EUROLIGHT LC LC EUROLIGHT. Professional channel DMX lighting console s 24 preset channels, assignable to DMX channels s Up to 3 . Summary of Contents for Behringer EUROLIGHT LC Page 1 User Manual EUROLIGHT LC Professional Channel DMX Lighting Console EUROLIGHT LC User Manual Table of Contents Thank you 2 Important Safety Instructions Legal Disclaimer. LC EUROLIGHT. Professional Channel DMX Lighting Console s 24 preset s Ultra-flexible fading functions for manual and automatic operation.

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Eurolight LC - read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Jun 29, Behringer Behringer-Eurolight-LcUsers-Manual behringer- eurolight-lcusers-manual behringer pdf. Eurolight Lc Manual PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Eurolight-lcmanual-pdf.

So the idea of 99 'cues' is interesting. Of course the almost laughable catastrophe of the week was when I went to the school last Friday, expecting there to be the promised set of brand new wall-mounted 63A or 32A if they didn't have the supply Ceeform sockets ready for me to plug the Beta Packs in to.

I'd spoken to the head, explained in lay-terms what I was recommending, e-mailed her the basic spec, even included a photo of the Ceeform socket I said "Where's the power, then? On one single-phase r1ng ma1n!! Why am I surprised?

I'd told her the head to get the council sparks to call me to confirm, but apparently he'd said he understood exactly when he surveyed the job!! Obviously not!!

So - the head's got them coming back out on Monday morning!!! Shame, as this little school show starts on Tuesday. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain and moisture.

Page 4: Table Of Contents It is our philosophy to share our enjoyment with you, because 3. Page 5: Introduction 1.

You now own an outstanding, ultra-compact light mixing console, that features the state-of-the-art digital DMX control. In addition, your LC is equipped with an analog output which allows to use it 1. Page 6: Control Elements To enable you complete lighting setups memories that can easily be altered.

A virtually control over the current setup, the EUROLIGHT LC has an unlimited archive of lighting setups can be created by using the intuitive design structure and features a large number of LEDs interchangeable memory cards on which these setups are stored.

Used to set the intensity of light elements connected to the dimmer pack. Use them to select a preset bank 0 - 9 The music signal necessary for controlling the show can be or switch into preset mode P.

However, it has to be manually activated in memory mode. Used to switch over to channels 13 - It determines the maximum illumination level of mode is active. Page Presets LC from a neutral setting, and can observe the results of the changes you implement directly.Right before a show, the console would no longer output DMX.

You now own an outstanding, ultra-compact light mixing console, that features the state-of-the-art digital DMX control. The set I use, works well The preset appears previously remains on the stage unti you pull the fader to zero.

In order to help you understand the links between the controls, we have arranged them in groups according to their function.

Used to switch over to channels 13 - We created our LC using the most modern components in order to guarantee you the maximum reliability possible. So - the head's got them coming back out on Monday morning!!!

This is my first console lighting, being a complete novice in this field. Two of these triangles are opposite one another.

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