We are no longer offering downloads of Turbo Lister. Everything you need will soon be available in Seller Hub. Click here to learn more about our selling tools. site Turbo Lister is a new site selling tool. It is a desktop-based selling tool that facilitates creating listings to post on the site site. As a seller, Turbo Lister will. Alex Knight picks out alternative site listing tools for sellers still relying on site's much-loved but now obsolete Turbo Lister. This month marks.

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Prepare to replace Turbo Lister from February and discover the tools that can help you run your business more effectively on site. We've pulled together. Since I found out that Turbo Lister is to disappear in , I have been trying out other free options. 1. AlphaLister - very simple to use. site is putting Turbo Lister out of its misery in the UK this month, but it will leave it on life support in the US. An site moderator was forced to.

We will carefully evaluate user input and make additional enhancements.


Thanks to everyone who has already provided feedback! How does the Turbo Lister beta test program work?

An H1 is mandatory for the WAE tool

The Turbo Lister Beta Program is valuable because "real world" users will find bugs that in the development environment were difficult or impossible to find. Ultimately, beta testing helps site develop better software and creates a way for the community to contribute directly to Turbo Lister improvements. Skip to main content. What is a selling tool?

What is a Turbo Lister replacement?

How do I get the Turbo Lister product? As a seller, why should I use Turbo Lister?

What is site Turbo Lister? It is a desktop-based selling tool that facilitates creating listings to post on the site site. As a seller, Turbo Lister will help you list items on site more quickly and easily. Selling tools are software products that help sellers perform various tasks related to selling items. They can save you lots of time if you sell many items.

Turbo Lister is available for download from the site website by visiting: What is "beta" software? A software product is in its "beta" stage of development when the software is ready to be released to the public for further testing, but not yet ready for commercial release. What is the Turbo Lister Beta Program? Recommended for experienced Turbo Lister users, site offers the Turbo Lister Beta Program to enlist the help of users in refining Turbo Lister in the final stages of each release.

Turbo Lister beta software is released to the public so people can try out new features, make comments, and report problems. Who should join the program? Everyone is welcome to join in the Beta Program, but site recommends that primarily experienced users will get the most benefit from using Turbo Lister beta software.

People who are interested in the program should keep in mind that the beta versions probably aren't free of bugs and won't be fully supported.

How does the beta program work? To join the beta program, go to the "Tools" menu.

site Turbo Lister Replacements: Five of the Best Alternatives

Select "Option" and then "Join Beta Program. Once you've joined the beta program, when Turbo Lister automatically looks for updates it will tell you if beta versions are available.

You can tell if you're using a beta version because it will say "Turbo Lister beta version " in the application title bar. How does communication work with site about Turbo Lister Beta versions? To report problems or submit comments to site, beta testers can contact the site support team using the contact form at https: To generate a Turbo Lister file, follow the instructions below.

If you already use Turbo Lister, you can skip to step 2. Note: You may want to print these directions before you start. Once the program has finished downloading, run and install it.

Click the Inventory tab.

Click the "Synchronize" button to refresh your latest data. Select "Active Listings" and click the Import button. A folder will be generated for your import. Click on the new folder.

NOTE: Sellers with more than 2, listings can only select 2, listings at a time. Remember where this file is saved.

Re: Free alternatives to Turbo Lister - AlphaLister AuctionLinc Xpress lister Channel Effect

You will need it in Step 4. On the worksheet tab that contains your data, go to the File menu and select the "Save As" option. Click "Yes. You will need it to upload to site.

In the "Upload inventory files" section, select "site TurboLister" from the drop-down menu.To be clear - this information is requested when Channel Effect create the link to your site account,. site sellers pay enough fees and site makes enough profit to invest a little in this.

I have emailed them asking if you can import listings as it does not seem clear on their website.

These are the only 2 merchant gateways allowed by site. The biggest problem with the withdrawal of TL is that is the only offline option for creating listings before uploading them. Read our reviews on.

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