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Name: El guardian entre el centeno - J. D. bestthing.info Description: No description given. Category: Other > E-Books. Lang: Spanish. el guardian entre el centeno spanish edition Mar 19, Posted By Horatio Alger, Jr. Public Library. TEXT ID bbf Online PDF Ebook Epub Library. 6 days ago El guardián entre el centeno (The catcher in the Rye), la única novela del escritor J.D. Salinger, fue publicada en y se convirtió.

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Growing up. Facing responsibility. Soon, soon, soon And the weight is heavy on the young shoulders. Roaming the streets relaxes nerves. But still.

There is an element of idealism in most teenagers' hearts. They don't usually want to fall into the traps of conventional evil. They want to change the world, make a difference. They are just struggling to come up with ideas how to do that, as their experience is limited. And they can't put their ideas into a wider context either.

So being a catcher in the rye may make sense. It isn't necessarily the teenager's fault if nobody turns up where they wait to save lives, right? Teenage intentions are more often than not good.

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The results vary though. And their verbal skills are developing in conjunction with their minds as well: You'll learn from them—if you want to. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you. It's a beautiful reciprocal arrangement.

El Guardian Entre El Centeno ( PDF)

And it isn't education. It's history. It's poetry. Luckily, some of them remember later and share, - for us teachers to enjoy when we think it is impossible to understand the monsters that all of a sudden show up at the end of Grade 7, replacing lovely and enthusiastic children over night! I hope some of my students use the long summer to enter the beautiful arrangement Holden suggests and read this classic.

Hope's that thing with feathers View all 25 comments. View all 15 comments. So what do I think about the madman exploits of old Holden Caufield, perhaps one of the most acclaimed protagonists in all of American literature?

No terribly much, as a matter of fact: That guy, he really cracks me up. I never really understood why this book is so universally adored; sure, Holden is a slacker, the type of clown that every distraught kid envisions themselves to be, some gem in the rough with all the talent, but lacking the ambition to make a notable mark on the world which holds them back. But you grow up, if only to acknowledge you have no talents and still have no ambition, and instead of grabbing for that golden ring, you waste your time writing shitty reviews on shitty books here on goodreads on a ball-dampeningly warm Sunday afternoon.


Of course, when you realize Tucker Max probably felt the same way you immediately bathe in bromine and shave what remains of your flesh completely bald to scour the scourge as thoroughly as humanly possible. El Guardian Entre El Centeno PDF Perhaps it may be slightly more promising to delude yourself than resigning your life to the contemplation of just how lame you actually are.

All this weirdness coming from an awkward geek with a fondness for children ought to be enough to sway any who remain unconvinced thus far. Ok, last clue Caulfield is a deviant: I will give Salinger's opus two stars, however, simply for the entertainment of laughing at it. That digression business got on my nerves.

The trouble with me is, I like it when somebody digresses. My reviews always are. I'm boring this way. I envy the ability of my friends to digress in their review space and tell me a story which in some way was inspired by something in the book they just read, or its blurb, or - god forbid now, in the land of GR censorship of anything that does not look like a book report - author behavior, the new scary censorship-causing phrase out there, together with the now-used 'OFF TOPIC' excuse.

Because - oh the horror! Because for some of us literature does not equal product. Because for some of us, literature is what is designed to make us think and speak up, and not mindlessly consume consumer instead of reader - that's making me shudder.

And Holden Caulfield, the conflicted rebel with all the makings of a phony of the kind he detests, would probably approve. And if Holden approves, who the hell cares if Goodreads or site do? You know. The Catcher in the Rye Spontaneous and all. It just about drove me crazy. You can't really love The Catcher in the Rye if you are feeling happy and content.

At least I can't. When I'm happy, all I see is a moody overly judgmental privileged teenager looking for reasons to bitch about the world and being immature and a phony. I have to feel some discontent to appreciate the hiding behind that facade helpless anger, pain, loss and a rebellious streak.

Holden is - or at least sometimes unsuccessfully trying to be - a rebel. A troublemaker. A square peg in a round hole.

Yes, I am very aware I'm quoting the Apple commercial. So sue me. Maybe it's off-topic or something. You decide. And right now I am not happy and content seeing the site I used to love heading down the road that is perilous at best.

The road that clearly shows preference towards consumers over readers. The consumerism mantra of download-download-download is taking precedence over think-disagree-discuss-passionately argue-watch the truth being born. Holden Caulfield would not approve of such change in direction.

And neither do I or so many people I have come to respect, people whose opinions help me discover the works of literature that I love. Holden Caulfield's views and his expression of them were, admittedly, often juvenile, poorly thought-through and frequently just as phony as those of people he reviles.

El alquimista impaciente

He was quick to jump to judgment, ignoring those who really cared for him. He was prejudiced, snobbish and arrogant, and a habitual liar, too. How often do the readers want to reach into the book and shake some sense into this boy spiraling down into desperation and a breakdown? And yet there is something about the unhappy rebellious teenager that still resonates with us despite the obvious flaws.

It is his anger itself, the rage against the world that is fake and all about appearances, about the power imbalance, about the smugness the powerful of this world carry with them. His emotions are so raw and so sincere that I may disagree with some of them but I sure as hell can't ignore them.

As we probably all know too well, The Catcher in the Rye has been one of the most challenged books of the 20th century, riling up the emotions and protests of the wannabe censors who thought it was their sacred duty to shield and protect the public from the work of literature that dared to offend their tender sensibilities. These self-appointed sensors were quite ironically, if you think about it trying to be nothing less than the self-appointed Catchers in the Rye, protecting our childlike innocence from falling prey to The Catcher in the Rye.

What they fail to grasp is that the point of the book itself is that such seemingly noble efforts are useless, worthless, and quite phony in their presumptuousness of knowing what's best; that these efforts are a slippery slope that is futile and dangerous. Just as it is equally presumptuous and patronizing and dangerous for any power to tell book readers there is a proper way to express their opinions, that they need to stay ON TOPIC or else there will be a delete-button action equal to the shriek of 'Digression!

Playing self-appointed Catcher in the Rye to the delicate sensibilities of certain bookselling sites, entitled writers or a bunch of offended fans, shifting the focus from discussing literature to reviewing product and collecting data - all this is just as misguided as Holden's futile efforts of saving children from growing up. You see, this is what I love about Salinger's so often contested work - its ability to stir thoughts and opinions that go beyond the plot and the book report and make you think, and maybe -just maybe - be a touch rebellious, too.

This is dangerous, in the best meaning of this word, the meaning that makes all the self-appointed censors uneasy. These censors would rather have everyone toe the line and do what's expected and never have to face anything that even remotely upsets delicate sensibilities.

But Holden Caulfield goes on being subversive. And occasionally being off topic - and that's perfectly fine by me. View all 38 comments. Holden Caulfield is a character many, many people hate. And trust me, I get it. He's a posturing hypocrite. He's a dick. I wanted to hit him in the face for at least a hundred pages.

We know this. But he's a character that, for some strange reason, resonates with thousands of people. Well, simply put, it's because he's written like this on purpose.

But I think that doesn't quite get to the heart of it. Holden is a fifteen-year-old kid on the verge of an emotional breakdown. He's an asshole. He's a liar. He's a hypocrite. And he's also See, as a preteen, I struggled with severe emotional issues. I had depression and anxiety, although I didn't know it yet. I was going through major emotional issues with my parents, ones far worse than teen angst. I was on the lowest rung of the social pole at school.

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Checking into the Edmont Hotel in the "Big Apple", a rather shabby, rundown place, I wouldn't recommend staying there and then the elevator operator the sleazy Maurice , gets him a prostitute, Sunny, she's Holden's age and he kind of feels sorry for her. And deepening crow's feet. Salinger had died maybe about a half hour ago as I begin this 'review'.

There is no question of waiting-time for new editions. We have something that turns us harder than anything else during now it's explore wide variety pleasures.

View all 16 comments.

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