THE LAST JUROR BY JOHN GRISHAM DOUBLEDAY New York London Toronto Auckland Sydney In , one of Mississippi's mo. 1 Do you know any of john Grisham's books, or any of the movies from his juror /'d3ura-/ (n) At important trials there are twelve men and women jurors. 1. This Pin was discovered by Pdf Chaser. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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The Last Juror - Teacher's notes 1 of 3 level 2. Teacher's notes. Teacher Support Programme. About the author. John Grisham was born on February 8, , in. Editorial Reviews. Review. In , small town newspaper The Clanton Times Look inside this book. The Last Juror: A Novel by [Grisham, John]. The Last Juror is a legal thriller novel by John Grisham, first published by Doubleday on .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Shortly after the death of her husband, Rhoda planned to return to her family in Missouri. She was not from Ford County, nor was her husband.

A job took them there. But the house was paid for, the kids were happy, the neighbors were nice, and her family was much too concerned about how much life insurance she'd collected. So she stayed, always thinking of leaving but never doing so.

Rhoda Kassellaw was a beautiful woman when she wanted to be, which was not very often. Her shapely, thin figure was usually camouflaged under a loose cotton drip-dry dress, or a bulky chambray workshirt, which she preferred when gardening.

She wore little makeup and kept her long flaxen-colored hair pulled back and stuck together on top of her head. Most of what she ate came from her organic garden, and her skin had a soft healthy glow to it.

Such an attractive young widow would normally have been a hot property in the county, but she kept to herself.

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After three years of mourning, however, Rhoda became restless. She was not getting younger; the years were slipping by. She was too young and too pretty to sit at home every Saturday and read bedtime stories. There had to be some action out there, though there was certainly none in Beech Hill. She hired a young black girl from down the road to baby-sit, and Rhoda drove north for an hour to the Tennessee line, where she'd heard there were some respectable lounges and dance clubs.

Maybe no one would know her there. She enjoyed the dancing and the flirting, but she never drank and always came home early.

It became a routine, two or three times a month. Then the jeans got tighter, the dancing faster, the hours longer and longer. She was getting noticed and talked about in the bars and clubs along the state line. He followed her home twice before he killed her. It was March, and a warm front had brought a premature hope of spring.

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It was a dark night, with no moon. Bear, the family mutt, sniffed him first as he crept behind a tree in the backyard.

The Last Juror

Bear was primed to growl and bark when he was forever silenced. Rhoda's son Michael was five and her daughter Teresa was three. They wore matching Disney cartoon pajamas, neatly pressed, and watched their mother's glowing eyes as she read them the story of Jonah and the whale. She tucked them in and kissed them good night, and when Rhoda turned off the light to their bedroom, he was already in the house.

An hour later she turned off the television, locked the doors, and waited for Bear, who did not appear. That was no surprise because he often chased rabbits and squirrels into the woods and came home late.

Bear would sleep on the back porch and wake her howling at dawn.

In her bedroom, she slipped out of her light cotton dress and opened the closet door. He was waiting in there, in the dark. He snatched her from behind, covered her mouth with a thick and sweaty hand, and said, "I have a knife. I'll cut you and your kids.

PDF [(The Last Juror)] [By (author) John Grisham] published on (April, 2006) ePub

She trembled and managed to shake her head. She couldn't see what he looked like. He threw her to the floor of the cluttered closet, face down, and yanked her hands behind her. He took a brown wool scarf an old aunt had given her and wrapped it roughly around her face.

He poked the tip of the blade into her chin and said, "Don't fight me. The knife's right here. He wanted to see her eyes, those beautiful eyes he'd seen in the clubs. However, as A Time to Kill makes clear, a decade later a black Sheriff would be duly elected, with the overwhelming support of blacks and whites alike. The novel is divided into three parts of approximately equal length. The first covers the trial of Danny Padgitt, the second focuses on Willie adjusting to life in Clanton, and the third includes the main events, the murder of the jurors.

Plot[ edit ] In , a year-old college dropout named Willie Traynor realizes that his dreams of becoming a Pullitzer -winning journalist will never come true. However, the aging editor, Wilson Caudle, drives the newspaper into bankruptcy through years of neglect and mismanagement. Soon afterwards, Danny Padgitt, a member of a notorious local family, brutally rapes and murders a young widow, Rhoda Kassellaw.

When Traynor publishes a front page photo of the blood-spattered Padgitt being led into jail, readership increases. However, Willie is accused of yellow journalism and pre-judging Padgitt. Later, Willie runs a human interest story about Callie Ruffin, a local black woman whose seven children all gained doctorates and teaching positions in various universities. In the process of researching the story, Willie becomes a close friend of Callie and her family.

In the process of jury selection for Padgitt's trial, Callie becomes the first black person to serve on a Ford County jury.

Though far from enthusiastic about the prospect of having to pass a death sentence , Callie - who had been active of the Civil Rights Movement - does not shirk her civic duty.

In court, Padgitt openly threatens to kill each of the jurors if he's convicted. But though the jury convicts Padgitt, they are divided on whether to sentence him to death row , so he is sentenced to life imprisonment at the Mississippi State Penitentiary. Unconfirmed rumors persist that Hank Hooten, the deputy prosecutor in the case, had been the lover of the victim - which, if true, would constitute a conflict of interest.

In the ensuing years, as the Times becomes highly successful and steadily increases circulation, Willie keeps an eye on Padgitt. He campaigns against the extremely favorable conditions which his family procured for him in prison. He uses his newspapers to write some left-wing articles about the Vietnam war but the reader is left with a feeling that he doesn't really feel as strongly about the subjects as he is attempting to convey through his writing.

Similar to the last Grisham book I read, I kept waiting for the drama or excitement but it didn't really happen and I felt let down by the ending. That said, I still had to read to the end which is Grisham's specialty; drawing a reader in so they have to know what happens. There is sexual content in this and it is a little too graphic whilst dealing with the rape. There are also a fair few deaths which aren't as graphic.

There is some bad language but mostly border-line words and it isn't frequent. There is a lot of religious content in this book. Once again, though, Grisham misses the mark as he deals with the substance of Christianity. His character at one point surveys all of the local churches and describes each service. He tries to write a summary of what most Christians believe, but it's inadequate.Check out my John Grisham Shelf!

Apr 01, Ava rated it really liked it. He later goes insane, killing two jurors and Danny Padgitt.

The Last Juror

The young man who bought it was killed in a trucking accident somewhere in Texas, and, at the age of twenty-eight, Rhoda became a widow.

I had read only a couple of Grisham's books up to that point and this one sounded like one that I would really enjoy reading and I did. I loved his descriptions of people in this one. In fact, I was hooked.

A son of black woman, Miss Callie, he befriended wants to return and see his mother.

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