GE Healthcare. LOGIQ BOOK XP Series LOGIQ BOOK XP SERIES BASIC SERVICE MANUAL i. Important .. Add instruction for loading system software with USB memory stick and add new spare parts. /12/ This manual is a reference for the LOGIQ Book XP Series. It applies to all pertaining to this document is maintained on ePDM (GE Medical Systems electronic. Results 6 - 24 GE LogiqBookXP-User Manual - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File LOGIQ Book XP/XP PRO Basic User Manual Rev. 2.

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GE's exclusive, software-intensive ultrasound The LOGIQ Book XP has increased . Biopsy Guide Line and Zone User Programmable Preset Capability. Minn kota pd manual manual logiq xp - user's guide logiq xp - tpi hot rod manual basic users manual for ge logiq book xp baby lock imagine serger guide logiq. basic users manual for GE Logiq Book xp ultrasuond, hard cop ://apps.

I found the service manual for a logiq book xp here looks the same but i am no expert. The Ge Logiq Book XP is a high performance and multipurpose portable imaging system designed for a variety of clinical applications. The Logiq Book XP is hand.. For more information about the GE Logiq Book XP ultrasound system brochure or manual, please contact Providian today and we will assist you. Providian Medical has a large inventory of brochures and owner's manuals for GE ultrasound machines.

Support Documentation Library. Many of the latest user and service documents are available in PDF format. To begin, select your desired product category from the GE Healthcare family below.

Once in the library, you can further narrow your search by selecting Product Type and Manual Type using the integrated search. Now, you can. I have been a diet yo-yo'er who rotated pant sizes from 8 to 12 for years. November 16th, i have instaled basic user manual in my, difficult-to-use system once you get beyond the basic scanning, information technology and fanatical customer support.

Please verify you are using the latest revision of this document. The Quick Card is a quick reference to operation. Technical Publications Direction - Rev. Vlnbep Prof, repair manual for sony vaio laptop, automation, safety! Quick Card Ana Sayfa. Preparing the System for Use, vascular, compact-laptop based ultrasound imaging system, vascular. I usually just select all in each one so I can see a complete list?

Always consult this website or your ultrasound ge logiq e basic user manual system Basic User Manual for a list of compatible disinfectants. The GE Logiq e ultrasound is highly portable, ease of Use From basic ultrasound scans to more advanced imaging, fast.

Read more Blue Sky Exchange- The trusted source for used and refurbished medical equipment. Please refer to Basic User Manual for detailed information A second caliper will appear. It applies to. User Manual and Service Manual are included on. Set aside the following items. The system requires weekly cleaning maintenance to function safely and properly. And laptop-style compacts all offering clinically relevant enhancements for easier upgrades, and when you really need a book to read. Installation Guide continued Figure 1.

And probes are one or two levels higher than that of the Logiq e BT 12 however, groupe, logiq Your patients depend on you, we have created this ultrasound image optimization guide to provide you with a plain-English manual to understanding your ultrasound machine and how to get the best images. Step 1, rowe ami cd jukebox manual, preparing the System for Use, drive. Direction Proper installation following theservice manual is required.

These echo signals are highly amplified and processed by several analog and digital circuits having filters with many frequency and time response options. Some jurisdictions restrict certain uses.

ge logiq book xp manual system

Specific clinical applications and exam types include: United States law restricts this device to sale or use by. Sales or Service Representative. Electric Avenue Milwaukee. Service Questions For service in the United States.

Placing an Order To place an order. Mexico and parts of the Caribbean. WI For information in the United States. KG TEL: Ultrasound FAX: Rio Lerma China TEL: Chapter 2 Safety Describes the safety and regulatory information pertinent for operating this ultrasound system. Safety Safety Precautions Precaution Levels Icon description Various levels of safety precautions may be found on the equipment and different levels of concern are identified by one of the following flag words and icons which precede the precautionary statement.

Indicates precautions or recommendations that should be used in the operation of the ultrasound system.

DANGER Indicates that a specific hazard is known to exist which through inappropriate conditions or actions will cause: Source ISO No. Table Improper use can result in serious injury. Training assistance is available from GE Medical Systems if needed. The user must be thoroughly familiar with the instructions and potential hazards involving ultrasound examination before attempting to use the device.

The equipment user is obligated to be familiar with these concerns and avoid conditions that could result in injury. Additional precautions may be provided throughout the manual. Equipment malfunction or incorrect settings can result in measurement errors or failure to detect details within the image. The equipment user must become thoroughly familiar with the equipment operation in order to optimize its performance and recognize possible malfunctions. Applications training is available through the local GE representative.

Make sure correct patient ID is provided on all recorded data and hard copy prints. Added confidence in the equipment operation can be gained by establishing a quality assurance program. Patient identification Always include proper identification with all patient data and verify the accuracy of the patient's name and ID numbers when entering such data.

Identification errors could result in an incorrect diagnosis. Become familiar with all instructions and precautions provided with special purpose probes.

This equipment does not have a defibrillator approved applied part. Safety Related Hazards continued Mechanical hazards The use of damaged probes can result in injury or increased risk of infection.

Become familiar with the probe's use and care precautions outlined in Probes and Biopsy. A damaged housing. Inspect probes often for cracks or openings in the housing and holes in and around the acoustic lens or other damage that could allow liquid entry.

Take extra care not to drop transducers and avoid contact with sharp or abrasive surfaces. Always minimize exposure time and keep ultrasound levels low when there is no medical benefit. Observe the acoustic output display and be familiar with all controls affecting the output level. A damaged probe can also increase the risk of electric shock if conductive solutions come in contact with internal live parts. Inspect probes often for sharp. Please contact the local GE representative for training assistance.

Safety Precautions Related Hazards continued Training It is recommended that all users receive proper training in applications before performing them in a clinical setting. ALARA principles. There are no user serviceable components inside the console. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel only. Risk of explosion if used in the presence of flammable anesthetics. If any defects are observed or malfunctions occur. DANGER The concerns listed below can seriously affect the safety of equipment and personnel during a diagnostic ultrasound examination.

Inform a qualified service person and contact a Service Representative for information. Thoroughly clean probes and reusable accessories after each patient examination and disinfect or sterilize as needed. Refer to Probes and Biopsy for probe use and care instructions.

No user serviceable parts are inside. To assure adequate grounding. Spilled liquid may contact live parts and increase the risk of shock. The capacity of the supply circuit must be as specified. Never use any adaptor or converter of a three-prong-totwo-prong type to connect with a mains power plug. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. To avoid the risk of disease transmission: The protective earth connection will loosen.

For patient and personnel safety. Follow sterile procedures when appropriate. Follow all infection control policies established by your office.

Have the unit repaired and performance verified by qualified service personnel before returning to use. The system must be supplied from an adequately rated electrical circuit. Do not place liquids on or above the console.

Sensitive users and patients must avoid contact with these items. Performing data backup to any device is recommended. Cannot be used in operating room environment. Various Various See Figure for location information. AC Adapter Label. Safety Precautions Device Labels Label Icon Description The following table describes the purpose and location of safety labels and other important information provided on the equipment.

Indicates the degree of protection provided by the enclosure per IEC60 NRTL Listing and Certification Mark is used to designate conformance to nationally recognized product safety standards. Safety Table This additional safety precaution prevents exposed metal parts from becoming LIVE in the event of an insulation failure.

Use of cables not properly shielded and grounded may result in the equipment causing radio frequency interference in violation of the FCC regulations. EMC Performance All types of electronic equipment may characteristically cause electromagnetic interference with other equipment. The manufacturer is not responsible for any interference caused by using other than recommended interconnect cables or by unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment.

If this equipment is found to cause interference which may be determined by turning the equipment on and off. This equipment generates. The equipment may cause radio frequency interference to other medical and non-medical devices and radio communications. To provide reasonable protection against such interference. The term EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility indicates the capability of equipment to curb electromagnetic influence from other equipment and at the same time not affect other equipment with similar electromagnetic radiation from itself.

Do not use devices which intentionally transmit RF signals cellular phones. Medical staff in charge of this equipment is required to instruct technicians. Notice upon Installation of Product. Safety EMC Performance continued Proper installation following the service manual is required in order to achieve the full EMC performance of the product. In case of issues related to EMC. Keep power to these devices turned off when near this equipment.

The product must be installed as stipulated in 4. Frequency Range: Calculation Method: Portable and mobile radio communications equipment distance requirements kHz. Safety Notice upon Installation of Product Separation distance and effect from fixed radio communications equipment: AM and FM radio broadcast. Be sure to use only the cables provided by or designated by GE Medical Systems. Locate the equipment as far away as possible from other electronic equipment. If the measured field strength in the location in which the ultrasound system is used exceeds the applicable RF compliance level as stated in the immunity declaration.

Lay out the main equipment and other peripherals following the installation procedures described in the Option Installation manuals. Connect these cables following the installation procedures e. Never use any adaptor or converter to connect with a power source plug e. Products equipped with a power source plug should be plugged into the fixed power socket which has the protective grounding conductor. To assess the electromagnetic environment due to fixed RF transmitters.

If abnormal operation is observed. Modification of the product includes changes in: Notice against User Modification The user should never modify this product. Safety Precautions General Notice 1. The equipment indicated in Chapter 18 can be hooked up to the product without compromising its EMC performance. Avoid using equipment not designated in the list.

Failure to comply with this instruction may result in poor EMC performance of the product. User modifications may cause degradation in EMC performance.

Cables length. General precautions for installing an alternate off-board. The added device must have appropriate safety standard conformance and CE Marking. The connection of equipment or transmission networks other than as specified in the user instructions can result in an electric shock hazard or equipment malfunction. There must be adequate mechanical mounting of the device and stability of the combination. Equipment modifications and possible resulting malfunctions and electromagnetic interference are the responsibility of the owner.

General precautions for installing an alternate on-board device would include: The added device s must be used for their intended purpose having a compatible interface. The added device s must have appropriate safety standard conformance and CE Marking.

Please make sure to disconnect the CD-Writer when scanning the patient. RF emissions are very low and are not likely to cause any interference in nearby electronic equipment. Safety Declaration of Emissions This system is suitable for use in the following environment.

The user must assure that it is used only in the electromagnetic environment as specified. It is suitable for use in all establishments. If the user requires continued operation during power mains interruptions. Separation distance to radio communication equipment must be maintained according to the method below.

The user must assure that the system is used according to the specified guidance and only in the electromagnetic environment listed. Interference may occur in the vicinity of equipment marked with the symbol: If floors are covered with synthetic material. Good power line isolation is required. Electromagnetic propagation is affected by absorption and reflection from structures.

Such interference is easily recognized and distinguishable from patient anatomy and physiological waveforms. These guidelines may not apply in all situations. Safety Precautions Declaration of Immunity This system is suitable for use in the following environment. UT is the a. Interference of this type may delay the examination without affecting diagnostic accuracy.

Memory Stick. Color Printers. Patient Environmental Devices 1. Bottom side: Lithium-ion battery port 3. Safety Patient Environmental Devices Figure Left side: Security lock 2. Right side: Probe port 4. Rear panel: Use only the accessories. If devices are connected without the approval of GE. IEC standard or equivalent standards appropriate to devices. The TI and MI are displayed at all times.

Acoustic Output Display Specifications The display consists of three parts: Thermal Index TI. Used when bone is near the focus of the image as in the third trimester OB examination. Used when bone is near the skin surface as in transcranial examination.

The TI display starts at a value of 0. Thermal Index Depending on the examination and type of tissue involved. Mechanical Index MI. Used when imaging soft tissue only. Safety Acoustic Output Located on the upper right section of the system display monitor. The Acoustic Output control has the most significant effect on Acoustic Output. Always observe the Acoustic Output display for possible effects. Indirect effects may occur when adjusting controls.

This preset is application dependent so each application could specify a different TI type. Begin the exam with the probe that provides an optimum focal depth and penetration. To modify acoustic output. This reduced level is preset programmable and depends upon the exam category and probe selected. It takes effect when the system is powered on or New Patient is selected. Refer to the sections of the Optimizing the Image chapter for a complete discussion of each control.

Use the minimum necessary acoustic output to get the best diagnostic image or measurement during an examination. Be sure to have read and understood control explanations for each mode used before attempting to adjust the Acoustic Output control or any control that can effect Acoustic Output. Only 5.

Label location explanations Table Label Location Explanations 3. Class A of the international standard for Electromagnetic disturbance characteristics.

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Group 1. Do not use the following devices near this equipment: Use of these devices near this equipment could cause this equipment to perform outside the published specifications. Prescription Device For U.

Figure Do not remove covers or panels. Be careful of static 4. Possible shock hazard. Safety Warning Label Locations continued Figure Rating Plate Explanations Date of manufacture: The date could be a year.

See ISO for date formats. For products to be powered from a DC supply. For products not relying on protective earth. Chapter 3 Preparing the System for Use Describes the site requirements.

Request training. Never set liquids on the unit to ensure that liquid does not drip into the control panel or unit. Perform regular preventive maintenance. Ensure that unauthorized personnel do not tamper with the unit.

Turn off. Only qualified physicians or sonographers should perform ultrasound scanning on human subjects for medical diagnostic reasons.

Maintain a clean environment. Take precautions to ensure that the console is protected from electromagnetic interference. Ensure that the following is provided for the new system: Operation in an enclosed area wood. Special shielding may be required if the console is to be operated in the vicinity of radio broadcast equipment.

The use of this equipment in an inappropriate environment may cause some electronic interference to radios and televisions around the equipment. Precautions include: Either its operational environment must be constantly maintained or the unit must be turned off.

LCD 4. Alphanumeric keys 5. Handle 2. Soft Menu use same as menu key 3. Doing so can cause fire or electric shock by shorting out interior components. Preparing the System for Use Console graphics continued Figure Only use the batteries authorized by GE. Do not disassemble or alter the battery. Console Overview Battery The lithium ion battery provides power when an AC power source is not available.

Logiq e vet ultrasound manual

Do not leave the battery in direct sunlight. You can expect one hour of battery life with a single fully charged battery. Do not pierce the battery with a sharp object. Do not charge the battery near a heat source.

Used batteries should not be placed with common household waste products. Do not solder a battery. Do not heat the battery or discard it in a fire. Keep it away from fire and other heat sources. Do not connect the battery to an electrical power outlet.

Do not use a damaged battery. Contact local authorities for the location of a chemical waste collection program nearest you. Do not short-circuit the battery by directly connecting the negative terminals with metal objects.

Lithium ion batteries last longer than conventional batteries and do not require replacement as often. Do not put the battery into a microwave oven or pressurized container. If the battery emits an odor or heat. If the battery leaks or emits an odor. Short term less than one month storage of battery pack: If you have any questions about the battery. It is also recommended to store the battery in a shady and cool area with FCC full current capacity.

If the battery is not in use. See Figure Total battery power remaining—displays the current power remaining capacity. When using a battery. Battery icon 1. Warning information—displays warning information when battery power is low.

AC power or Battery. When there is no battery. Battery icon When you select this icon. Battery Status Message Current power source—displays the current power source. Preparing the System for Use Battery continued View current battery status When the system is running.

Place the AC adapter in a ventilated area. Low battery power warning NOTE: When the battery power is low and the user cannot charge the battery in time. This protects the whole system. Do not cover the AC adapter with paper or other items that will reduce cooling.

Console Overview Battery continued Battery power low warning If the battery is in use and the battery power is low. You need to save all unsaved data before the system shuts down or you may lose useful information. Signal ground lines are Not Isolated. The footswitch may be used as select keys.

P2 and P3 buttons on the keyboard. The footswitch connection is located on the USB port. The connection of equipment or transmission networks other than as specified in these instructions can result in electric shock hazard.

Use the footswitch to freeze the real-time image. Use the footswitch as P1.

In rain or snow conditions. Do not use harsh cleaning agents to clean the unit. Wiping the cables with a solution of soap and water followed by a rinse with water is a simple yet effective method to clean the cables. ECG signals or wave patterns that consistently contain noise or artifact may suggest need for ECG wire or cable replacement. Make sure that the lead wires do not swing.

After the defibrillator stimulates the patient. Store the device in a dry place. Chapter Do not expose the device to water or any kind of liquid. Do not immerse the unit in any liquid. Maintain in a dry place: Worn or damaged patient cables are the most common cause of poor ECG signals.

ECG Installation. Do not immerse cables in water. For information on ECG installation. The quality of the ECG trace depends on the stability and conductivity of the electrodes during the test. Always protect the recorder from coming into contact with moisture.

IEC EN Each electrode cable hooks up to the appropriate stickon electrode by a color-coded clip type connector. Connect the CD-RW to the system. Preparing the System for Use Peripherals Connection 1. Footswitch Connection 4. The footswitch can be properly connected using the USB Port 1 or 2. Connect the footswitch to the system. Console Overview Peripherals Connection continued 3. USB Lamp connection 6. Connect the USB Lamp to the system.

Preparing the System for Use Peripherals Connection continued 5. USB Memory Connection 8. Console Overview Peripherals Connection continued 7. Connect the Bluetooth PC Card to the system. Connect the USB Memory to the system. For detailed installation information. Connect the Color Printer to the system. Preparing the System for Use Peripherals Connection continued 9.

Please refer to the operation manual of each peripheral for information needed by the user to operate the system safely. To prevent damage to the Power Cord. Before moving the system 1. Store sufficient gel and other essential accessories in the special storage case. Store all probes in their original cases or in soft cloth or foam to prevent damage. Unplug the power cord if the system is plugged in.

Shut down the system. Disconnect all cables from off-board peripheral devices external printer. DO NOT pull excessively on the cord or make sharp bends while wrapping.

Always use the handle to move the system. Preparing the System for Use When moving the system 1. Limit movement to a slow careful walk. To avoid possible injury and equipment damage: Ensure that the system is firmly secured while inside the vehicle. Secure system with straps or as directed otherwise to prevent motion during transport. Before transporting. Make sure and rotate the key to the unlocked position to the right.

Wrap the cable around an imovable object. Rotate the key to the locked position to the left. Security Cable 2. Never use an extension cord or adapter plug. The system could overheat and slow down. To help assure grounding reliability. If the system is accidentally unplugged. Push the power plug securely into the wall outlet. Ensure that the wall outlet is of the appropriate type.

Use caution to ensure that the power cable does not disconnect during system use. Under no circumstances should the AC power plug be altered. When the system is in standby mode. When battery power is low. When the battery is charged. LED Indicators 1. Green 2.

Green 3. Indicates battery status. Green and Orange 4.Do not expose the device to water or any kind of liquid. Thermal Index TI. Search from—select appropriate database. The P3 key is the factory default print key to accomplish a secondary screen capture.

Adjusting Values To adjust the baseline. This is helpful when you cannot differentiate between the chambers of the heart. M-Mode Verify basic M-Mode operation.

All possible information needs to be entered.

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