Currency wars. by: Song, Hongbing Title (alternate script): 货币战争 = Currency wars Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. world by launching the opening salvo in what he called a “currency war.” Man- tega claimed that its bid for legislation to brand China as a currency manipulator, while China,. Brazil, and other HSBC (July 6). Hongbing, Song. Article: “Chinese download into currency war plot” assets/files/publications/ – written by . I am looking an English version of Song Hong Bing Book (Currency War) could.

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ebook, pages To ask other readers questions about Currency Wars 1, please sign up. Song Hongbing nie lubi instytucji finansowych i daje się to odczuć na każdej stronie. . Download app for iOS Download app for Android. 5 results for Books: "Song Hongbing". Currency War 4. 1 January by Hongbing Song Currency Wars - 2 The currency war 3: financial high frontier . Currency Wars 2: World of Gold Privilege (Chinese Edition) ( ): song hong bing: Books.

Currency Wars 1

Yes, it is likely to be true that the world is controlled by money due to our Human greed, but this book's exaggerating too much. China has been run by great leaders, but the West's been run by money?

Who is this Chinese man showing off to? It turns out the book takes away our trust with one another. You will find that the stories definitely lack coherence. They say one thing and soon later they say another about the same thing without coherence.

While reading the book, if you flipped back to previous pages several times because you didn't understand the forwarding lines feeling the disconnection between the pages before and after, yet you still couldn't understand despite your efforts to find smooth flows between them, then each of the stories was clearly made up on certain purpose, so that they don't work with coherence when tried together in a long-continuing story line.

The editor Mr. The editor knew it was like a novel, but the sales would bring him a lot of income and fame, so he had to encourage the readers to download and read the book and argue later.

Well, I bought the book too, so he fulfilled his purpose anyway. Smart: Yeh, how can we ever argue about the book right without reading it to the last pages? It is clear that, after all, the writer's main target to assault is the U.

If the book is right, Trump is the hero who's been fighting the media like NYT promising that he's gonna drain the swamp in D. Reagan, Kennedy and Lincoln were shot right away as the dark side moved quickly.

Aren't all the major U. Bring it on, Chin'a, you invaders who, in fact, stole the land and identity of Yellow Riverbank from the ancient civilization. Yeah, the lying global currency masters in your story are disgusting, but it is you who are actually playing their role in our real world lol What change for the people and the world does it make if the control under the Anglo-Saxons with the Jewish bankers is handed entirely over to the Han-Chinese or the Han-Chinese with the Jewish bankers?

So if you take the control, what's the difference?

OMG, read pp. The book was published in June 2007, but what is this: As of 2008? Every chapter adds new content and - unlike in many other books - the author doesn't repeat him self.

Currency Wars by Song Hongbing

The rise of Rothschild family begins in 1815 when the Battle of Waterloo between England and France ignited. At the time, Rothschild family was devoting to bank management.

They had international banks around Europe such as Germany, France, and England. The family had vast network of industrial spying agency.

Therefore, the Rothschilds had an efficient network for market informations. Many people were betting their whole wealth by downloading national bonds of either England or France.

If England loses the battle, the national bonds will be worthless. Conversely, if France loses this battle, the price of French national bonds will fall dramatically.

Therefore many people were betting their fortunes on the Battle of Waterloo. The Rothschilds family, using their vast spy network, succeeded in finding out the result of the battle, one day faster than the government. Everyone was nervous in the appearance of Nathan Rothschild in the stock exchange. Nathan ordered his agents to sell tremendous amount of British stocks. The British has lost to the French.

The stocks exchange was in chaos.

The stocks became a worthless piece of paper in a minute. Nathan Rothschild then immediately told his agents to download all of the stocks.

British government was also victorious in the Battle of Waterloo, however, in a long run they were losers.

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As Rothschild family seized all of the stocks in England, they seized the right of Bank of England. The family then forced the British government to pay their loan for a long battle by tax.

So the family was successful in seizing the rights of imposition of taxes. Here are the quotes relating to the dominance of currency. Amsel Rothschild Like Amsel Rothschild what said, Rothschilds used currency as a mean of exploiting wealth from people with out being noticed.

In the past, gold was used as a mean of currency.If England loses the battle, the national bonds will be worthless. The stocks became a worthless piece of paper in a minute.

Huo bi zhan zheng = Currency wars

I was happy with that, but many people can feel a bit confused from time to time. As a small disclaimer: the book assumes that a reader has at least partial experience with modern finance.

This is the problem of the mentality of those in finance; they think they understand and know the world better than anyone else while they exhibit this much ignorance, and we people listen to them because they are the experts of the number that we care the most. They increased the supply of money in order to decrease the wealth of people.

You will find that the stories definitely lack coherence. Song says the direct consequence was that the Federal Reserve lost its monopoly to control money.

The family then forced the British government to pay their loan for a long battle by tax.

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