When our generation came of age, we did not have iconic literary figures like Ghalib or Sahir Ludhianvi to spell love for us. While their words. 19 सितंबर (iqbal ashar poetry, poetry of iqbal ashar, iqbal ashar hindi poem, amire sher ke .. KOI DEEWANA KEHTA HAI BOOK - DR KUMAR VISHWAS. Kumar Vishwas was born on 10 February , in Pilkhuwa, Ghaziabad, Uttar. Pradesh in a Gaur Brahmin family. He is the youngest among four brothers and a.

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Scroll down to content. Home. Official Twitter Account of Dr Kumar Vishwas. Tweets by DrKumarVishwas · Proudly powered by WordPress. Follow by Email. bestthing.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Kumar Vishwas - 7 poems -. Publication Date: Publisher: PoemHunter. Main Toh Jhonka Hun Hawaon Ka Uda Le Jaaunga, Jagti Rahna Tujhe Tujhse Chura Le Jaaunga,. Ho Ke Kadmon Pe Nichhavar Phool Ne But Se Kaha.

Career Vishvas started his career as a professor in the year from Rajasthan. He took no interest in engineering and decided to make career in the field of Poetry. He did Post Graduation in Hindi Literature. The World's Poetry Archive 2. He is the youngest among four brothers and a sister. Rama Sharma is a home maker.

Kumar Vishwas

His fan communities on social networking websites like Orkut. Pilkhuwa affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University. Degree College.

He has participated in several Kavi sammelan and is a very renowned poet. Meerut and his mother Smt. Chandra Pal Sharma was Lecturer in R. Works and Achievements Vishvas is a Poet of Hindi language. He is an active and renowned member of the Civil Society. Besides being a known face among Hindi-knowing people across the world as a Poet. Pilkhuwa where he spent a part of his childhood. Uttar Pradesh in a Gaur Brahmin family.

Dr Kumar Vishvas has been involving himself in several Social works. Nepal etc.

Koi Deewana Kehta hai Full Kumar Vishwas

NIT Patna. IIT Kharagpur. The World's Poetry Archive 3. NIT Trichy. NIT Jalandhar. Badaun www.

IIT Guwahati. Medical College Ahmadabad. Sahitya Shree. LNCT Bhopal. Kunwar Baichain Kavya samman avam puruskaar samiti Dr. Performances Vishvas has been performing regularly in Kavi sammelan all over India and abroad. NIT Durgapur. Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College Moradabad. IIT Roorkee. Dr Urmilesh "Geet Shree" Samman. Fore School of Management New Delhi.

MNIT Jaipur. IIIT Hyderabad. IIT Kanpur. IET Lucknow. Besides performing in almost all parts of India. Awards Kavya — Kumar in by Dr.

Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi. NSIT Delhi. IIT Bubaneshwar. IIM Lucknow. Management Development Institute Gurgaon.

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Jamia Hamdard University. He has also been a part of corporate celebration across India. MERI Kolkata. NIFT Gandhinagar. Suman Alankarna in by Sahitya Bharti.

National Institute of Technology. Abu Dhabi. Anangpuria Institute of Technology and Management Faridabad. Institute of Technology. NIT Surat. Maharashtra and several other institutions across India. Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi.

Songs like Noorie and Sunaina aa teri aankhon me mai dekhoon were being introduced. These songs became extremely popular during the period of the films release but lost their charm in the race of time due to individualistic treatment. The common man could not sympathize with Sunaina or with Noorie for a long time. Around we see that lyrics of popular songs became lewd.

We had songs like Choli ke peeche and Jumma chumma dede being written and made popular through TV and radio. The money that was associated with this kind of writing was far better than what decent poets received.

Songs by Gulzar and Javed were still in demand but they were few and far between. The mediocrity that had crept into poetry writing and the open verse form was not able to attract the lay man.

The Indian youth turned towards English literature, western music and western films. In this background Kumar Vishwas rose as a meteor on the night sky of Hindi literature.

He captured the attention of the youth and spearheaded a new trend of writing for performing on social media. Social media became his mainstay, through the power of Internet Kumar connected to the Hindi speaking youth throughout the world.

Not only did he make himself and his poetry popular, he also paved way for other poets to come up. He created a new platform for poetry.

It is to his credit that Hindi poetry became trendy amongst the engineering and management students. He is the youngest in a family of three. His father wanted him to do engineering and he got admission for it too, but his heart was into poetry. The love for poetry led him to change track midway, he changed his stream and did Masters in Hindi literature.

He went on to do Ph. Unbeknownst to any of www. It was to his credit that other poets tried imitating him and got a little success too. But Kumar was the original. He hiked his price for poetry sessions and this was happily accepted.

This hike in payment was a big motivator to other poets, moreover the sessions demanded more than one poet on stage as the sessions generally ran for several hours. The parallel poets also got into demand. Kumar helped other poets establish thmselves too. Soon Kumar became an International personality and was invited to many different countries for his performances. This again helped his parallel poets and the trend of having poetry sessions in and around India became fashion.

Ruchi Chaturvedi, Albela Khatri and others became regulars on these events. Popular Meeruthi and others got a new lease of life through these performances. Suddenly Kumar Vishwas who was being pulled down by competition was being buoyed due to the same force. It was his contemporaries who wanted to see him become more and more popular as his success somehow percolated to their success as well.

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Again Vishwas began a new trend of I win, you win, we win in the area of Hindi, Urdu poetry and brought its music to the world. He is an educated person who is aware of the current affairs.

He knows the power of democracy and understands what he needs to do as a dutiful citizen. He is clear about the problems that Indians face today and is concerned about corruption that has trickled down to the lowest level in India.

Vishwas could not garner the desired votes yet he did make a dent in the dynamics of politics. He believes that every educated, honest, able person should come forward to bring the country ahead. Books Koi Deewana Kehta hai on site.

Most of his work is in audio video files in youtube, Some of his work can be read on the following website too. Suman Alankarna Award Dr.

Kunwar Baichain Kavya Samman Strengths as a Poet — Kumar Vishwas has a strong hold on Hindi and Hindi speaking populace, he makes a connection with the target audience and performs his renditions from his heart. He has a powerful voice and uses it to his advantage. His language is simple and themes are clear so that everyone enjoys his work. Vishwas knows his limitations and he overcomes it with his high energy and quick wit. He is a good orator, well read and excellent presenter.

All this makes him a good performer. Vishwas is known for his wit as much as he is known for his poetry. He has the magic to repeat a single poem a number of times without boring the audience. He communicates with the crowd as if he is communicating with his best friend. That is one reason why halls are full when Vishwas is expected.

Almost all his poems are lyrical and are well bound by prosody. He uses symbols and other literary devices to pepper his poetry with magic. His song - Koi deewana kehta hai, koi pagal samajhta hai Magar dharti ki bechaini ko bas badal samajhta hai.

The symbol of cloud understanding the restlessness of the earth was exactly what the Indian youth was looking for. Another example of use of symbols is in his song - Badariyo gagariya bhar de, badariyo gagariya bhar de, Pyase tan man jeevan ko ek baar to tu tar kar de. There are very few youngsters today who would understand the symbol of a cloud filling in a pot yet the lyrics when sung sound melodious.

They make sense and that is what the modern youth wants. He knew pretty well that the standard for Hindi poetry could be set and reset according to the times and during this period the youth was satisfied by songs like Jalebi Bai and Fevicol se.

His knowledge to be a writer is deep and wide.

He knows the craft of poetry writing and does it with elan. He uses literary devices effectively and stirs the audience with his scintillating performances. The use of alliteration, hyperbole and symbolism is his mainstay. Kumar Vishwas is a writer of love poems. He started with love poems where love was directed towards lover. This was his strength as he was one of the few people in Education who was prophesying his thwarted love on public platforms.

He made it a common cause between him and his target audience. The audience was happy to see someone from their fold who was now standing on the other side of the fence with the professors. He made stories for every stanza of his poem, he would keep the youngsters interested if not by his poems then by his stories.

He had a finger on the pulse of his people.

Kumar started with a very small repertoire of work yet he created as he proceeded and that is the reason why most of his poetry falls in the category of Muktak or songs where one stanza is not bound to hold the same emotion or theme as the previous one.

He would increase number of stanzas in his poetry for different programs thereby keeping the interest of the crowd alive. As Kumar matured as a poet and as a performer he realized the strength of his fan following. Soon he changed the theme of love from love towards lover to love towards country. His patriotic leanings were always evident in his programs but as he developed confidence in himself www.

Over a period of time he came up with poetry like -Doulat na ata karna moula, Shohrat na ata karna moulav Tiranga -Hum hain Desivi Desi These songs were lapped up by the youth.It was general and never individualistic.

One was that the poet who had a small set of poetry with him to serve got time to kill with the crowd. His fan communities on social networking websites like Orkut, and Facebook have largest number of fans as compared to other Hindi poets.

A small town guy who followed his heart to make it big in the world of literature and poetry which is vizhwas a neglected profession in India.


Second the constant repeating of the sentences got them branded into the audience mind. A whole new trend of tweets and watsapp messages started to being traded on the social networks. Most of his work is in audio video files in youtube, Some of his work can be read on the following website too. Life sucks, we know.

Pilkhuwa affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University. New Lines by Dr.

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