Julia London is a NYT, USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author of historical and contemporary romance. She is a six-time finalist for the RITA. London knows how to keep pages turning.” —Publishers WeeklyPassion and scandal collide in New York Times bestselling author Julia London's brand new. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. She was a lovely innocent, but she could not resist. edition by Julia London. Romance site eBooks @ bestthing.info

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The Vicar's Widow: (Intermix) - site edition by Julia London. Romance site eBooks @ bestthing.info Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Harrison Tolly is marrying the wrong sister. As steward at site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction. Editorial Reviews. bestthing.info Review. Setting: Scotland and England Sensuality: 7 by Julia London. Romance site eBooks @ bestthing.info The Beautiful Stranger: The Rogues of Regent Street by [London, Julia]. Audible .

Not that Fiona cared a wit what Duncan Buchanan might think of her figure, no sir, no indeed. She had ceased to care about anything to do with that arse several years ago.

Lucky Charm

Having divested himself of what seemed a mound of clothing, Uncle Theodore grabbed the ends of his waistcoat and gave it a good tug before looking expectantly at the butler. The butler handed off the mound of clothing to a waiting footman, then bowed his head. Fiona looked at her uncle. Her uncle winked and held out his arm. Fiona sighed again, put her hand on his arm, and lifted her chin.

She would have to give it some thought. But one thing was certain—he was undoubtedly still the most tiresomely supercilious man in all of Scotland.

They were shown into a rather large drawing room that had been divided into two rooms by a pair of heavy drapes. A man who was most decidedly not Buchanan rose from a chair as they entered and bowed respectfully to them. Fiona curtsied as she quickly glanced around the room, searching for the magic door through which Buchanan would strut and pause to look at her with disdain.

There was no door. There was only the gentleman—Mr. As if they were serfs come on a rickety cart pulled by their aged mule to ask the laird for a bit of leniency! She was hardly aware that her uncle was speaking. She was scarcely aware of anything, as it seemed that all her thoughts had been obliterated by her fury. He was not expecting the woman who swept impatiently into the room.

And frankly, he was more than a bit taken aback.

The Last Debutante

Had he not known it was Fiona Haines who would be calling, he would not have recognized her. Granted, he scarcely remembered her at all, but this woman was resplendent in the claret gown, and seemed much more sophisticated than the girl he remembered. If she had looked like this years ago, he would have remembered her.

Cameron said, directing them both to a settee.

It was clear that Lady Fiona Haines did not want to sit, judging by the way she hung back, but her uncle gave her a stern look and put a hand to her back, steering her to the settee. You know of him, eh? But with one rather stern look from her, he nodded. Cameron fidgeted nervously with the cuff of his shirt.


But they are traveled, sir. If she can be accommodated, of course. Good solid lass, that one. Sheridan is her name, but we call her Sherri. And there is the constant threat of highwaymen once you reach the Highlands.

It is a matter of great urgency. She shook her head. Duncan knew Lambourne was a risk taker with a penchant for trouble, just as Duncan had been once. Cameron asked. She straightened her back and raised her chin stubbornly. She was mad! Duncan certainly did not recall Fiona Haines as being mad as an old hen. Thank you kindly, my good man. Our regards to the laird, then. The fire had done the most damage to his neck and left arm, which hung awkwardly and often uselessly at his side.

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