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divorced and after reading “the book” they are now happily remarried to each other. .. She said, “John Gray, you're a fair-weather friend! As long as I'm sweet, . through this book. I thank my different promoters, who have put their hearts and souls into producing the john Gray. Relationship Seminars where this material. The list of books below is based on the weekly downloads by our users regardless of eReader device or file format. On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.

Maria Barbara Piccioli Traduttore. Adria Tissoni Traduttore. Arjuna Ardagh. Warren Farrell Foreword.

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Mars and Venus on a Date: Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Mars and Venus in the Bedroom: Children Are from Heaven: Mars and Venus Together Forever: Mars and Venus Starting Over: Truly Mars and Venus: Men, Women and Relationships: Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice: Los hombres son de Marte, las mujeres son de Venus by John Gray 3.

Beyond Mars and Venus: When a man is stuck in his cave, a woman resents his not being more open. She feels hurt when he turns on the news or goes outside to play some basketball and ignores her. When men go to their caves they tend to forget that their friends may be having problems too.

An instinct takes over that says, before you can take care of anybody else, you must take care of yourself. When a woman sees a man react in this way, she generally resists it and resents the man.

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She may ask for his support in a demanding tone, as if she has to fight for her rights with this uncaring man. Men generally have little awareness of how distant they become when they are in the cave. When a man begins to ignore his wife, she often takes it personally. A woman under stress is not immediately concerned with finding solutions to her problems but rather seeks relief by expressing herself and being understood.

By randomly talking about her problems she becomes less upset. As a man under stress tends to focus on one problem and forget others, a woman under stress tends to expand and become over-whelmed by all her problems.

To forget her own painful feelings, a woman may become emotionally involved in the problems of others. Just as a man is fulfilled through working out the indelicate details of solving a problem, a woman is fulfilled through talking about the details of her problems.

Men realized that even when they felt they were being attacked, blamed, or criticized by women, it was only temporary; soon women would suddenly feel better and be very appreciative and accepting. By learning to listen, men discovered how much women really thrived on-talking about problems. They learned to be more accepting of him at these because he was experiencing a lot of stress.

How to Motivate the Opposite Sex Men are motivated and empowered when they feel needed. Women are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished. Being in love, they wanted women to win as much as themselves.

The Martians were very motivated by the possibility of making a difference on Venus. The Martian race was moving to a new level of evolution. They were no longer satisfied by just proving themselves and developing their power.

They wanted to use their power and skills in the service of others, especially in the service of women. They wanted a world where everyone cared for themselves as well as for others. Similarly, when a man is in love he is motivated to be the best he can be in order to serve others. When his heart is open, he feels so confident in himself that he is capable of making major changes. Given the opportunity to prove his potential, he expresses his best self. Only when he feels he can not succeed does he regress back to his old selfish ways.

Not to be needed is a slow death for a man. Most men have little awareness of how important it is to a woman to feel supported by someone who cares. When a woman is upset, overwhelmed, confused, exhausted, or helpless, what she needs the most is simple companionship. She needs to feel loved and cherished. She deserves it.

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But after doing this for centuries that women were tired of always caring about one another and sharing everything. Many women today are also tired of giving. They want time off.

Time to explore being themselves. They want someone to provide emotional support. At this point, men were learning to give while women were now ready to learn how to receive.

After centuries, women and men had reached an important stage in the evolution. When a woman realizes she has been giving too much, she tends to blame her partner for their unhappiness.

She feels the injustice of giving more than she has received. As a man experiences limits, he is motivated to give more.

Through respecting limits, he automatically is motivated to question the effectiveness behavior patterns and to start making changes. When a woman realizes that in order to receive she needs to set limits, then automatically she begins to forgive her partner and explore new ways of asking for and receiving support. When a woman set limits, she gradually learns to relax and receive more.

Setting limits and receiving are very scary for a woman. Deep inside her unconscious she holds the incorrect belief that she is unworthy of receiving more. Because she is afraid of not being supported, she unknowingly pushes away the support she needs. When a woman realizes that she truly deserves to be loved, she is opening the door for a man to give to her. But when it takes her 10 years of over giving in a marriage to realize that she deserves more, ironically, she feels like closing the door and not giving him the chance.

When she wakes up and remembers her needs, he also wakes up and wants to give her more. When the Venusians were ready to receive the Martians were ready to give.

Just as women are afraid of receiving, men are afraid of giving. He needed the acceptance and the encouragement that he was good enough for her, and then he could feel how much he cared. It is difficult for a man to listen to a woman when she is unhappy or disappointed because he feels like a failure.

Speaking Different Languages. To fully express their feelings, women assume poetic license to use various superlatives, metaphors, and generalizations.

Even this complaint is misunderstood by men. One of the biggest challenges for men is correctly to interpret and support a woman when she is talking about her feelings. Silence is most easily misinterpreted by women. When a man is silent it is easy for a woman to imagine the worst. Why women talk?? To convey or gather information. To explore and discover what it is she wants to say.

To feel better and more centered when she is upset. To create intimacy. To give him the support that a woman would want is counterproductive. How to support a man in his cave 1. Do something that makes you happy -anything that distracts her or helps her to feel good will be helpful to him.To feel better, men go to their caves. Given the opportunity to prove his potential, he expresses his best self.

Second, she gets his support when he comes back — when he is truly capable of supporting here. When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom.

Mars and Venus in the Bedroom:

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