Ethel Snelson Summers, well-know as Essie, was born on Bordesley Street Because of this Essie Summers was offered The Order Of The British Empire for Most Editions | First Published | Most Recent Everything Ebooks. Ethel Snelson Summers, well-know as Essie, was born on Bordesley Street inChristchurch, New Zealand on July 24, Her parents, Ethel Snelson ( forwhom. Essie Summers: | | | |Ethel Snelson Summers Flett| | | | | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the.

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Essie Summers has 82 books on Goodreads with ratings. Essie Summers's most popular book is Beyond the Foothills. Essie Summers - common books synopsis - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Synopsis of most of Essie Summers romance novels. All these titles can now be downloadd at the Harlequin eBook Store and I would like Essie Summers books in ebook format as well, and those.

But she went, nevertheless - and in exploring a long-ago romance, found her own happy ending.

A Place Called Paradise Annabel Lee had been brought up in an orphanage, but had always longed to be able to trace her father, and at last she decided to follow the few slender clues she had to her real identity. They led her to the most beautiful place in the world - where Annabel not only found what she was seeking, but met Gideon Darroch, the most wonderful man in the world, too!

How would he feel if he knew the reason she had come?

Rosalind Comes Home Rosalind loved her stepbrother Rowland so much that, when he had indicated that she was wasting her time, she had left home. Now, after four years, she was back. Her feelings hadn't changed--but neither, it seemed, had Rowland's.

Meet on My Ground Sarah Macdonald and Alastair Campbell would seem to be ideally matched--but they were boss and secretary, and Sarah had a mental block where Alistair's money and position were concerned.

Would he ever be able to persuade her that that kind of thing just didn't matter? Revolt--And Virginia Virginia Fergusson's love life was becoming more than a little chaotic-- so much so that she suddenly decided to run away, to a new city and a new life of her own.

And that was before she met Nicholas Muir! The sited Fire Nicholas was a lot older than Penny, and before he asked her to marry him he had decided it would be a good idea if they separated for a year or two, to give Penny a chance to spread her wings before settling down. But was it such a good idea after all?

Nicholas and Penny had fallen in love when she was still a teenager and he was almost thirty - and although Nicholas knew that his feelings would not change, it was possible that Pennys would. So he suggested that they part for a year or two, to give Penny a chance to spread her wings, maybe meet other men, and really be sure of her feelings for him. All that had been three years ago, and now here was Penny, back again in New Zealand where Nicholas was waiting to greet her.

But was he? It was Angeline Dare who met her, Angeline who made the excuses that all added up to the fact that Nicholas was not particulary eager for the reunion.

Pennys feelings had not changed - but what had happened to Nicholas? But chance would be a fine thing The Bay of the Nightingales Margot Chesterton had traveled to New Zealand to look for her long-lost father -- but Pierre Laveroux persisted in believing that her motive was a more sinister one.

Which was a pity, as Margot would so much have preferred him to have a good opinion of her! Return to Dragonshill Johnny Carruthers had broken Henrietta's heart once, when he got engaged to another woman. Now that engagement was over, and Johnny had come back into her life, offering her a second-best love. Would Henrietta have the courage to refuse, or would she decide anyway that half a loaf was better than no bread? The House on Gregor's Brae Jennifer McGrouther had met the famous author Gregor MacGregor just once, when she had been a small child; but directly and indirectly the meeting had changed her whole life, and she had never stopped dreaming about him.

Now at last they were to meet again -- but was Jennifer wise to hope that those childhood dreams could ever turn into reality? South Island Stowaway It was sheer accident - she'd stowed away in the wrong car - that had brought Julia to Adam Dare's sheep farm in New Zealand's South Island, and wrecked his engagement as a result.

Julia felt it was her duty to repair the damage - but was that what she really wanted? And indeed she soon learned that Giles had a reputation as the local gay Lothario.

My lady of the fuchsias

How could she ever have managed to find herself pretending to be "engaged" to him? The Forbidden Valley Charlotte was worried to death about her cousin Phyl, who seemed to have run away from home and left her children.

It just didn't seem possible -- although Phyl's rather forbidding brother-in-law Edmund Leigh was only too ready to believe the worst of her. So Charlotte set about solving the mystery, without letting Edmund realize who she was.

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Through All the Years When Thomasina heard that she had won a competition and would be able to take her young half-brother and sister on the holiday of a lifetime, she was thrilled. Not only would she be able to travel to New Zealand, but once there she would see her father's friend, Uncle Eb. But the annoying Luke Richmond made it clear that he suspected her motives for the visit The Gold of Noon "The Gunns never did bring the Keiths anything but sorrow," Theresa Keith acknowledged after she had left her home in New Zealand for Austria in the hope that fresh scenes and new faces would take her mind off Murdoch Gunn, the man she was to have married.

But Murdoch, like all the Gunn clan, was ruthless and usually got what he wanted. Did he still want Theresa? Anna of Strathallan Anna Drummond was delighted to be reunited with her long-lost grandparents in New Zealand.

But how was she to cope with the suspicion and hostility of Calum Doig? And how, as time went on, was she to fight her growing love for him? Not by Appointment Running away from a love that could not be, Jocelyn was thankful for the job of looking after two orphaned children and housekeeping for their uncle. Perhaps it would compensate for the family life that now would never be hers. But then her peace of mind was shattered once again by the malice of a jealous woman.

Beyond the Foothills After the unwelcome publicity aroused by a television interview, Marilla St.

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John decided to retreat to the country for a while until the fuss had died down. She was not prepared for the encounter with Rufus Sinclair, a confirmed bachelor who had heard that Marilla St. John was a determined husband-hunter.

How could she convince him he was wrong? Goblin Hill Only after the tragic deaths of her adoptive parents, did Faith learn the whereabouts of her real father. She could not rest until she had gone to New Zealand in search of him. But the real problem, she soon realized, was her father's grim stepson Gareth Morgan, who could not forget the family scandal -- or forgive Faith for it! Adair of Starlight Peaks There was no trust. How could love last? Jane Grey was aware that Broderic Adair resented her intrusion into her grandmother.

Esmeralda's life. She knew he regarded her and her family as spongers on the bounty of an old lady. But Jane had a problem that Esmeralda could help solve: and she wasn't about to let Broderic's antagonism drive her away. What does it have to do with you, Mr. You're not even a relative! Was it jealousy that made him so sarcastic whenever she went to see John?

If it was, she could see no reason for it. Morgan had made it plain that his heart's desire lay only in taking over the estate owned by her family -- not in trying to win Susannah.

Ruthless and ambitious, Susannah had labeled him.

Yet in her heart she knew it wasn't true! The Lake of the Kingfisher Elissa could not believe things could go so wrong Elissa jumped at her uncle's request to go to New Zealand and redo his home while he was away She expected to relive her happy childhood memories. Instead, her return to Airlie House was a fiasco. A rainstorm, a fall in the lake, a locked door combined to make her appear a fool to Logan MacCorquodale, the station manager.

What's more, she'd come between Logan and his fiancee. Well, she'd complete her work and go home. Home, she thought sadly.

Beyond the Foothills

She was home, wasn't she? My Lady of the Fuchsias Her retreat led her back to square one! Priscilla loved her boss, P. Since he was engaged to someone else, running away seemed a good idea. She didn't run far enough.

She stopped unexpectedly to come to the aid of the elderly Rosina Claremont at her country estate. Rosina was preparing to look after three children in spite of what her domineering nephew, Barnabas, would say. Who could have foreseen that the formidable Barnabas was P. One More River to Cross Rebecca had landed herself in a jam! It had been her own impulsive decision to help her look-alike cousin, Becky, by taking her place at Craigievar. Becky had promptly vanished. Then the river had flooded, cutting off access to the remote sheep station.

So Rebecca was forced to continue the deception.

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To make matters worse, Rebecca had fallen in love with Darroch Fordyce, the autocratic owner of Craigievar. But what use was that when he thought she was Becky -- and engaged to his cousin Lennox?

The Tender Leaves Would fate again deny her a chance at love? Maria was delighted to accompany Mrs. Jensen to New Zealand as her nursing companion. And it seemed the perfect opportunity to trace the father she'd never known. After a few glorious months there, she knew she'd found her home, if not her father.

For if "home is where the heart is," Maria's home was at Heronshaw with Struan Mandeville. But even as she hoped and dreamed, she knew there was one reason why it would never work Daughter of the Misty Gorges Why was Conrad so hostile toward her?

Once Christabel had thought he was the man with whom she'd spend her life--he had been far from indifferent to her on that brief holiday in England. Yet he had made their parting final. But it seemed their destinies were entwined. She had traveled around the world to comfort the children her flighty selfish sister had left behind, only to face him again unexpectedly.

Now, however, he had a different name, and this time he was her enemy. A Mountain for Luenda She would never marry without love! When her stepfather's death left Luenda in debt, and with three children to support, she seemed to need a miracle -- and that's just what a friend's will provided. A year free of expense on an isolated farm with the possibility of inheriting half the property. But Gwillym Vaughan owned the other half, and he was obsessed with gaining complete control -- and marriage to Luenda would secure it.

But Luenda refused to marry for his profit, no matter how he tried to weaken her resistance. And he wasn't an easy man to resist!

Five years had passed since she'd painfully broken their engagement, though she'd kept her knowledge of his dishonesty a secret. No matter how appealing Jonathan was now, she could never forget what he had done. Yet Camilla was swept with a longing for things to be different, that money didn't mean everything to Jonathan--that she could trust the only man she could ever love!

Season of Forgetfulness Hired by telegram -- and by mistake Valancy Adam-Smith had never even heard of novelist Godfrey Carmichael when she applied by wire for the job as his secretary.

So his fury when he discovered "V. Adam-Smith" was female both startled and intrigued her. Who were the women who had so bitterly disillusioned him? And why, Valancy wondered, should it matter to her that Godfrey's former fiancee had returned to New Zealand, obviously hoping for a reconciliation. Winter in July Hers was a small secret mission Juliana's father had been born and raised on the alpine sheep station of Thor's Hill, but he had left it under mysterious circumstances and never returned to New Zealand.

Check the links above to see how I'm doing so far. Oh, yes, don't forget to sign my guest book. This page was last updated on: November 8, Faith is life lived in scorn of consequence Essie Summers.

There will be tides swift-surging to this shore,. There will be wattle bright against this hill,. When I am gone from sight and sound of these,. And all the voices I have loved are still;. These Canterbury Plains will lie beneath. The watchful circle of the Cashmere Hills,. And sunsets flame and fade above the Alps. Where now the west'ring sun his magic spills;. Then, other feet will travel on these roads,.They all feel a kinship to her.

The Master of Tawhai 2. Her heart was set on tracing her roots in Port Beauchamp, the home her grandfather had left in disgrace years ago.

Shivam Goswami. Documents Similar To Essie Summers - common books synopsis. Anuradha Shetty.

The descriptions of the settings are great, but I'm way too old for these--they are just way too predictable for anyone who has read a few books.

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