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Free PDF, epub, site ebook. Childhood was the first published novel by Leo Tolstoy, released under the initials L. N. in the November issue of the. Free PDF, epub, site ebook. This short work was originally titled An Introduction to a Criticism of Dogmatic Theology. It is a brief autobiographical story of. PDF | This paper considers the often overlooked religious and educational works of the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy (–). After outlining Tolstoy's life.

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Ebooks by Leo Tolstoy

On the Moscow census What shall we do? What to Do?

What to do? I was baptized and brought up in the Orthodox Christian faith.

I was taught it in childhood and throughout my boyhood and youth. But when I abandoned the second course of the university at the age of eighteen I no longer believed any of the things I had been taught.

Sevastopol by graf Leo Tolstoy

Judging by certain memories, I never seriously believed them, but had merely relied on what I was taught and on what was professed by the grown-up people around me, and that reliance was very unstable. I remember that before I was eleven a grammar school pupil, Vladimir Milyutin long since dead , visited us one Sunday and announced as the latest novelty a discovery made at his school.

This discovery was that there is no God and that all we are taught about Him is a mere invention this was in I remember how interested my elder brothers were in this information. They called me to their council and we all, I remember, became very animated, and accepted it as something very interesting and quite possible.

I remember also that when my elder brother, Dmitriy, who was then at the university, suddenly, in the passionate way natural to him, devoted himself to religion and began to attend all the Church services, to fast and to lead a pure and moral life, we all - even our elders - unceasingly held him up to ridicule and for some unknown reason called him "Noah".

I remember that Musin-Pushkin, the then Curator of Kazan University, when inviting us to dance at his home, ironically persuaded my brother who was declining the invitation by the argument that even David danced before the Ark. I sympathized with these jokes made by my elders, and drew from them the conclusion that though it is necessary to learn the catechism and go to church, one must not take such things too seriously.

I remember also that I read Voltaire when I was very young, and that his raillery, far from shocking me, amused me very much. My lapse from faith occurred as is usual among people on our level of education.

In most cases, I think, it happens thus: Religious doctrine is professed far away from life and independently of it. In his later life, Leo explored many talents and emerged as an essayist, education reformer and an excellent dramatist and gained reverence as the most influential member of the noble Tolstoy family.

His ideas on non-violence made him a devoted Christian anarchist and pacifist and he renounced the authority of Orthodox Church in Though he never called himself an anarchist, his later teachings can be classified as Christian anarchism.

His much acclaimed book The Kingdom of God is Within You which came in , is a mirror of his religious and ethical teachings.

His mother died when he was two. Tolstoy further lost his father at the age of nine and went on to stay with his aunt Madame Ergolsky. In , he enrolled into Kazan University to study Turco- Arabic literature, but dropped out in the middle of a term in According to his auto biography, he was frustrated and committed every crime of drinking, gambling and visiting brothels in his pursuit for pleasure.

It did not amuse him for long and in ; he accompanied his elder brother Nikolay to Chechnya to join the military service where he joined an artillery unit battalion in Chechnya as a volunteer of private rank. While serving in the army, Tolstoy began writing short stories and had faced several rejections before his first novel Childhood was published in The book proved to be an immediate success and catapulted him in the front row of Russian writers. Encouraged by the success of Childhood, which was a reflection of his own childhood, he continued with Boyhood and Youth.

Ebooks by Leo Tolstoy

He further wrote the battlefield observation based on his experience in the army. Evolution as a Writer With his growing success as a writer, Tolstoy became a renowned name in the literary world.

He left army in and between the years , he traveled to many foreign countries.He did this so roughly that he hit the image of my patron saint suspended to the oaken back of my bed, and the dead fly fell down on my curls. She assisted him with business correspondence, writing drafts and organizing his rough notes.

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By this time, he had become increasingly interested in the subject of life and death and authored books such as How much land does a man need, War and Peace and Kholstomer, examining the complexity of relationship between life and death. While serving in the army, Tolstoy began writing short stories and had faced several rejections before his first novel Childhood was published in Tolstoy, universalism and the world religions. If it is encountered, it is only as an external phenomenon disconnected from life.

Russia alone must save Europe.

His book The Kingdom of God is Within You which came in , is a mirror of his religious and ethical teachings. The English have not understood and cannot understand the self-abnegation of our Emperor who wants nothing for himself, but only desires the good of mankind.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Excerpt: On the 12th of August, 18— just three days after my tenth birthday, when I had been given such wonderful presents , I was awakened at seven o'clock in the morning by Karl Ivanitch slapping the wall close to my head with a fly-flap made of sugar paper and a stick.

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