The National Assembly of Pakistan passed the Constitution on 10th the Constitution, incorporates all amendments made in it till date. The Constitution of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan along with 19th amendment up to April A publication of the National Assembly of Pakistan. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Follow this link for the Orders issued during the Martial Law regime of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq that affected the Consitution. Eventually enacted as the Constitution (Twenty-fourth Amendment) Act,

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Constitution of Pakistan Preamble 2nd March, In the name of Allah, in Pakistan before the Constitution Day or of any High Court in British India. You can download the updated copy of Constitution of Pakistan by clicking on the link below which contain all Constitution of Pakistan – Complete PDF Format hellow friends i am student of English department. One of the most pressing tasks for the new government was to draft a new constitution. When martial law was finally lifted, the Assembly was summoned in April.

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L tJ-iL! V J-iL! JJ cz: J1 Jf ", c.. Constitution of Pakistan in Urdu ver Uploaded by muradlaghari. Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Urdu version. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. English Tenses Book in Urdu Iqbalkalmati. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

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The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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JrJr -JL.. Lt J ,J, AL: P'J V ' 'U1r: Jv ;t. Jr-" Ld1 ",,: C-,j'; J; rJ: Wi" -. J rZ-J.. J J. It took the constitutional committee eight months before it submitted it's report on 10th April The draft constitution was passed by the federal Assembly by votes in favour, with three abstentions.

It was brought into force on 14th August , and Bhutto was elected prime minister by the National Assembly on 12th August. The Constitution's main features were:.

Pakistan shall be a Federal Republic with a Parliamentary system of government. The prime minister shall be the head of government, elected from the majority party.

The special position of Islam as the state religion shall be emphasized and both the prime minister and president are required to be Muslims.

Pakistan shall be declared an Islamic Republic by default.

Constitution of Pakistan 1973 in Urdu ver

A bill to amend the constitution shall need a two-thirds majority in the lower house and a majority in the upper house. All fundamental human rights shall be guaranteed but the stipulation was added that it was subject to resonable restrictions imposed by law'. The Supreme Court and High Courts shall be given the power to enforce fundamental rights. The president shall act in accordance with the binding advice of the prime minister, and all orders of president shall be counter signed by the prime minister.

The senate, or upper house, shall be elected mostly from the provincial governments and so, for the first time, the interests of the provinces shall be safeguarded at the centre. The Senate shall not be dissolved even in emergencies.

In case of emergencies, the federal government can pass legislation on anything and can even suspend fundamental freedoms. Urdu shall be the official language of the country, with Pakistani English to be retained for the next 15 years.

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Pakistan shall be a federal Islamic state , so residuary powers shall rest with provinces not the central government. The Constitution, therefore, marked a return to a parliamentary form of democracy after the presidential experiment introduced under the constitution.Shipping and navigation on tidal waters. Jf r- U The Case of Pakistan. Burials and burial grounds; cremations and cremation grounds. Agriculture, including agricultural education and research; protection against pests and prevention of plant diseases.

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