(black columns) or saline (white columns). (a) Percen. LKS+48+ progenitors and LKS- myeloid progenitors. and LKS+48+. Data are mean ± SD from 5 different. assessment can be stated that the Project-based Student Worksheet (LKS) is feasible to Students of SD Islam Permata Amanda Medan Marelan, Indonesia. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Neurocognitive and Behavioral Profiles of of children with Landau-Kleffner syndrome (LKS), the most prominent feature of Children ranged in age from 6 to 13 years (M = ; SD = ) at the time of.

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Apr 21, PDF | The Lacks of students' skills in the learning process is due to lacks of In the curriculum of , there is no LKS as a companion to The Lacks of students' skills in the learning process is due to lacks of exercises in. LKS children who usually present with a nocturnal partial seizure Variant (LKSV) . In summary (Table 1), the cerebellum was stained by were above +3 SD. Audiobyte. Audiobyte. Rockna. Rockna. Wadia. SMSL. SMSL. LKS. Gustard. Gustard. Gustard. JAVS. Singxer SD / DSD DATA R. SD / DSD DATA R. SD / DSD.

The answers are checked accordingly, and the final score range 0 to points is then calculated by a certain formula. WOMAC is a self-reported questionnaire specifically designed to evaluate the functional state of the knee or hip. It consists of 24 items divided into three subscales, namely, Pain 5 items , Stiffness 2 items , and Physical functioning 17 items.

The final score range 0 to 96 points is the sum of all items. Unlike the majority of other questionnaires, a lower score represents a better functional state of the joint. SF is a generic questionnaire for quality of life comprised of 35 items and eight dimensions that evaluate mental health and physiological and social functioning. Each dimension has its unique scoring system, and the final score is converted to percentages. A lower SF score suggests a poorer quality of life or functional state.

The above three scales have existed Chinese versions and are proven with excellent reliability, validity and responsiveness [ 24 — 26 ].

Psychometric assessments and statistical analysis To evaluate the acceptability of the questionnaire in the general population, we asked each patient in our study cohort if they had any difficulties understanding the content.

We also recorded the average time required to complete the questionnaire.

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A distribution of scores was analyzed to determine whether a ceiling or floor effect existed. Reliability tests included evaluations for test-retest reliability and internal consistency. Test-retest reliability was performed by comparing the former two C-LKS results of which the evaluation norm was the intraclass correlation coefficient ICC , which was derived from a two-way analysis of variance ANOVA in a random effects model.

We further depicted Bland-Altman plots to observe for systematic error between the investigations [ 29 , 30 ]. Validity tests were performed particularly evaluating content validity, construct validity and external validity.

Good construct validity referred to a questionnaire that correlated well with measures of the same construct convergent validity , while poorly correlated with measures of different constructs divergent validity [ 31 ].

Therefore, we initially assumed that the score of C-LKS should correlate well with the physical subscales i. The construct validity of C-LKS was evaluated by comparing the compatibility of the results with our initial assumption. With outdoor physical activities being performed more frequent and more complex in modern times, the incidence of knee injuries rises as well, particularly in young people and athletes [ 2 ].

The Lysholm knee score, published in [ 8 ], was initially used to evaluate the functional state of the patient after anterior cruciate ligament ACL injury, and follow-up researches have proven its value in functional evaluation for other knee injuries, including patellofemoral pain syndrome [ 9 ], meniscal injuries [ 10 ], medical patellar plica syndrome [ 11 ], patellar dislocation [ 12 ], and various chondral disorders [ 13 ]. Compared with other knee scoring scales, the Lysholm knee score has many advantages.

The Lysholm knee score, on the other hand, has broad applicability and has only eight items that can be completed by patients in a short period of time [ 8 , 15 ]. Because of these benefits, the Lysholm knee score has been used by clinicians and researchers for over three decades. Additionally, the original English version of Lysholm knee score has been further translated and validated into many languages [ 1 , 15 , 16 ].

Despite China being the most populous country and Mandarin being the most prevalent language in the world, but a Chinese version is still absent. Thus, it is essential for presumably the largest patient population with knee injuries in the world to have.

When a reliable, valid questionnaire is being used in populations with different cultures, it is necessary to test the psychometric properties of the questionnaire, rather than to simply translate the content, in order to avoid evaluation errors caused by cultural differences [ 17 , 18 ].

These psychometric properties assessed were acceptability, reliability, validity and responsiveness. Methods Translation and cross-cultural adaptation Translation of the English original Lysholm knee score followed previously published guidelines [ 19 , 20 ].

The entire process consisted of five steps: 1 Forward translation from English to Chinese by two bilingual translators independently, who are native Chinese speakers and well conversant in English. One of the translators is an orthopedic surgeon in our department the author, WW , the other is a full-time translator RL with no medical background, and is not informed of our investigation; 2 Revision and modification of the questionnaire regarding language expressions and cultural differences was discussed by the two forward translators and other research members.

The two translators had medical backgrounds, with no knowledge of the original Lysholm knee score; 4 All researchers and translators convened and had discussions to solve any discrepancies, ambiguities and other language expression issues that existed in the questionnaire, and the pre-final version of C-LKS was obtained; and 5 Twenty patients with ACL injuries patients were invited to complete the pre-final C-LKS for assessment, and feedbacks were collected.

The researchers met once more to make final adjustments according to these feedbacks and the final version of C-LKS was obtained. Patients and data collection Owing to the fact that the Lysholm knee score was initially designed for patients with ACL injuries [ 8 , 15 , 21 ], we also recruited patients with ACL injuries to minimize deviations.

Lks sd pdf

Cases involved in the present study were mainly recruited among patients with ACL injuries scheduled for arthroscopic ACL reconstruction at our hospital [ 22 ]. Our study met the quality criteria proposed by Terwee and associates [ 23 ] for measurement properties of health status questionnaires, which required the results from at least patients to perform internal consistency analysis and from at least 50 patients for floor or ceiling effects, reliability, and validity analyses.

All patients involved in the study had thoroughly read and signed the informed consent. Udin The missing information is Hanamasa restaurant.


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Look at the sign. It means no smoking!Results Participants A total of patients with ACL injuries 89 males and 70 females admitted to our hospital from January to May were invited to participate in our study.

The staining levels on these selected brain areas were measured by semi-quantitative densitometry Fig. Lucy : You look so … Autoimmunity; Pediatric epilepsy; Anti-brain autoantibodies 1. Enrico Tongiorgi.

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