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standard NEK EN as satisfying the safety requirements in these Regulations. If the The aim is that all member countries will implement EN PDF | USA and Europe use different standards to provide electrical safety for TABLE I: COMPARISON OF NFPA70E AND EN SAFETY STANDARDS. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . EN –2– Foreword This European Standard was prepared by the CENELEC BTTF

En 50110-1 Pdf

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ICS Supersedes EN English version Access the full version online. I.S. EN EN: COMBINED PDF. Home; BS EN Preview Secure PDF. ℹ Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart. DS/EN 1. udgave. Drift af elektriske installationer og elektriske anlæg – Del 1: Generelle krav. Operation of electrical installations –.

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Low Voltage (LV) Detectors – IEC 61243 EN 50110-1

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Operation of electrical installations - Part 1: General requirements. This may include the use of suitable cable cutting or piercing devices. Where remotely controlled earthing switches are used to verify that an electrical installation is dead the switch position of the earthing switch shall be reliably signalled by the remote control system.

Earthing and short-circuiting equipment or devices shall be first connected to the earthing point and then to the components to be earthed. The earthing and shortcircuiting equipment or devices shall be visible, whenever possible, from the work location.

Otherwise, the earth connections shall be applied as close to the work location as is reasonably practical. In all cases it shall be ensured that the earthing and short-circuiting equipment or devices and cables and connectors for bonding used for this purpose are suitable and adequately matched to the fault rating of the electrical installation where they are installed.

Precautions shall be taken to ensure that the earths remain secure during the time the work is in progress. If during measurement or testing the earth connections are removed additional or alternative special precautions to prevent danger shall be taken. Where remotely controlled earthing switches are used to earth and short circuit an electrical installation the position of the earthing switch shall be reliably signalled by the remote control system.

Requirements for high voltage installations 6. These rules have the following exceptions: for a specific work activity, where there is no break in conductors during work, the installation of a single earthing and short-circuiting device at the work location is acceptable; where it is not possible to see earthing and short-circuiting equipment or device at the limits of the work location locally applied earthing equipment or device or additional signalling devices or any other equivalent identification shall be provided.

EN 50110-1

For insulated overhead lines, cables or other insulated conductors, earthing and short-circuiting shall be carried out on the bare part of the points of separation of the installation or as close as possible to those points on all sides of the work location. The permission to start work shall be given to the workers only by the nominated person in control of the work activity and only after the measures detailed in 6.

NOTE Normally for HV work, formal written details of disconnections and earthing, where appropriate, should be used to avoid misunderstandings. All tools, equipment and devices used during the work shall be removed.

Only then shall the procedure for re-energizing be commenced. All signs used for the work activity shall be removed. As soon as one of the actions taken to make the electrical installation safe for work has been reversed this part of the electrical installation shall be regarded as live. The requirements of 6. Recommended values of distances DL can be found in Table A.

Live working procedures shall only be carried out after having suppressed fire and explosion risks see B. They should wear no metallic items for example personal jewellery if this is likely to cause a hazard.

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All different potentials voltages in the surroundings of the work location shall be considered. Depending on the kind of work, the personnel working in such conditions shall be instructed or skilled, and in addition specially trained except for some specific works. Live working requires the use of specific procedures as set out in 6.

Instructions shall be given how to maintain tools, equipment and devices in good working order and how to verify before working see 6. Environmental conditions see 6.

EN 50110-1

Corresponding limitations shall be specified. This programme shall comply with special requirements for live working and shall be based on theoretical and practical exercises. These exercises shall be representative of the work to be done after training or, if different from the work itself shall be based on the same safety principles.

On successful completion of the training a certificate of training shall be given to the participant to confirm that the personnel are able to undertake live working for which they have been trained and according to their level of training. The level of ability should be confirmed by a live working authorization.

The validity of live working authorization should be revised whenever necessary, according to the level of ability of the person concerned see B. For low voltage installations the use of insulating gloves does not exclude the use of insulating and insulated hand tools and suitable isolation from earth.

They establish the procedures for the work taking into account the preparation and the specific tools and equipment to be used.If the work has been suspended adequate safety measures shall be taken and the nominated person in control of the electrical installation shall be notified. The European Resuscitation council: Electrical installations shall be inspected at suitable intervals. Examples are electrically driven excavating machines in quarries or open-cast coal sites.

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Conductive clothing for live working at a nominal voltage up to kV a. Where remotely controlled earthing switches are used to earth and short circuit an electrical installation the position of the earthing switch shall be reliably signalled by the remote control system.

The working conditions may include one or more of the following items: description of the relationship between personnel involved in live working, such as the nominated person in control of the electrical installation and the nominated person in control of the work activity and the workers; measures to be taken to limit switching over-voltages at the work location, such as prohibition of automatic reclosure of circuit-breakers; specified working distances in air for personnel and for conductive devices used during work.

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