DIN mN/m. ® = registered trademark PLEXIGLAS is a registered trademark of Evonik R鰄m GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany. Certified to DIN EN ISO. DIN g/cm³. 1,2. Surface tension (PVDF side). DIN mN/m. ® = registered trademark EUROPLEX is a registered trademark of Evonik R鰄m. Available in a range of to mN/m surface tension; Available in bottles or in pens (28 to 72 mN/m); According to ISO, DIN ; Toxic from 24 to

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Free Download Book Din En Iso PDF file at Best eBook library DIN EN ISO din en iso ebook 1 dec download din en iso supp 1 din pdf ghs. DIN mN/m. ® = registered trademark PLEXIGLAS is a registered trademark of Evonik Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany. Certified to DIN EN ISO . Effective immediately, DIN will make all DIN SPEC documents created through the PAS process available free of charge. These consortial standards are.

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Two photographs in Fig. Replacing nitrogen by oxygen as a reactive gas, the TiO2 film deposition process was investigated.

It is possible, by changing process parameters, to gradually tune the crystallinity of the TiO2 film from rutile, through rutile—anatase mixture, to anatase structure. It should be noted that films were deposited without heating the substrates. The higher the contribution of Ti ions the more the phase is shifted to rutile.

The M—M rf linear hollow cathode source was tested also in the low power regimes. The example is deposition of ZnO:Al films where the power limit for given configuration and for low melting point Zn:Al target was W. The film resistivity within the processing window at 0. Because of the low power the deposition rate is much lower nmymin as compared to, e.

The effect of the M—M rf linear hollow cathode plasma treatment was evaluated by the contact angle dynamic measurements FTA The pendant drop of a precisely defined volume is released after triggering and the shape of the sessile drop is scanned very fast, within fractions of seconds. Oil removal from Al foils using the M—M source A broad interval of experimental parameters was examined to find the optimum regime for oil removal Fig.

Contact angles for untreated Al foil, Al foil treated 1 and 30 s in the oxygen M—M discharge. Values stabilized after 3 min indicated outside the graph frame. The values given in the plot are not the final values: during 3 min the sessile drops are flattened further and reach 5. The shape of the drop at the untreated foil surface remains unchanged, though.

It is justified to say that the contact angle values measured after several minutes are those given in most reports where manual measurements were used. The full curve represents the evaluation immediately after the drop is deposited onto the surface, the dashed curve corresponds to the values derived after approximately 3 min.

From the point of view of industrial applications the speed of moving foil below the source is important for the process cost. We can estimate, that the speed of mymin corresponds approximately to the treatment time of 3 s, given by the configuration of the M—M plasma source used.

Fused hollow cathode FHC cold atmospheric plasma source Increasing the pressure, the dimensions of the hollow cathode must be reduced to retain the hollow cathode effect.

We tested successfully a single hollow cathode with the inner diameter of approximately mm operating at atmospheric pressure w17x. For large area applications, two new systems that unify atmospheric rf hollow cathode discharges in the integrated open structure with flowing gas were developed recently w18x.

The structure is placed either into a cylindrical electrode cartridge-HEIOS hollow electrode integrated open structure or into a rectangular electrode cartridge- Fig.

Hollow cathode plasma sources for large area surface treatment

Contact angles vs. Immediate values plotted by full line, stabilized values after 3 min by dashed line. The latter one, where the uniform fused hollow cathode FHC discharge is excited over the area of 20 cm2, is shown schematically in Fig. The scale up into much larger areas is possible. The discharge is homogeneous, luminous, does not exhibit streamers or filamentary structure and fills the volume between the FHC and counter electrodes.

The FHC is also very stable, operating hours without any disturbances, it is easy to ignite and power consumption can be as low as several tenths of Wycm2 of the electrode active area.

In most experiments the discharge was operated in an open chamber, with access to air. Activation of plastics The low power density allows the use of the fused hollow cathode cold atmospheric plasma source for treatment of plastics. The forward rf power was varied between 7 and 30 W and the exposure time between 1 and 30 s. The surface tension was measured by assessing Fig.

Schematic diagram of the fused hollow cathode FHC cold atmospheric plasma system with the rectangular electrode cartridge — HELIOS hollow electrode linear integrated open structure. Barankova, The fused hollow cathode cold atmospheric plasma source based on the rf hollow cathode discharges generated simultaneously in the integrated open structure represents a new very efficient source for large area processing. The concept of the FHC makes the source extremely suitable for scale-up and flexible for different large area applications.

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A uniquely low power consumption enables surface treatment of temperature sensitive materials. Acknowledgements Fig. Shree Swamisut Maharaj alias Marathi Photos:Free Medical Services Swami Samarth of Akkalkot - ShreeSwami. Online since , ShreeSwami. Also contains info on incarnations of Lord Dattatreya and Avatars. This website is online since Click Here to download it.Click Here to download it.

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Hollow cathode plasma sources for large area surface treatment

Ongoing development of a new hybrid reactor combining the M—M rf linear hollow cathode with a microwave ECR plasma is an innovative step to a new generation of high density plasma sources w12x. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.

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