PDF | Oral language development has always played a big role in foreign And this study emphasizes the benefits of the Direct Method to teach how to .. An Analysis of Preferred Methods of Teaching and Learning English. Direct Method for English Book 1 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. Third Edition. — Deep Publishers, — pages. Direct-method-(education).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read The most famous direct method for learning English is Callan Method.

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pdf. DIRECT METHOD AND TRANSLATION METHOD IN TEACHING OF ENGLISH There are some principles on direct method of English language teaching. Home Books Teaching English. General English. Teens English. Kids English. Business English. English Interactive Coursebook. Teens Interactive Coursebook . I always tell my students that English isn't a difficult language but it's easy. My students always tell me they prefer to play with a ball than to learn English.

He immediately thinks of its native language equivalent say N , and then he thinks of the idea or the concept underlying that sentence. The principles of the Direct Method in teaching English:- 1. Reading in the target language should be taught from the beginning of the language instruction; however, the reading skill will be developed through practice with speaking.

Language is primarily speech. Culture consists of more than the fine arts e. Objects e. The teacher should demonstrate, not explain or translate. It is desirable that students make a direct association between the target language and meaning.

Students should learn to think in the target language as soon as possible.

Direct method (education)

Vocabulary is acquired more naturally if students use it in full sentences, rather than memorizing. The purpose of language learning is communication therefore, students need to learn how to ask questions as well as answer them.

Pronunciation should be worked on right from the beginning of language instruction. Self-correction facilitates language learning. Lesson should contain some conversational activity—some opportunity for students to use language in real contexts.

Nath Assistant Professor, Dept. According to Franke, a language could best be taught by using it actively in the classroom. Learners would then be able to induce rules of grammar, speaking began with systematic attention to pronunciation.

Known words could be used to teach new vocabulary, using mime, demonstration and pictures. These natural language learning provided the foundation for direct method. There are some principles on direct method of English language teaching. First of all classroom instruction was conducted exclusively in the target language. Only everyday vocabulary and sentences were taught and the oral communication skills were built up in a graded progression organized around question and answer exchanges between teachers and students in small intensive classes.

The grammar was taught inductively and new teaching points were introduced orally. Concrete vocabulary was taught through demonstration and pictures and abstract vocabulary was taught by association of ideas. Both speech and grammar were emphasised.

Direct method requires teachers who are native speakers or who have native like fluency in the foreign language. Many criticised this method saying that its main focus was on the exclusive use of the target language in the classroom. Advantages of Direct method It makes the learning of English language interesting and lively by establishing direct bond between a word and its meaning. It is an active method facilitating alertness and participation of the pupils.

According to Macnee it is the quickest wing started. In a few months over five hundred of the commonest English words can be learnt and used in sentences. This serves as a strong foundation of further learning.

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Psychologically it is a sound method as it proceeds from the concrete to the abstract; this method can be usefully employed from the lowest to the highest class. Through this method, fluency of speech, good pronunciation and power of expression are properly developed. Disadvantages of Direct method There are many abstract words which cannot be interpreted directly in English and much time and energy are wasted in making attempts for the purpose.

This method is based on the principles that auditory appeal is stronger that visual. But there are children with learn more with visual than with their oral-aural sense like ears and tongue.

The method ignores systematic written work and reading activities and sufficient attention is not paid to reading and writing. Since in this method, grammar is closely bound up with the reader, difficulty is experienced in providing readers for such kind.

There is dearth of teachers trained and interested in teaching English in this method. This method may not hold well in higher classes where the translation method is found suitable.

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In larger classes, this method is not properly applied and teaching in this method does not suit or satisfy the needs of individual students in large classes. It has been universal, and its impact so great and lasting that even today translation method survives in various forms in all part of the world.

As the very name reveals, it is a foreign language teaching method which consist exclusively of the formal teaching of the grammar, and translation from and to the mother tongue of the learner. Translation method had a natural evolution all the world and no one is known to be the initiator of such a method.

Some of the fundamental assumptions which worked behind the evolution of translation method could be stated as follows. Language proper is its written form and no care was taken to study the spoken language as a part of the enquiry into the nature of the language.

Languages are fundamentally universal and languages boil down to a fundamental set of universal concepts which are expressed by means of various forms in different languages. All languages have fundamentally the same grammar.

Direct Method for English Book 1

Apart from the superficial differences in grammar, the same grammar explains the basic features of all languages. Contrast by the grammar of mother tongue will enable the learner to; master the grammar of the foreign languages.

Translation is considered the best device to achieve such grammatical contrast. The patterns of the foreign language are learned by translation of material from and to the mother tongue. Based on the assumptions such as above translation method taught the foreign language through the processes of translation and formal teaching of the grammar of the language.

Translation was the offspring of German scholarship. There are some principal characteristics of this method.

Direct Method for English Book 1

The goal of foreign language study is to learn a language in order to read its literature or to benefit from the mental discipline. It is a way of studying a language first through detailed analysis of its grammar rules.Teaching of English ed. One thing is certain that a concentrated effort to teach and learn written English as in translation method as borne fruits in the area of writing. This answer is in your book. Is the table in front o f the chair?

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