Bob Pozen does a lot. He's been a top executive at two mutual fund giants, Fidelity and MFS Investment Management. He's also been an attorney, a government. Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours: Robert C. Pozen: Books - bestthing.info Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours [Robert C. Pozen] on bestthing.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Required reading for.

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Robert C. Pozen taught a full course load at Harvard Business School while In Extreme Productivity, Pozen reveals the secrets to workplace productivity and. I am looking to PDF Extreme Productivity: A Summary of Robert C. Pozen's Book Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours Download book in format PDF, Ebook. If so, then you'll want to read about Robert C. Pozen's guide to being productive, Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours. Pozen is the.

The same approach can be applied routinely at work. However, I often have to revise my schedule as events progress. So I just revise my to-do list and reset my priorities. If you fill every hour of a daily calendar with meetings or phone calls, you leave little room for dealing with unanticipated developments.

Many top executives fill every hour of their workday calendars with meetings or phone calls. That leaves little room for dealing with unanticipated developments. I try to keep at least one hour open each day so that I can respond quickly to new events or issues.

Principle 5: Let Others Own Their Space It is important to be flexible not only in your own plans but also when listening to your employees. And here are the key steps I believe we need to take. Many successful people have a daily routine that involves running, biking, swimming, or fitness machines.

I am bored by such activities, so I play doubles tennis two or three times a week.

The facilities may not be good, or your schedule may be too tight. But those are the days when you need exercise the most. I know a private equity executive who puts on 10 or 15 pounds every time his firm raises a new fund. Here are three tips for avoiding this fate: Follow your normal breakfast menu even at breakfast meetings.

Avoid all desserts at lunch or dinner events.

Managing Yourself: Extreme Productivity

And try to limit alcohol, which is quite caloric, to one glass of wine. Sleep Finally, let me give a sermon on the importance of sleep.

Some executives say they can get along on four or five hours a night, but I doubt they are as mentally sharp as they could be. Seven or eight hours a night, plus a brief nap during the day, will make your waking hours far more productive. Again, it can be challenging to stick to this routine when on the road. The key to sleeping on planes is a blindfold and earplugs, which create the sense of being in a cocoon, cut off from the rest of the world.

I take a different approach—the rebuttable hypothesis, which is designed to encourage debate. It is a difficult area, and there are several ways to address the problems. Now, this is my tentative view of the path we should take, but I could be wrong.

I want you to feel free to disagree and offer alternatives. Then they will have an ownership interest in the follow-up, rather than just going along with my directions.

And they often select a more aggressive timetable than I would have had the nerve to suggest. Under this principle, every employee in a large company is viewed as the owner of a small business.

You can reinforce the principle of ownership in many ways. For instance, instead of assigning detailed tasks, you can present general priorities for the upcoming year and let your reports formulate specific ways to implement those priorities along with the metrics for measuring success.

When you apply this principle, you must be prepared to tolerate mistakes. If employees own their unit, they must be given leeway to try out new strategies. If you fire them for making such mistakes of judgment, you will undermine the culture of ownership. Of course, your tolerance for mistakes should not be unlimited. You should not ignore illegal or unethical actions.

Nor should you tolerate repetition of similar mistakes by the same people. I get up every morning around and have shaved, showered, and dressed by Then I read two newspapers while having breakfast and leave home around I have five winter outfits and five summer outfits.

And I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning—a banana and a bowl of cold cereal. I try to keep the material aspects of life as simple as possible.

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And, have you ever wished that you could get some face-time with one of these business executives to learn their secrets of productivity?

Over the years, he managed to serve on many of the boards of local charities and public companies, author six books, write hundreds of articles and raise a family with his wife of more than four decades.

His own productivity record eminently qualifies him to advise the rest of us on how to be extremely productive. Extreme Productivity is for those who want to be productive at work, but do not necessarily aspire to launching an online business.

Articulate your goals and rank them in order of priority. I write specifically about how to do this in insight 1. Keep your focus on the final product. In other words, spend your time on what is most important to you and find ways to simplify and spend as little time as possible on lower-priority items. Insight 1 An actionable way to implement the Big Idea into your life Get clear on what matters most "To be productive, you need to articulate your goals clearly and prioritize them.

He recommends doing this once a year and then using the results to help you focus your energy for the rest of the year. Write everything down — Take out one or two sheets of paper and write down all of your career-related duties.

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Principle 2: It’s Not the Time You Spend but the Results You Produce

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You should not ignore illegal or unethical actions. For example, like many male corporate employees, during the warmer months I wear the same color slacks khaki and short-sleeved polos of various colors any color goes with khaki, right? Download Cultural Anthropology: Many top executives fill every hour of their workday calendars with meetings or phone calls. Such tasks should be delegated, if possible, to an executive assistant.

Then try to arrive early enough to hear the prior speaker or to chat with people during a break. Once I finished the initial process, however, I found that it helped me focus and get more done. Get a free e-book from Book perk.

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