Förord till den elektroniska utgåvan. Utkom första gången Elektronisk utgåva av Lars Aronsson i augusti Läs även Oscar Levertins recension av . Doctor Glas, an epistolary novel by Hjalmar Söderberg, tells the story of a physician in Original title, Doktor Glas. Translator, Paul Britten Austin. Country, Sweden. Language, Swedish. Genre, Romance, Thriller. Publisher, Little, Brown and Co., Download Doktor, Download Doktor, Read Doktor Glas, Books Doktor Doktor Glas, Read ebook Doktor, Doktor epub, Doktor Glas epub.

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(Svenska)Självständigt arbete på grundnivå (kandidatexamen), 10 poäng / 15 hpStudentuppsats (Examensarbete). texts from the German and Scandinavian tradition: Hjalmar Söderberg's Doktor Glas (),. Arthur Schnitzler's Flucht in die Finsternis (Flight into Darkness. Doctor Glas book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Stark, brooding, and enormously controversial when first published in.

He contains within himself the possibilities of all three. His name too is threefold.

Tyko refers to the great Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, who kept his eyes on the stars, far away from the earthiness of the earth. Gabriel is the name of the Annunciation, proclaimer of the Holy Birth, who is also credited with being the Destroying Angel, sent to wipe out Sodom and Sennacharib, and thought to be the angel of the Last Judgment as well.

Thus it's a good name for a medical practitioner, who holds the keys to life and death, but also a good name for Dr Glas, who must decide whether or not to take judgment into his own hands.

And Glas is glass: It's hard and impermeable, but easily shattered; and, from certain angles, it's transparent. This last quality is one of Glas's complaints; he can only fall in love with women who are in love with someone else, because their love makes them radiant; but their love for other men means that Glas himself is invisible to them.

So it is with Mrs Gregorius: She can only see through him, making of him a means to the end she longs for.

At first glance the structure of Doctor Glas is disarmingly casual, almost random. The device of the diary allows us to follow events as they unfold, but allows us also to listen in on Glas's reactions to them. The workings of the novel are so subtle that the reader doesn't notice at first that it has any: Glas promises candour: Chance encounters and trivial conversations alternate with fits of midnight scribbling; jokes and pleasant convivial meals are followed by hours of anguish; night and dream-time counterpoint the world of purposeful daylight.

Unanswered questions punctuate the text - "By the way, why do the clergy always go into church by a back door? The pill idea soon recurs in a much more evil form.

He'd read his ghost-ridden Ibsen and that master of bizarre obsession, Poe. He'd also read his Freud, and he knows how to make use of the semiconscious motif, the groundswells of the unspoken. Doctor Glas is deeply unsettling, in the way certain dreams are - or, no coincidence, certain films by Bergman, who must have read it.

Death and the maiden

The eerie blue northern nights of midsummer combined with an unexplained anxiety, the nameless Kirkegaardean dread that strikes Glas at the most ordinary of moments, the juxtaposition of pale spirituality with an almost comic vulgar sensuality - these are from the same cultural context. The novel launches itself from the ground of naturalism set in place by French writers of the 19th century, but goes beyond it.

Some of his images foreshadow the Surrealists: A few decades earlier, and this novel would never have been published; a few years later and it would have been dubbed a forerunner of the stream-of-consciousness technique.

Doctor Glas is one of those marvellous books that appears as fresh and vivid now as on the day it was published.

Gregorius's wife is secretly unfaithful to him, and Glas is the only person she has told.

Doctor Glas

She cannot stand the fact that her husband still insists on having sex with her, and asks Glas if he can do anything.

In the play, Glas's motivation seems clear. A lonely person with no one to love, he falls for the beautiful wife's charm and agrees to everything she asks for; he came across as rather like M. Hire in Patrice Leconte's film, though things work out better for him.

But I experienced the book in another way.

The central puzzle is why Glas murders the priest. He chooses to ignore her, and there are more factors in play.

Glas has always found sex disgusting. The girl he loved as a young man died in a tragic accident shortly after he kissed her for the first time. And so many of his female patients have begged him for abortions.

See a Problem?

He has consistently turned them down, but he's wondered more and more often if he's been right to do that. Somehow, sex and death have got mixed up in Glas's cold, analytical mind. The book is the diary he starts keeping as he tries to disentangle things.At first glance the structure of Doctor Glas is disarmingly casual, almost random. And yet that is where the example comes in: they don't show ridiculous ideals to be lived up to but that can't be , but rather real human conduct which means a great deal of human weakness.

So, in order to make his love happy, he begins to plot her husband's murder. Doktor Glas is written in the form of a journal, kept by Tyko Gabriel Glas.

Doctor Glas

The story is told in the form of a diary and follows Doctor Glas as he struggles with depression. Retrieved from " https: She can only see through him, making of him a means to the end she longs for.

Glas convinces himself to act -- "I want to act. And although people at the time hated Doktor Glas and called it implausible and immoral, it has aged well.

This is soul-wringing at its best, clearly, quickly, and very forcefully presented.

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