipper, my sister and i were taken out of school to picnics and gay parties in fine restaurants. While studying for the rabbinate, Felix Adler grew convinced that devotion to ethical values as relative and man- made, regarding and supernaturalism or theology as irrelevant, constituted the only religion fit for the modern world.

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I attended the Ethical Culture "Sunday School" each week from the age of eleven until i graduated at fifteen. Here i grew into complete accord with the ideas of the movement ad regarded all traditional, organized religions with scorn.

Throughout my adolescence i remained under the influence of humanistic philosophy until, after i began to mature intellectually and atheism no longer satisfied me, I began a renewed search for my identity. Initially i was attracted to the Bahai because of its Islamic origin 6 and its preaching about the oneness of the mankind, but when I discovered how miserably they had failed to implement this ideal, I left them a year later bitterly disillusioned. When i was eighteen years old, I became a member of the local branch of the religious Zionist youth movement known as the Mizrachi Hatzair, but when i found out what the real nature of Zionism was, which made hostility between Jews and Arabs irreconcilable, I left several months later in disgust.

My professor, Rabbi Abraham Issac Katsh, the head of the Department of Hebrew Studies there, he spared no efforts to convince his students -- all Jews many of whom aspired to become Rabbis-- that Islam was derived from Judaism.

Although his real aim was to prove to his students the superiority of Judaism over Islam, he convinced me diametrically the opposite.

I was repelled by the sub-ordination of the Hereafter, so vividly ported in the Holy Quran, to the alleged divine right of the Jews to Palestine.

The Jewish God in the Old Testament and in the Jewish prayer book appeared to me distorted and degraded into some kind of real estate agent!

The fusion of Parochial nationalism with religion, I thought had spiritually impoverished Judaism beyond redemption. The rigid exclusiveness of Judaism I felt had a great deal of connection with the persecutions the Jews have suffered throughout their history.

I reflected 7 that perhaps these tragedies wouldn't have happened if the jews had competed vigorously with other faiths for converts. I soon discovered that Zionism was merely a combination of the racist, tribalistic Judaism with modern secular nationalism.

Zionism was further discredited in my eyes when i learnt that few if any of the leaders of the Zionism were observant Jews and that perhaps nowhere is orthodox, traditional Judaism regarded with such intense contempt as in Israel.

When i found nearly all important Jewish leaders in America uncritical supporters of Zionism who felt not the slightest twinge of conscience because of the terrible injustice inflicted on the Palestinian Arabs, i could no longer consider myself a Jew at heart. One morning in November , Professor Katsh during his lecture, argued with irrefutable logic that the monotheism taught my Moses PBUH and the Divine laws related to him at Sinai were indispensable as the basis for all higher ethical values.

If morals were purely man-made as the Ethical Culture and other agnostic and atheistic philosophies taught then they could be changed at will according to mere whim, convenience or circumstance.

The result would be utter chaos leading to individual and collective ruin. Belief in the Hereafter as the Rabbis in the Talmud taught, argued Prof. Only those he said who firmly believed that each of us will be summoned by God on judgment Day to render a complete account of our life and rewarded or punished 8 accordingly, will possess the self-discipline to sacrifice transitory pleasures and endure hardships and sacrifice to attain lasting good.

While Prof. Katsh was lecturing thus, i was comparing in my mind what i had read in the Old Testament and the Talmud with what was taught in the Quran and Hadith and finding Judaism so defective , I was converted to Islam.

Although i wanted to become a Muslim as far back as in , my family managed to argue me out of it. I was warned that Islam would complicate my life because it is not like Judaism and Christianity, part of the American scene. I was told that Islam would alienate me from my family and isolate me from the community. In Indian scholars, maryam jammelah harshly criticised Syed Ahmad Khan and Muslim intellectuals for their inclination into modern scientific approaches.

While Sir Sayyid devoted all of his energies to in the attempt to explain the doctrine of the Qur'an in terms of 19'" century scientific thought, others mainly depended western reformist thought and they were so eager to imply in Muslim society in the name of reform in life style and progress according to western yardsticks.

Maryam Jameelah (1934-2012)

Her understanding of revivalism that Islamic movement borrowed from the West, made her criticised her mentor Maulana Maududi for his political orientation and complained of his reformist attempts. In her later life, this change in orientation and reveal the influence of traditional Islam can be seen vey visibly.

In Muhammad Asad's Quranic commentary 'Message of the Qur'an' she finds that It is filled with modernism and naturalism. Ibn Taimiya dealt the rationalists the fatal blow. Anyway the real fact was that the womanhood has been the plaything in man hands. Maryam jameelah counted all tasks which have been given to her as false notion of disgrace. What do benefit to real womanly nature is Islamic teaching regarding the home and family.

They indoctrinated Liberation from domestic servitude and gaining of full economical freedom and independence would get only whole-time employment in industry. Feminist approach towards women was very familiar to communist reading. She finds this view as historical precedent of modern feminist movement.

She cited that the feminists wish to distort the very characteristics which make man human and undermine the foundation of all his relationships and social ties. The result will be suicide attempt, not only of a single nation as in the past, but of the entire human race.

The role of the woman in Islam is not the ballot-box but maintenance of home and family. Her success as a individual is judged according to her fidelity to her husband and the nurturing her children to make them worthy for two world. Criticizing the mixed culture of western values, she asserted that a Muslim woman is expected to live in privacy.

Islam and Modernism

Therefore Purdah is the inevitable means to this end. These slogans are only for to hide their real intentions. She warned the movements in Islamic world which try for female emancipation not to imitate their behaviour blindly, if so that would lead to the same tragedy which has already happened everywhere.

She had pointed out that polygamy in Islam neither to degrade of Muslim womanhood nor sensual license. The apologist interpretation of modern Muslim reformists that deny the polygamy is sign the result of their mental slavery to the values of western civilization wherein the adultery and illicit sex are regarded as far less awful. Therefore in any case it should not be replaced with any foreign ideas, because that would be the revolt against the position of Islam laid down by the teachings of Holy Quran and sunnah.

She described Qassim Amin as the first Muslim in history to wage a campaign against Purdah. His French education argued for the superiority of modern Western culture, grew his humiliating sense of inferiority regarding his own identity.

Qasim Amin advocated for modern western education for Muslim women that would liberate from their pathetic traditional situation. By her minute level analysis and criticism on western civilization and west oriented all philosophies and reforms, maryam jameelah wanted the leadership of the God fearing creed in the world, because she says that the God fearing creed cannot survive under the Godless leadership.

Maryam Jameelah Why I embraced Islam.pdf

The materialists are leading the world towards Godlessness and open rebellion against their Creator.While her classmates fell happily into 'boys, dates, dances, parties, clothes and film stars,' Jameelah recoiled, refusing to date or form friendships. Mawlana Maududi's invitation she emigrated to Pakistan in , where she initially resided with him and his family.

In Indian scholars, maryam jammelah harshly criticised Syed Ahmad Khan and Muslim intellectuals for their inclination into modern scientific approaches. She is married to, and has five children, with Muhammad Yusuf Khan, a leader in the Jamaat-e-Islami political party, and resides in the city of Lahore.

In Islam Versus the West she makes an outstanding analysis of the stupidity and futility of compromising the Islamic principles and values in a vain attempt to prove their compatibility with modern western philosophies and their material aspirations. It was during this period that returned to her study of Islam and read the Quran.

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