Looking For Alaska. Page 1 of 88 To my family: Sydney Green, Mike Green, and Hank Green "I have tried so hard to do right." (last words of Alaska. Read Looking for Alaska online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Looking for Alaska is a Young Adult novel by John Green. Download Looking for Alaska by John Green PDF novel free. Looking for Alaska is the romance, young adult fiction and suspense novel which.

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Written by the acclaimed author John Green, who wrote the best selling novel " The Fault in Our Stars" [Read The F Looking for alaska pdf. Looking for Alaska by John Green. (ISBN ). Page References are based on the Harper Collins. Children's Book edition Teaching Notes. A great addition for your John Green Collection. Check out Looking For Alaska and its audiobook and PDF.

There are few words, which are not letting his heat down. Miller is always thinking of going there and find out what is the mystery behind it. He is boor already from his routine as he has nothing to do there.

This was the opportunity for him to do something which is valuable for him. He made his mind and no one can stop him from going to Culver Creek boarding school.

The only mission of Miles here to find out the meaning of the words which dead poet says. There is something new waiting for him which begins with the character of Alaska.

She is young, beguiling and self-destructive teenage girl who is irritating the people with her virtues. Alaska is giving the tough time to the Miles from the very best day.


He is attacked by the catapult and labyrinth in the search of the great perhaps. They make a deal: if Miles figures out what the labyrinth is then Alaska will get him laid. The eve of his first day at Culver Creek, the school part , Pudge is grabbed out of his bed, duct-taped, and tossed into a nearby lake by the "Weekday Warriors," a group of rich Birmingham-area students of Culver Creek.

The reason the Weekday Warriors duct-taped Pudge is because the year before one of their friends, Paul, had been expelled and they blamed the Colonel and his friends. Takumi insists this can't be possible because Marya, a friends of theirs, had also been expelled with him for committing three of Culver Creek's worst offenses: being naked in bed together, drunk, and smoking a joint.

This argument incites a prank war between the Weekday Warriors and Pudge's group of friends. Alaska later admits she told on Marya and Paul to the dean of the school, Mr. Starnes, who The Colonel nicknamed 'The Eagle', to save herself from being expelled.

Alaska sets Pudge up with a girl, Lara.

Lara came to America when she was twelve, and came from Romania. She had to translate everything to her parents because she was the only one in her family who knew English.

Pudge and Lara have a disastrous date, which ends with Pudge having a mild concussion and throwing up on Lara's pants. Alaska and Pudge drink, smoke, and do many things together, causing him to fall in love with her, despite the complications of their relationships.

The Colonel and Alaska have been planning a pre-prank to lull the Warriors into a state of peace. The weekend of the pre-prank Pudge and his friends head to the old barn by the school.

See a Problem?

Takumi and Pudge light firecrackers by the Eagle's house, causing him to run after them. The Colonel and Alaska would change the Warriors' grades on their report cards. And, finally, Lara put blue dye in the Warriors' shampoo and hair gel.

The next day, while they're still at the barn, they drink, smoke and try to pass the time. While inebriated, Alaska tells them about her mother's death from an aneurysm when she was eight years old.

She feels guilty for not calling , though she did not understand what was happening at the time. Pudge figures that her mother's death made Alaska impulsive and rash. He concluded that the labyrinth was a person's suffering and that we must find our way out. When they return to school, the Colonel and Alaska celebrate their prank by drinking every night of the next week.

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On the last night of these 'celebrations', Alaska dares Pudge to "hook up" with her, and they begin making out. After warnings from an intoxicated Colonel, she stops, telling him she's too sleepy, and they can leave it "to be continued".

Then they all fell asleep. Alaska received a phone call in the middle of the night that leaves her hysterically crying and tells her friends she has to leave. The Colonel and Pudge help Alaska drive off school premises by setting off the remaining fire crackers from the initial prank on the Weekday Warriors.

Alaska drives away, still drunk.

She eventually crashes into a police cruiser at the scene of a truck accident on the highway, the steering wheel crushing her chest, and killing her instantly. In the morning, the Eagle held an assembly, telling the students of Alaska's death.

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The Colonel and Pudge feel horrible, feeling they helped her death by letting her go.I cannot stop thinking that she is dead, and I cannot stop thinking that she cannot possibly be dead.

We had ours.

I think she did it on purpose. Chip said hello to a few people but didn't introduce me.

Let out a tear or two Tragedy strikes and life is suddenly turned upside down in more ways than one.

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