It's finale time for Gu Family Book, and I'll tell you one thing: It ain't .. 16 episodes into 24, or the unfortunate inverse stakes for Wol-ryung (epic. Gu Family Book EP 24 Eng Sub - Yeo Wool is shot and falls. Kang Chi changes into a beast and tries to kill Mr. Seo, but is prevented by Yeo Wool. Sun Sin. Nonton streaming Film Gu Family Book Episode 24 END () Online Movie Subtitle Indonesia Download Bioskop Box Office indoxxi Film Drama Terbaik |.

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Watch Gu Family Book Episode 24 Online - Gu Family Book Episode Watch drama Online For Free. Family Book. KissAsian - Watch drama Online, Watch English drama Online Subbed, Dubbed. Gu Family Book - Episode 24, Play Movie. Gu Family Book. GU FAMILY BOOK EPISODE At the naval base, the Admiral Lee Soon Sin asks Choi Kang Chi what he wants. The young man said he want.

I so hate him. Kang Chi is desperate and mentions his blood again. So Jung repeats about it only saving someone once. Because of an immunity?

Would that work? Kang Chi bellows that Yeo Wool is dying!!! He needs to just accept that. What stupidity, old man. Sullenly, Kang Chi climbs the steps to return to the training camp.

Which I think would just be perfect justice. Scenes of Kwan Woong running with his guards. Pyung Joon, Gon and their men in hot pursuit. Tae Seo with another group. Kwan Woong almost starts to make a run for it, but stops in his tracks when he sees Kang Chi, standing there, staring at him. Kwan Woong orders the two guys around him to go and kill Kang Chi, immediately!!!

Kang Chi hisses that if they want to live, they better throw away their swords and run. They drop their swords and run. Kwan Woong picks up one of the swords and dares Kang Chi to come closer. Kwan Woong continues to bluster when suddenly Kang Chi zips forward and strikes the hand with the sword. Kwan Woong screams and drops the sword.


Kang Chi just cut his hand off! He cut his hand off. Kwan Woong glowers, screaming in pain and Kang Chi asks him if it hurts. She looks genuinely upset, like she cares about him. Another gisaeng says that Kwan Woong sold secrets to the Japanese. And something happened to his hand. Wol Sun can do nothing but swallow crow and move aside.

Yeo Wool finally wakes. Yeo Wool asks Kang Chi to help her sit up. He wants her to stay lying down, but she insists. She asks about Pyung Joon. She feels sorry to make him worry. Kang Chi tells her to hurry and get better.

Yeo Wool sits up to look at Kang Chi and says that she has three wishes. Will he grant them? The first was to have dinner with everyone. Fade to the table, with everyone there, laughing.

Yeo Wool adds that Gon was shorter than her until they were ten. Gong Dal point out that Tae Seo and Gon are similar: Her wound has started bleeding again and it's dripping on the floor. Everyone tries not to cry. Pyung Joon softly tells her to go and rest. He sadly takes her hand in his and they cry together, He tells her that, to him, she is the utmost joy. Everyone starts to cry now. Except for Gon, who struggles and holds it in.

As Kang Chi carries Yeo Wool back toward her room, she says his name. They end up by the river, sitting, holding hands. Why is he afraid of giant spiders? He says he also is curious… He asks her if she remembers when he told her he would make her his bride.

He wants to know what her answer would be, if he asked again. He says since he realized she was a girl. A tear falls as he looks at her and she looks at him. He repeats the question. He asks her a third time, even more emotional than the first two times.

Finally she reaches up and takes his face in her hands. She tells him not to cry. As he tries to stop them for her, she tells him she wants top be a happy memory, not a sad one. It would be better if she were his smile. Yeo Wool says that whenever Kang Chi thinks of her, she wants him to be happy. She nods as more tears come. So they can definitely meet again. The time when I meet you again, I will love you first. I am really trying to not hyperventilate as I cry. And also, just like that Gong Dal sits alone in the kitchen.

Soo Ryun is downcast at her desk. Chung Jo looks at the moon and thinks of Kang Chi. He clenches his fist as he thinks of her name, trying to deal with the loss, too. Tae Seo enters and says he knew Kang Chi would be there. Where did she go? Where did she disappear to? Tae Seo replies that if someone asked him to choose between years alone and days with his loved one, he would choose the days.

He adds that Yeo Wool was happier than anyone else because of Kang Chi. They look at the wilted flower. Tae Seo tells Kang Chi to come outside, since everyone is waiting.

They stand and Kang Chi is holding a backpack. Another shot of the wilted flower. Kang Chi goes to stand before Pyung Joon. He surveys all their faces and then bows.

He tells Pyung Joon that he is deeply indebted to him for everything. Ma Reum steps forward and hugs his son. As Kang Chi starts to talk, Ma Reum cuts him off, telling him to just take care of himself. Eok Man adds that Kang Chi needs to stop by some time to visit. Kang Chi says he will. Ma Reum starts to cry, so he steps back. Kang Chi turns to Pyung Joon. Dang, how much am I going to cry? Song tells Kang Chi to take care of himself. He softly tells Kang Chi to take care.

Gob Dan presents Chung Jo with a parcel. The first love helps you grow up; the last love completes you. Kang Chi seems to have a complete heart now. Chung Jo and Gob Dan arrive at the jail. Chung Jo hands the guard a sack, probably containing money. He nods that she can go in. He and the other guard leave. Is she about to serve some wild wine? She tells him that at the end, she thought it was right to serve him a drink.

Giving him the cup, she pours and tells him to end his filthy life. He smiles slightly and then drinks. He tells her to keep pouring. Tiresome and dull. He just wanted to feel like he was alive. He coughs up come blood and slowly dies a very painful death.

Kang Chi walks down the road. He encounters Soon Shin. They walk together for the last time. Soon Shin asks where Kang Chi is going to go. Soon Shin stops and says that there is no right answer for living as a human. But for Kang Chi to become a better person, he needs to put forth his best effort and to not bow to fear. Living well will help Kang Chi become stronger.

Kang Chi tells Soon Shin to raise a beacon fire in the North, if something happens and Kang Chi will return to help him. Kang Chi wanted to ask one thing Soon Shin replies that if Kang Chi believes, it probably does. They bow to each other one last time and Kang Chi walks on. And we fade to present day Seoul, years later.

A very comfortable apartment. I get emotional as they pan across each of these things. The phone on the table rings silently. Elsewhere in the apartment, Kang Chi is taking a bubble bath, reading a magazine. The doctor in the magazine is Gong Dal, with glasses. The phone keeps ringing Yoo Yun Suk is calling as Kang Chi washes his hair, dries it with the hair dryer, gets dressed.

He gets dressed and as he grabs a jacket, his old red jacket hangs. The phone is ringing again. Finally Kang Chi answers the phone, putting it on speaker. The voice, which sounds a lot like Tae Seo, yells at him for not answering and for not being at the anniversary party that being thrown for him. As the person starts to threaten, Kang Chi hangs up. From the tone Yun Suk is taking, it sounds like they're related.

I know they can't be, but Tae Seo was his adopted brother, so why not again? Kang Chi turns to go but stop to look out at the moon.

Ma Reum hands Kang Chi some brandy and tells him that the car is ready. Eok Man is his driver. Kang Chi tells him that he did well, calling him Eok Man. Eok Man sighs and protests that his name is Kim Ki Bang! I guess Eok Man is the door man, which makes more sense. Kang Chi gets in his car and drives off. And the life of a human, changed so much.

He stops for a light and Tae Seo is calling again. As he picks up the phone, someone runs by. What kind of ending was that?! That was the crappiest ending I have seen, possibly ever. I am hard pressed right now to remember a more terrible ending. You killed off Yeo-wool, the female lead? Did the writer run out of ideas and so just randomly pick pieces of other dramas out of a hat?

They should have focused more on his journey to find the book. And then they once again meet with the moon hovering over a tree just like they did originally. So is she going to die again in this timeline? His parents had such a moving end to their story and this is the ending the leads get? Are gumihos and half-gumihos not allowed to find happiness if they fall in love with a human?

And are humans destined to die if they fall in love with a gumiho? Whenever I break that rule, I always regret it. This time is no different.

That is probably the only way I will be able to move past such a horrid ending and remember the good that the show had to offer. I have the same rule too! And I always regret breaking it. I invite disaster though by preferring dark er dramas that naturally come with a higher risk of misery. I actually got burned bad not too long ago and so I'm far more cautious now than I used to be. Heck, I was walking on the wild side by just deciding to watch Monstar as it airs.

THAT was an actual internal debate. I am so so so SO glad I did not go the same route with this show. It might have killed me. I'm disappointed enough and all I did was read the recaps.

My condolences no sarcasm to all those who did not escape unscathed. I might go back and watch this someday after I've gotten used to how it ends, but at least I'll be prepared. My wimpy heart could not take it otherwise. Didn't he also have that piece of wood that identified Tae-seo as one of the men of honor as well as Soo-ryun's sash that identified her as one?

He had something that belonged to each of the men of honor in a display case; nice touch. And then he had a red vest like the one he used to wear I doubt it's the same one unless he figured out how to keep fabric from deteriorating over years; but if that is the original sash from Soo-ryun and it survived, maybe his vest did too.

Seeing those relics was the only interesting thing about the ending. This drama did so many things wrong in the end; oh, it tears me up when I think about what it could have been. Side note: as was mentioned, having everyone reincarnated in the same timeline is a stretch, but no Master Dam, no Soo-ryung, no Chung-joo? And Seo-hwa's soul is probably still in the cave with Wol-ryung, which seems right.

Nobody cares about Jo Kwang-whatever-his-name-was; he can stay dead. I agree I hate this show but it's only because I've hated it since the beginning, middle, and end, only the end stamped my hatred for this drama. Seriously how it got it's ratings beats me because I give it a D-. This writer is really bad and I've never liked any of her dramas even if it has my favorite Lee Seung Gi. I swear this was one of the lamest dramas and I'm someone who loved My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and other gumiho dramas but this was just plain awful.

Myself, I liked the beginning but hated the ending. The middle was where the writer lost the plot. Kang Chi ended up being a crybaby. Never saw a hero cry so much, I thought he was going to get dehydrated. I only stuck to it because of LSG but this is one drama I won't be watching again. I also don't understand how it could have earned high ratings. Or is it because of LSG or Suzy? This is the worst drama ending I've ever seen! I mean it's somewhat happy I'm just so confused. Lee Sung-gi, why oh why?

Jang Ok-Jung last 2 episodes seems crappy too as what i've heard. Couldn't agree with you more! TK2H had a very satisfactory ending! Love the way JH and HA averted an international crisis in their usual 'play-hard-ball' way. Even SK's death had a redemptive aspect, and the Princess, got on with her life. The only thing I like about the ending is how hot and suave LSG looked! K2H had more than just a good ending; that story had well-rounded, believable characters, a plot with a well-defined beginning, middle, and end, and a solid theme and point-of-view.

This mess had none of these things, and was also crippled with a young, one-dimensional girl but cute as a basketful of kittens! It seems he has considered it when he took as a leading male actor in GFB, as a leading male actor he has a big responsibility to make the drama awesome.

He is drowning into this drama, seems far away from his true character, but he said he is not regret it. Hmm, despite its not really good ending. I hate reincarnation endings because I feel inept writers use them to try to fix the unfixable.

However, if they must use them, they should do something special. For this last episode, since they were reincarnating other characters too, they should have gone all out. They all become best buddies. We see on the television that the booty-shaking idol she likes is none other than Tae-seo.

They call housekeeping and we see Jo Gwan-woong, coming with mop and bucket in hand. Since he does such a bad job, his lady boss Chung-jo bullies him to tears. Now that would have made me happy. Your endings are so hilarious but I love them!! Gimme an alternate ending please, stupid writer!! I watched this coz of him and his delivery of a half Gumiho!!

I was so disappointed that I thought if we are going to be ridiculous we better go all the way. To be honest my favorite ending would have included Wol-ryung and Seo-Hwa surviving, killing off baddie in ep 23, and then spending ep 24 with Wol-ryung and Kang chi exploring their quest for the Gu family book hence the title of the drama. Argh, what could have been There will be a lot of fans of GFB who will made their own imagination of the finale.

I can't drag myself to watch ep I promised I will watch ep 23 if YW live but the recap of ep 24 made me mad. I will make my own GFB finale storyboard so I can forget the messy story of ep 24 After the blue light bring the flower back to life, SJ feels something weird, he meets Master Dam and asks him to keep YW's body.

KC comes and meet their relatives again but he don't see Gon at that party. Kid said Gon is on the secret mission. Someone drops a glass and it slashes KC's hand. The blue lights heals it but 3 masters and SJ notice that there is still scar on his hand. KC walk away in the wood when he hears voice screaming.

A girl with veil tries to shoo away a fox. KC helps her just like he did with the little YW. KC's hand gets injure and the girl can't stop crying. KC confused cuz the blue light doesn't come. Suddenly, KC sees spider and screams but the girl cuts the spider's leg and only left 2 of it. Her moves makes the veil drops.

Gon comes but it's to late cuz KC calls the girl: YW-ah. There is a gumiho with nine tails run to them and calls : Omma What an awesome alternate ending! You broke my heart, Show. The first two episodes were totally epic while the last two were totally epic fails. You broke my heart, Show! That's when Gon would come in and tell him, he needs his help with a national security thing! He looks at them and smiles Here's my alternate ending preface: it's a cheat but in these type of dramas I don't feel it's out of place.

Also these reincarnation ending are basically cheats : YW dies.

KC takes her remains or if you like her body and keeps it preserved -it's winter- like Mr. Freeze in that awful Batman movie back to the magical forest cave. KC goes through the human transformation thing to fulfill YW's wish for him to be human. The side characters visit him and tell him to move on but he's holding vigil over her for a days essentially and all this unapologetic soapy stuff. He turns human and he's looking for some sign of a miracle but it isn't happening.

Some more sobbing happens and the everything in the forest begins to wither - pan to the flower in YW's room coming back to life.

The spirit of KC's parents look on like Obi-wan. Maybe some Romeo and Juliet take where KC considers suicide for a sec this might not be the right message then more blah blah blah she wakes up. She's been dead for days so it fulfills the prophecy part enough.

They head off back to her dad's place and they notice the dying forest. In a span of 10 minutes the writer made me hate that I watched all 24 episodes. I always hate the glaring contest endings. Why is that such a popular thing in many finales? Do that many people like it? I felt everything that happened in 24 pretty much negated what KC was fighting for.

I still can't believe this is how this series ended. I wish I could say I cared, but frankly I don't. I have no interest in any character except Daddy Gu, which is a shame because I actually quite enjoyed the romance at the start.

Like come on, guy loses girl kikyo guy lives for a while longer, then guy meets new girl kagome Obviously, the whole half-demon trying to become human quest for the human woman they love. Probably a lot more examples if I felt like taking the time to break down both series and comparing plot points. And yes, I agree that Inuyasha was a lot better as a whole in its execution of the similar premise between the two shows.

But the final episode just give me this whole WTH frown and frustration. If they made everybody came alive again, why there is no WR-SH? It's feel a bit unfair for their story to just end up at those cold, gloomy?

Just get wol ryung to heal her'' is what I was thinking when she was dying. They had me again when they showed the future although it could have been more exciting.

Gu Family Book

And the epilogue was simply puzzling. Please let there be another season to this show in which they show kang chi's search for the gu family book. I kept screaming at the screen for that to happen! Wol Ryung could've saved her and somehow Kang chi could've saved his mom and then they both could've found the book and lived as a happy family. Or somehow turned their girls into divine creatures and lived happily ever after I know this was too much to dream of but for goodness sake, they made me fall in love with a gumiho baby!

I wanted a conclusive and complete happy ending! To assume that she will be ready and waiting to fall in love with him is just so EVEN if the soul is the 'same' the memories won't be, so she is still not really Yeol wool, who went through thick and thin with him, loved him for who he is XD Thank you dear javabeans and girl friday for sticking out with the last 2 lacklustre ending episodes, and I really enjoyed reading the recaps over watching the drama sometimes.

Have you ever bought something because in the advertisement it looks awesome or at least fun? And then, when you get home and open the package It's nothing like what they told you it would be? And you get horribly pissed because you feel robbed? That's how I feel right now. What the f--, Show?!

I overlooked most of your flaws and stayed with you until the end. You dropped plot threads like hot potatoes, your directing at times was horrible, a lot of the characters were one-dimensional or underdeveloped.

Film Terkait Berdasarkan Aktor/Artis

You promised things and gave me others. You had so much potential with your original setup, and then you decided to screw everything up. Look, you had good moments, don't get me wrong. You made me laugh sometimes, and you made me swoon at others. Even when you were not the most logical drama out there, you managed to get me in the heart at times.

I was not completely invested in emotional terms, but just enough to hold on during all these episodes. And I held on with the hope of having at least a decent ending, after all. You got worse by the minute, and that ending You promised me Kang Chi's journey to becoming human and out of nowhere, you didn't show me his journey in twenty four episodes and in the eleventh hour, you jumped freaking years so he could met reincarnated Yeo Wool Which by the way, you killed in this completely logical way: putting a bullet in her spine, letting her live for a day or something, and only then you decided for her to stop breathing mid-freaking-kiss.

Thing is, after all that, then you freaking end the drama with them just looking at each other?! And then that epilogue, WHAT?!?!?!?! Are you bloody kidding me?!

Go to a corner. I agree with you. The story was set up so nicely well, its a fantasy drama Yeo Wool's death makes no sense, and it just serves no purpose. I accepted SH's death because it is right to sacrifice herself and save WR since the the cycle started because of her betrayal so I'm satisfied that she took responsibility for her action.

This makes me question the point of the first two episodes. Okay, so they want to show us that this means KC's life would be the opposite of WR's and he WILL be successful in his search of the gu family book right?? In the end, KC is doomed with the fate worse than his parents'.

Well in the end, I just hate that kind of ending I felt cheated too! What is the point of showing us that KC and YW's love was different, that they had chosen to trust and love despite the odds and yet still have a tragic end? And have an even worse end than WR and SH? Even then, WR and SH had to wait only 20 yrs to be together again! My poor KC had to wait yrs!!! Come on writer, how could you be so cruel? I started watching this drama with mixed feelings - excited cos my darling SG is acting in it, and the story line seemed promising and different.

Apprehensive because of all the comments about the writer and Suzy. But, despite, all the naysayers and prophets of doom, I actually enjoyed the drama. True, it didn't go as deep as I wanted it too, but I loved KC's character and I loved YW and just about every other character too, save two. The drama made me laugh, it certainly made me cry, and I enjoyed it and looked forward to it every week; but this ending, I can only shake my head!

If you're gonna make YW die, after all that rescuing in ep 23 , then let her remain dead! If not, then give us a happy ending, no matter how ridiculous it is. Right now, it's neither here nor there! No worse, poor KC will have to go through all the obstacles in loving YW again, after being alone for yrs and have her die again and again! All i can say is KC and YW get robbed from their happiness. So cruel especially after what they have done to fight for their love.

Especially YW, poor girl didnt really get the love that she want. KC despite having all the wealthiness still lonely at heart. The reincarnation part is really sloppy and disconnected. For Seunggi and Suzy, bravo for your chemistry. This is the one thing that keep me going on holding to this drama.

Such an awesome chemistry they have. Too bad the ending ruined it for me. I dont think i can rewatch their scenes again without tearing up. I get a sense of deja vu w the reincarnation ending.

I could swear I've seen it b4 in another KD. I find the ending mildly amusing in a strange way, in that all the chars retain their original characteristics. The servants are still servants, the fighters r still fighters, the crooks r still crooks. Why is KC the only one who is now loaded when he wasn't b4? Shouldn't he be the president or a 5-star general or the commander of the Pacific Fleet?

I don't object to a reincarnation ending per se. What I object to is the need for YW to die at all, while KC has a gumiho father whose blood can save her. For the 30 mins. KC moves fast as a Gumiho, and dad would sense his approach, so what is the problem?

Why does she need to die, other than for the reason that the writer mistakenly thinks that a reincarnation ending is cool? The writer either has brain fog or brain damage. I'm gonna be kind and say it is brain fog. That's my good deed for the day.

I'm pissed that Gu-papa goes to sleep since he can't die beside his wife.

He is thus lost to his son, lost to the world, and most imptly, lost to us. And there is no book at all, for father or son. How's that for pulling our legs? Well, hate is a strong word since I didn't care for the characters, to be honest.

I'll remember fondly the parents love story but for the rest, no more fusion sageuk for me for a while: They almost never deliver a satisfying ending. What intrigues me the most is: who wrote the first two episodes? Not the same writer of the last two!!!

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Honestly in the dying scene by the river, when I saw the blue lights I thought his tears are going to save her, if his blood can't then his tears will.

Seems as if the monk made up the rules as he went along. Love the WR and SH story, though. Yesterday, sb asked if CJ was KC's first love. The answer is in today's ep, when CJ said: First love makes you grow.

True love makes you whole. She is gazing at the red jacket that KC has returned. So she acknowledges that KC is her 1st love. It helps her realize what love is, but YW is his true love.

He now no longer needs her or anyone else, and so goes forth into the long night by himself. Yes, this is the same writer as Dal Ja's Spring, according to Dramawiki.

I am amazed and appalled. Regardless of Dal Ja, this writer is on my no-watch list now. And as for the whole first love thing, no one doubted it was Chung Jo's first love, the argument came about because Kang Chi made this bombastic statement to Yeo Wool about Gus always sticking with their first love, and people were like So you had to turn his feelings for Chung Jo into an adolescent crush to make his big statement ring true.

Yes, the audience can manage these mental gymnastics, but why should they have to? It's just another example of sloppy writing, one of many. I am reeling - I can't even ask the questions that are left to ask, because if I ever cared, I don't now.

Don't do that to the loyal viewers!

That goddamn book was a LIE! JGW should have died at least 4 episodes earlier and Kang Chi should have been off to find the book, only to realise that it's non-existent. I'm fine with heroines dead because we had that in Gaksital, no biggie. The reincarnation part cannot be compared to that of Arang, because that was sweet. Waste of a pretty good drama.

I want my money back ;D seriously i think the writers were under so much pressure to deliver that they ended up screwing everything up! Who else cracked up when they saw the time leap?! I was just like 'get de fcuk'! And i thought he said he was gonna wait 'some time' before searching for the book, how'd that turn into years?!!! Lastly I refuse to see the funny in all those incarnations, i second that it should have just ended with him leaving LSS and heading towards the unknown.

You wanna know how to end a story? Ask Gaksital dear writers, intensity to the very last scene! Dying isnt the problem here! You can even kill off the main star a la Terminator and still do it epically and in a believable way.

See with Gaksital most of them died protecting somebody else or sacrificed themselves 4 their country which was very fitting considering the story's main theme and all, you simply cannot say the 2 dramas are similar in that regard Gaksital ending was thus only the beginning of a much more bigger thing. Of course it wouldn't just end with people marching up wearing Bridal Masks. Only one explanation for the ending: Product Placement. It's was glaringly obvious when they got in present day that the show was trying to shove in as much PP as possible because they had too.

I'm marking this as one of the most disappointing and frustrating endings to a show, right up there with Big. I think it's a sequel setup. It has to be It does have an alternate title of Gang Chi, The Beginning. Maybe in the second part we will find out what he's been doing these past years. I still loved it, but I will love it more if they finish it properly What they have done cannot be fixed.

They took a good premise and wrecked it. Sorry, a sequel could only be one of two things: - the same writer works on it, then it would be garbage on top of garbage. Sorry, but if Gong Yoo can be in a stinker, then so can LSG; there's only so much one actor can do, and LSG just emoted his little heart out, trying to make up for all of the problems with this one.

It's ok for minors to kiss in movies. If there was a sex scene, then that would be a big problem. Plus there were only three kiss scenes four different sets of kisses and the last two were typical kdrama kisses except the last one when she freaking DIED in the middle of it. That freaked me out more than anything.

The WTFery is strong in this one! What a total mess this writer made of an interesting concept and an awesome beginning. This show always felt like it was two different dramas.

We had the epic love story of the parents and the teeny bopper in costumes rom-com. Throw in that ending and I knew I should have walked away last week and called it good. It's like the primary episodes are indirectly proportional to the final episodes. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the last one and went straight here instead. Aw man, is she really gonna die.

And are humans destined to die if they fall in love with a gumiho.Thus, the Gu Family Book might not actually exist, and there might not be a way to turn into a human. They end up by the river, sitting, holding hands. And then, when you get home and open the package He asks what would be her answer if he asks the same question now.

Ciovy28 0 people found this review helpful. Puzzled by this statement, Yeo Wool looks around and found Deputy Seo with a rifle! Seems fitting.

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