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The sector is already popular with shoppers and tourists, the economic times wealth epaper the best schemes generate among the strongest sales densities of any retail destination.

Retailers, enticed by the strong footfall and sales, are increasingly including outlets in their portfolio strategy. The sector is well placed to outperform in both periods of strong and weak economic growth. Since most banks charge just a small penalty on the interest-the interest you get will be lower than contracted for-the chance of capital loss is less. However, you will be stuck if the mis-sold products are deposits from non-banking finance companies NBFCs because most of them don't offer premature withdrawals.

And the ones that offer it, allow so only at quarterly intervals and also charge The economic times wealth epaper closure penalties of percent. ET Wealth Magazine - The Economic Times Next Foreign and private banks are the worst offenders Most of the mis-selling happens at foreign banks and new generation private sector banks. The relationship managers are trained to stonewall any question from the customer.

What about the risk, I asked. Related Post.

Vesuvius and Mt. Etna, Italy during the eruption of these volcanoes. Lavigne et al. Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia.

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Such culture is shaped by the nature of human environments Cosgrove This literature shows both how culture is shaped by hazardous events, and how culture plays an important role in dealing with such events.

Communities generally have strong local cultures that allow for concerted social action Mitchell to address an inherently difficult environment. Social action, shaped by both physical and psychological experiences, is important in understanding at-risk communities Cronin et al.

Small size and isolation are variables that have been seen to contribute to a spirit of solidarity and a sense of community Anckar and Anckar Failing to recognize the local cultural context reduces the effectiveness of disaster risk reduction Hewitt The capacity to deal with natural hazards can be usefully understood through livelihood strategies Chambers and Conway ; Scoones ; Ellis ; Mula ; Sanderson ; Twigg ; Cannon et al. Such strategies enable communities to spread risk and cope with shocks while maintaining the availability of resources that support their lives.

Ellis and Gaillard et al. These strategies enable a reduction in risk, so they can continue their lives and maintain their culture. Local culture that supports sustainable livelihoods thus plays an important role in allowing people to cope with multiple hazards.

Culture allows members of communities to act in concert to cope with changing environments Duncan and Duncan Cultural values allow communities to respond to hazards Cronin et al. Government support is needed to strengthen local capacity. Wisner illustrates this point with an example from the recovery process in El Salvador after Hurricane Mitch in One example is the experience of survivors of the Payatas trash slide in the Philippines Gaillard and Cadag Another example is documented by Campbell who explains how the introduction of unsuitable, imported foods created new vulnerabilities for Pacific island communities facing future hurricanes.

The case presented here supports the importance of considering local perceptions that have implications for the methodology of this study. Capacity is described in terms of natural, political, economic, social, physical, and human resources Wisner et al.

Our use of this framework is appropriate for several reasons. These understandings are important to exploring local capacity in this study, and are reflected in the use of participatory tools. The framework also allows the use of livelihood resources to understand local capacity. The way in which communities utilize their resources in facing hazards is an integral part of day-to-day life, and is reflected in the framework.

Therefore it fits the core focus of this study. Open image in new window Fig.

Economic times wealth epaper pdf download

Source: Adapted from Wisner et al. Capacity is thus determined by the combination and integration of the assets or attributes that provide the ability to face hazards. Capacities are not only related to the existence of resources but include the ability to either use or access resources Sen ; Watts and Bohle ; Kuban and MacKenzie-Carey The outer layer shows the outcomes based on the resources identified. These resources help communities strengthen their livelihood strategies, which in turn shapes outcomes in the context of small island environments.

This pathway from livelihood resources to livelihood outcomes through livelihood strategies is described by Scoones Sitaro consists of 47 small islands, of which 10 are permanently inhabited. Sitaro District has a total area of 3, Sitaro attained district status in , previously having been part of Sangihe District.

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Two of the islands Siau and Ruang islands have active volcanoes. District of Sitaro is shown by the rectangular dotted lines. Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi Province. Bitung and Tomohon are satellite cities within North Sulawesi Province. Other squares show principal cities in other provinces The study focused on Laingpatehi village on Ruang Island.

Pumpente was part of Laingpatehi village until Both villages share the same biophysical condition of Ruang Island, hazards, and disaster impacts.

Sangir is the dominant ethnicity in both villages, and Christianity is the majority religion. For logistic and time constraint reasons, Laingpatehi was chosen as our study location.

Laingpatehi has households with community members, of whom are male and female Kantor Kecamatan Tagulandang The village economy relies mostly on fishing Fig.

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Remittances from villagers who work as sailors, mostly in Kalimantan, also provide a source of income and support local church development.

Photograph by Mercy M. Rampengan, July, 5 Methods There has been little research on the small islands of Eastern Indonesia and no major studies were found that have examined their capacity to face natural hazards.

The present study is based on fieldwork conducted from June to December , with preliminary visits in November and January The preliminary visits provided a basic understanding of the communities and their environment and allowed the principal author to develop links with the local people head of village and Church leaders and government institutions.

The last visit August to October facilitated the confirmation of findings from previous visits, deepening and strengthening the validity of the findings and preliminary analysis. Marshall and Rossman , p. Research was conducted in the local Manadonese language.Failing to recognize the local cultural context reduces the effectiveness of disaster risk reduction Hewitt ET Wealth Magazine - The Economic Times Next Foreign and private banks are the worst offenders Most of the mis-selling happens at foreign banks and new generation private sector banks.

Their risk stems from their exposure to hazards in addition to their marginal status that reduces their ability to deal with emergencies. It is not a part of the newspaper.

Participants were chosen based on their availability and interviewed in locations convenient for them. We can help you with the best advertising rate for Economic Times Newspaper across the country.

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