Objectives. Kanyashree Prakalpa seeks to improve the status and well being of girls, specifically those from socio-economically disadvantages families through. Version (Draft) published on October 30, Department of Women Development and Social Welfare . Types of application forms and their usage. Portal-generated Application Forms for Upgradation (K1 to K2 upgrade). Letter dated 22nd February, to Districts on.

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Application form of kanyashree prakalpa 2. pdf FREE PDF DOWNLOAD NOW Source 2 Form Popularity kanyashree prakalpa application form k2 Dateth beneficiaries for "Transfer" through Kanyashree Porta! with the movement of Kanyashree beneficiaries from Kl to Kll form, so as to qualify application online so that the receiving College/University can download the. Kanyashree Prakalpa – Application Form and Notification, WB GOVT. bestthing.info

Additional data show that more than half the families tended to or actually spent the cash transfer amount on meeting marriage expenses. Though this programme is the closest to KP in design, it differed in two extremely crucial points.

Second, in ABAD, the parents had to register at the time of birth of the girl child whereas in KP the girls had to register themselves at the age of Thus, KP generated a greater inspirational effect among girls. Also, generating awareness among the parents was far more difficult than generating awareness among schoolgoing children as is done in KP.

The Ladli Lakshmi Yojana initiated in in Madhya Pradesh and subsequently implemented in other states like Jharkhand and Goa is another CCT where a girl receives a lump sum of more than Rs 1 lakh at the age of 21 provided that she does not get married before 18 and completes her secondary education.

However, it is difficult to verify whether someone married before 18 or not when she has already reached 21 years of age.


This scheme, however did not link education to child marriage and again verification of the age of marriage would have presented a problem at The Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme initiated by the Government of Maharashtra in , two years after the KP, awards staggered financial incentives to the families to educate the girl child and ensure proper nutrition. After the age of 18, the girl receives Rs 1 lakh per annum for continuing her studies if she is not married yet. This scheme is unique as it also provides incentives for the grandmother in order to eliminate male bias among the elderly.

However, in order to receive the substantial amount of Rs 1 lakh, the girl has to continue education beyond 18, which might not be feasible in many families. The KP is unique in its finer points too.

It starts at the age of 13, when the girls are at their most vulnerable age. It requires the girls, themselves, to apply for the scheme, and the awareness is spread through schools. This, coupled with very high political will ensure that the awareness about this scheme is almost universal.

The small annual stipend, at least partially, covers the cost of education, encourages the girls to continue their studies and gives them a sense of self-empowerment. As there is no requirement of successfully completing any level, girls, irrespective of their merit are encouraged to continue studies and defer their marriage. Also, the entire process, starting from filing the application to receiving the amount, is electronically managed and the girls receive the money in their own bank accounts.

This guarantees little leakage in the system and low administrative costs.

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In other words, the scheme enforces financial inclusion of the entire band of adolescent girls, who otherwise would have remained outside the net of formal banking system even at this age of JAM trinity. Short-term Effect of the Scheme To get an idea about the impact of the KP, we conducted an independent primary survey of 1, households from six blocks in three districts of West Bengal, Howrah, Murshidabad and Koch Bihar.

Comparing the age cohorts 19—21 years potential beneficiaries from KP and 22—25 years were already eighteen when KP was introduced and did not benefit we see that both dropout and early marriage hav fallen among the age group covered by KP Table 1. The decline in dropout rates was most pronounced in Howrah The applicant is pursuing education, vocational training or sports activity or is an inmate of any home registered under J. The following documents are required to avail the benefits of the scheme:.

Act where the girl is enrolled. This declaration not required in case the applicant has lost both parents or is physically handicapped or is an inmate of Home registered under J. Act , declaring her enrolment in the institution.

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Group A Officer of State Government or of the Government of India who is either posted in the area, or is a resident of the area.

Councillor of ward of Municipal areas, Gram Panchayat Pradhan of the area of residence of the applicant. The Scholarship or One-Time grant will be paid to the beneficiaries by way of fund transfer through a bank account only.

Once an application is approved, the applicant will be helped in opening and operating a bank account by the banking partner. State, district, Kolkata Municipal Corporation and block level Steering and Monitoring Committees shall be established to steward the Scheme in their respective areas.

They will be assisted by accountants-cum-data managers who must be proficient in common office applications, especially word processing, spreadsheets , presentation and accounting software, to be appointed on contract. There will be one Project Manager, to be appointed from regular services or on contract and one Accountant, to be appointed on contract for each such Project Management Unit, in addition to at least two accounts cum data managers, on contract.

All new appointments will be made for 3 years on probation basis from qualified persons or retired Government employees. Download Notification: Powered by WordPress and Live Wire. Bangalir Mukh Banglar Mukh. You are here: Published by Webdesk on 18 June, 1 Response. Components of the Scheme The scheme has two components: Annual Scholarship of Rs. Act Both the benefits under the scheme will be granted to girls who belong to families with annual family income not more than Rs.

Act within the age of years For the one-time grant, girls who are completing 18 years on or after 1st April Approximately 18 Lakhs girl students for annual scholarship each year Approximately 3. Who is eligible for one-time grant?

Home or Birth certificate if available Proof of being enrolled in institution declaration signed by Head of the institution or Superintendent of J. Where do we submit the form? Do we have to submit hard copy of the documents? Who will help applicants in filling up the application forms and opening of the bank accounts?

What is Annual Scholarship? Scholarship amount of Rs will be provided to girl children annually fulfilling the criteria mentioned below: Copy of Certificate of Disability furnished by appropriate authority and attested by the Appropriate Certifying Authorities b both parents are deceased For waiver in case both parents of the girl are deceased: For waiver in case of renewal: A scholarship of Rs.

Copy of Income certificate furnished by employer, attested by the Appropriate Certifying Authorities a girl is physically handicapped For waiver in case the girl is physically handicapped: Declaration by guardian and attested by the Appropriate Certifying Authorities c The applicant is an inmate in a J.

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Home For waiver in case the applicant is an inmate in a J. Yes, banks will contact the schools to open an account for the applicants in camp mode.

How will the successful applicants get the scholarship money? Can applicants track the status of their application? Yes, the status of the application can be tracked online with the unique application id. What are Forms-K1 and K2?

Form K1 is the application form for Annual Scholarship and will be available at schools. Form K2 is applicable for One Time Grant for girls born on or after The scheme may be called Kanyashree Prakalpa However, as the Government of India did not recognise Kanyashree Prakalpa as a part of its beneficial schemes for the girls from rural and suburban areas, especially from poor families, the state government of West Bengal claimed the scheme as its own.

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