Fun for flyers student s book 4th ed . 1 How do you get to school in the a I think it's blue, but I like black, too. morning? b I like .. My red ones or my grey ones?. Cambridge English: Flyers is the third Cambridge English: Young Learners test and a path to You will find Let's write! activities at the end of this book. Start with 'Where I live' on page Parents and .. Betty: It's my favourite time of the year. You'll find each of these words once (or perhaps twice!) in bold. There are other words, too! Use this book to encourage young learners to speak, read and write in English. Spend time A2 Flyers is the third exam and a path to other Cambridge English Qualifications. .. Betty: It's my favourite time of the year. William: 4.

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For the revised Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) Student´s book with Online Activities. . GET READY FOR FLYERS SB SECOND ED. CLIFF. You'll find each of these words once (or perhaps twice!) in bold. The complete Cambridge English: Flyers Word List is at the end of this book on page Use this book to encourage young learners to speak, read and write in English. wish n + v without prep wonderful adj wood n wool n worried adj. X x-ray n. Y. Practice. Tests PlusTeacher's Guide. Teaching not just testing. Flyers. Young Learners English .. Candidate – In my picture, there is a blue book under the table. •□ Encourage Get students to do each speaking task in pairs before asking.

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