Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is a PRC-regulated exam . May idea po kayo kung may free pdf reviewers po bang available dito?. LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! (Complete Edition - Prof. Ed, bestthing.info & Majorship) LIKE/SHARE/MENTION/TAG your FRIEND!. PDF & DOC FILE REVIEWERS COMPILED GENERAL EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION LET REVIEWER (LECTURES, NOTES, QUESTIONS.

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LET Professional Education Reviewers. Download Free LET Reviewers for Professional Education with answers (PDF) and more. Website: bestthing.info Facebook page: https://www. bestthing.info LET REVIEWER IN GENERAL. LET Reviewers for Prof Ed and Gen Ed Professional Education LET Reviewers ( New Sets) General Education LET Reviewers (New Sets).

This part of the test is a thing that you should not take for granted! Come and review with us! Who among the following needs least verbal counseling but needs more concrete and operational forms of assistance?

Lecturing b. Observing c. Modeling d. The National Achievement Test results are interpreted against set mastery level. Teachers should teach the students that they can never have real knowledge of anything. Teachers should teach the students all bodies of knowledge, skill, and value that he needs for the better future.

Teachers should teach the students to be firm with their religious beliefs. Teachers should teach the students to develop their mental powers to the fullest. Angelo always tells his students that pleasure is not the highest good. His teaching is against which philosophy?

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Teacher A us a teacher of English as Second Language. She uses vocabulary cards, fill-in-the-blank sentences, dialogues, dictation, and writing exercises in teaching a lesson about grocery shopping. Based on this information, which of the following is a valid conclusion?

The teacher is teaching in a variety of ways because students have different learning styles. The teacher is emphasizing reading and writing skills.

The teacher wars to make her teaching more student-centered by having less talk. It links the parts of the lesson.

It reminds the students the information learned for a higher of retention. It brings together the information that has been discussed.

It clinches the basic ideas or concepts of the lesson. Teachers often complain of numerous non-teaching assignment that adversely affect their teaching. Does this mean that teachers must be pre-occupied only with teaching? Yes, if they are given other assignments, justice demands that they be properly compensated. No, because every teacher is expected to provide leadership and initiative in activities for the good of the communities around them.

No, because they are also tasked to lead community activities as leaders. Yes, because teaching is enough full time job.

Evelyn gave her first-grade class a page with a story in which pictures take the place of some words. Which method did she use? Spaulding method b. Whole Language Approach c.

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Rebus Method d. Language Experience Approach. A child who gets punished for cheating may not cheat again immediately.

But this does not mean that the child may not cheat again. Punishment strengthens a response b. Punishment does not remove a response c. Punishment removes a response. Punishment weakens a reponse. What should a teacher do for students in his class whose ability are behind their grade level?

Give them materials on their level and let them work at a pace that is reasonable for them, trying to bring them up to a grade level. Give them the same work as other students, because they will absorb as much as they are capable of. Give them work on the level of the other students and work a little above the classmates level to challenge them. Which type of report refers to on-the-spot description of some incident, episode or occurrence that is being observed and recorded as being of possible significance.

An effective classroom manager uses low-profile classroom control. Which is a low-profile classroom technique?

In which stage s are diagrams helpful to accompany verbal information? As a teacher, you want to develop the skill of synthesizing in your students. Which one should you do? Angelo combined several subject areas in order to focus on single concept for interdisciplinary teaching.

Which strategy or method did he use? He answered 75 items in the test correctly. His rating is In a treatment for alcoholism, Mark was made to drink an alcoholic beverage and then made to ingest a drug that produces nausea.

John Dewey — Developed the pragmatic experimentalist. He believed that education must be democratic.

The aim of education is social efficiency. Study of History and Tradition to preserve and transmit the culture from generation to generation. Education was then considered as a status symbol, a privilege, and not a right. Education was purely religious in nature and it aimed at the so-called Christianization of the natives for the glory of God.

Linguistics — Spanish friars produced the first grammars and dictionaries that led to the development of Filipino languages. Rote-memorization as a method in teaching Educational aims: training for self-government and provision of English as a common language.

They believed that education should be universal and free for all regardless of sex, age, religion, and social status of the individual. The philosophy operates on the following: The schools would be public and secular.

They should not give religious instructions. They should not depend upon the church for assistance. The schools should be open to all. The schools were to serve society by developing the intelligence, right attitudes and habits of the children who were to become citizens of the future. The democratic ideal as a philosophy was greatly emphasized. Supervision of schools would take the role of guidance and consultancy. Re-orientation of educational plans and policies to carry out the educational mandates of the Constitution; Citizenship training to develop an enlightened citizen Required the teaching of the Filipino language in the senior year of all high schools and in all years in the normal schools.

Promotion of Vocational Education and establishment of agricultural schools Citizenship Education Teaching of Physical education Service eligibility of teachers was made permanent The life, works and writings of Dr. Jose Rizal was included in all levels. Rise of barrio schools. Non-formal education and vocational training came into existence. Educational development were formulated to bridge the gap between manpower development and the needs of industries. Provision for a guidance program in every secondary school Provision for adult education Curricular contents that stressed social orientation as manifested by the conservation of the Filipino heritage, training for occupation, promotion of democratic nation building, and a new thrust on community development.

A daily flag ceremony was made compulsory in all schools including the singing of national anthem. Compulsory enrolment of children in the public school upon reaching seven years of age and completion elementary grades.

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Educational aims: to foster love for country, teach the duties of citizenship, develop moral character, self-discipline and scientific, technological and vocational efficiency. Selected admission Improvement of teachers in service Accreditation process Guidance and counseling program Improvement of instruction in Mathematics and Science Government grants and loans to institutions and other agencies.

Educational aims: Shall inculcate patriotism and nationalism, foster love for humanity, respect for human rights, appreciation of the role of national heroes in the historical development of the country, teach the rights and duties of citizenship, strengthen ethical and spiritual values, develop moral character and personal discipline, encourage critical and creative thinking, broaden scientific and technological knowledge and promote vocational efficiency.

Classical and conduct. It deals with establishing the validity of knowledge.

Believes in the impossibility reasoning from of God, as well as of knowledge. It leads purpose of the questioning attitude towards to discovery of universe. It is the truth. Also known as reasoning that knowledge comes Syllogism from pure reason alone and - Dialectic Logic — knowledge is independent and even reasoning in which comes before experience. It conflict of ideas. Intuitive — knowledge obtained through intuition, sudden flash of insight.

Authoritative — knowledge acquired through an authority expertise Revealed — knowledge disclosed by God to man. In the West, a dichotomy of religion and philosophy works.

The West relies on logic and science. The cardinal principles of Hinduism are the divinity of soul, the unity of existence, the oneness of Godhead and harmony of religion. Hinduism also teaches that the soul never dies.

When the body dies, the soul is reborn. The law of karma states that every action affects how the soul will be bornIt was used primarily by Japanese women d. Find something to do within the school building to look busy. Idealism D.

Homer b. Trace the influence of religion on the development of Japanese poetry b. Thanks in advance.

Socrates — knowledge is virtue.

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