Clear and Present Danger is a political thriller novel, written by Tom Clancy and published on . "Fiction Book Review: Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy ". Publishers Weekly. Retrieved 15 August ^ "Clear and Present Danger. Start by marking “Clear and Present Danger (Jack Ryan Universe, #6)” as Want to Read: Colombian drug lords, bored with Uncle Sam's hectoring, assassinate the head of the FBI. See 2 questions about Clear and Present Danger. Clear and Present Danger (A Jack Ryan Novel Book 4) and millions of other books are available for instant access. Clear and Present Danger (A Jack Ryan Novel) Mass Market Paperback – July 1, In this #1 New York Times bestselling thriller from Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan gets caught.

Clear And Present Danger Book

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Editorial Reviews. Review. At the end of the prologue to Clear and Present Danger, Clancy writes, "And so began something that had not quite. Clear and Present Danger is a novel by Tom Clancy, written in , and is a The title of the book is based on the legal phrase "clear and present danger". In his fifth novel, the dean of techno-thrillers demonstrates once again his mastery of the genre. A president decides that drug smuggling has become a '' clear.

Phipps rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm not a big fan of "Dad Fiction" in general but it's hard to deny the influence of the father of technothrillers in the modern day. He's a guy who also was a master of marketing and created, directly or indirectly, some of my favorite franchises like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell.

Mind you, his contributions were mostly an ethos but they had a massive effect and I intend to read all of his novels someday. Written in , it was written when Pablo Escobar was an infamous drug lord but before he became an infamous narco-terrorist. It was also well before the United States would, under Bill Clinton, reinforce the Columbian military with massive amounts of money as well as equipment to fight the drug cartels protected by FARC.

In short, turning the War on Drugs into a literal war. It would also predict the fact corrupt? Bush has decided to send U. Special Forces into Columbia to directly fight against the cartels. Ironically, it's due to a bunch of overzealous Coast Guard officials that the FBI manages to deal a much bigger blow to the cartels by confiscating half a billion dollars of their money. This results in Ernesto Escobedo a stand in for Pablo and his Cuban intelligence officer ally, Felix Cortez, conducting a terrorist attack against the United States.

The Director of the FBI is killed and the initial plan to damage the cartels is drastically increased before it becomes public and the President pulls the plug.

Pulling the plug ends up stranding a bunch of US Special Forces behind enemy lines, though, and it's up to Jack Ryan to extract them. This is a surprisingly nuanced book by Tom and well before his stories became ridiculous jingoistic gung ho propaganda for the American Right. Despite Without Remorse depicting drug dealers as just shy of subhuman, this book generally depicts the War on Drugs as an ambiguous conflict. While its leaders are evil and they employ some vile people, it's shown the average Columbian involved in the drug trade is no more worse than anyone else.

The attempt to combat the cartels with military force is also portrayed as ludicrous for a variety of reasons. In the novel, for example, one of the Special Forces operators points out blowing up a few processing plants will not put a dent in cartel operations while another instance has collateral damage they think is excessive for what amounts to criminal activity.

Clear and present danger.

In real life, the War on Drugs has killed tens of thousands of people while doing almost nothing to actually reduce the amount of cocaine or other stimulants available to Americans.

Many of the points made by Tom Clancy's fictional characters are spot-on and predict terrible real life errors in judgement. Tom is no bleeding heart but the fact he's a Right Wing conservative makes the ambivalence of the book to the conflict all the more interesting. It's one of the rare Tom Clancy books which imply there's no easy solution or magic bullet. At one point, Felix Cortez bluntly states America will never solve its drug problem because people want drugs so it's paying money against itself.

Not necessarily illegal, let alone an impeachable offense, but morally wrong. This is now a day when the power of the Executive to order drone strikes, Special Ops missions, and operate with impunity on allies soil is taken for granted. Tom's usual assortment of good upstanding men are on display with all of them reading like Lawful Good paladins. You know, except when they go off script to do something shocking like hiring two hitmen to eliminate rapists in prison.

Special Forces operative John Clark plays a much bigger role in this book than Jack Ryan, who is mostly irrelevant until the end of the book. John is a bit of a crazy character as he's an ex-Punisher style vigilante recruited by the CIA but the book portrays his backstory with a calm reasonableness. Sort of like, "hey, yeah, he killed like a hundred gangsters once but he's cool now. Yes, he's a would-be drug lord but he's a charming and engaging character throughout.

Clear And Present Danger

Felix just wants to be a billionaire and would happily help the United States out with the War on Drugs if they'd just let him do his business quietly. The fact he seduces and drives to attempted suicide a character shows his actions have consequences. Even so, I actually felt bad for him at the end.

My favorite subplot of the book is Domingo "Ding" Chavez's walking narration of how he feels about going from a kid from an L. He's more nuanced than your typical middle aged white Clancy protagonist and gives a "boots on the ground" view of the operations being conducted.

At one point he accidentally kills an innocent worker and has to deal with the fact that sort of thing will happen in combat. Cortez and he never meet but are more or less complete opposites in their worldview and causes. My second favorite plot is the tragic tale of Moira Wolfson, who Cortez runs a honey pot operation on that gets the director of the FBI killed.

Her story is treated as a romance right up until Cortez utterly rips her life to shreds. If you're ever going to read one of Tom Clancy's books, I'd argue this is probably the best one. It's relevant to the conflict currently wrecking much of South America and Central America. While the characters can be a little broad at times, there's enough big personalities and interesting subplots to keep the story entertaining for a thousand pages.

It's also fascinating to see how a work of fiction can show how things go utterly off the rails in a government operation--and how tragically an author saw all of the potential pitfalls that the real US government fell into. View all 4 comments. I wanted to really like this book because I've heard such good things about it. Also, I like action and military stories, etc. So I went in very excited. But, I got a bit more than pages into it when I just had to stop.

I probably could have made it, had it not been for the massive amounts of swear words; specifically F-words. Maybe it's the father in me, or the saint lurking somewhere within, but it just grates on me.

I used to work in a factory making styrof I wanted to really like this book because I've heard such good things about it. I used to work in a factory making styrofoam, where people would swear like that, so "hearing" swear words like that again brings back some unpleasant memories. Futhermore, as a writer, I've always felt that a person who swears a great deal is not intelligent or creative enough to think of anything better. Now, I know he probably is trying to reflect the real world, and the fact that soldiers mostly do use that kind of language.

Maybe my circles are cleaner than others, but I know that not everyone swears. Quite unrealistic, and it heavily detracted from the story. Otherwise, the story is intelligent and interesting, and very well researched. TOO well researched in many parts. The story is bogged down, when not riddled with F-words and other curses--with a lot of detail about military weapons, vehicles, military operations.

Some detail makes it feel real, but sometimes Mr. Clancy goes on for pages and pages of endless details, until it seems almost pointless. Like many fantasy novels, he gives feasts of technical details when a small, conservative meal here and there would feel better.

These two things ruin the story for me; especially the swearing. Because of this, I'm getting rid of my Tom Clancy collection, and not reading anything else from him. I don't want my kids to be reading such things, so therefore I should be reading them; got to set an example, right. Anyway, I really feel that such filth brings a bad spirit into the home.

Apr 29, Asghar Abbas rated it it was amazing. Oh, I love this one! The movie too was fanfuckingtastic. Nov 27, Ran rated it it was ok Shelves: My father used to read Clancy's novels while commuting on the train from work in the 90s. Turns out, site's new series is not based on the books at all? So I read this potboiler for nothing, other than the self-imposed reminder of how military life wasn't a good fit. Also, Jack Ryan is barely in this book.

My uncle gave me this book and I owned it for years but finally gave it away. I would give it 5 stars but I don't like Tom Clancy.

Jul 17, Andrew Nettleman rated it it was amazing.

Tom Clancy never disappoints. I have decided to go back and go through the Jack Ryan series in the Chronological order of the story's events, rather than the order they were released and it is like I am getting to know an old friend all over again. Chavez, Ryan and Clark take center stage Tom Clancy never disappoints.

Chavez, Ryan and Clark take center stage for portions of this book and whenever all three are featured at the same time you know you are in for a ride. View 2 comments. Aug 08, M. Exciting, big plot, some poetic justice due and received. A big plot where, the author knows everyone-they all have 'bios. The nice thing about 'discovering' Tom Clancy is his huge body of work, long involved novels. Looking forward to the next one. This is a favorite.

Sep 20, Janet rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Patriots, Adventure Readers. I must confess, I am on the Clancy jazz now. Well perhaps not quite that dramatic as there are some fine correlations with the movie, yet there is so much more.

Having left the women and children at home sigh of relief , a now mature and seasoned Jack Ryan choppers into danger with my new favorite character, Mr. Clark, to save Americans from clear and present dangers. Honor, service, a willingness to put Country first, these are the makings of a true National Hero, a leader of men.

And I am thankful that Tom Clancy has the intelligence emphasis on a two-fold meaning here to spell it all out for us. May 25, Kestrel rated it it was amazing. If you've never read Tom Clancy, this could be a difficult book to get into, as it was in my case. I actually raged at some of the characters because they were so human and so despicable in what they were capable of. It puts the movie to shame.

If you have never read Clancy, I suggest this one. If you have read Clancy before, but haven't read this, read it!! You don't know what you're missing!! Another good Clancy read, I would probably put this one right up there with Hunt for Red October, another page turner. The movie was good but once again the book is better.

This book is about the US government going to war against the Columbian drug cartels. Clancy's always very descriptive in his books and he always makes the story very realistic. I always tell myself tha Another good Clancy read, I would probably put this one right up there with Hunt for Red October, another page turner. I always tell myself that I need to be in the mood to read a Clancy book because I gotta have my mind sharp.

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Oct 11, Erth rated it it was amazing. This was such a great, easy and creative book. The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story. Nov 18, Adam Light rated it really liked it. I love this book. It was full of Clancy's trademark political and military knowledge.

He certainly researched his books very well. I rated 4 stars because it was so steeped in tech language and jargon that it literally took me six months to read it. This one was a great thriller, though.

Check it out! View all 5 comments. Jul 31, Lyn rated it liked it. Good book about clandestine operations and some also good details about South American intrigue. Clancy also does a good job describing action scenes and putting together plausible, while still entertaining scenarios.

Compared to the book, the movie was stupid. Well researched. Mar 03, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: Colombian drug lords, tired of being harassed by US law enforcement agents, have assassinated the American Ambassador and the visiting head of the FBI.

Their message is clear: But they have pushed too far. Apr 14, Eddie rated it really liked it Shelves: This has to be among the Clancy classics. I recommend this to any military or political buff. Clancy definitely rocks the house with this one. Feb 07, Jon Frankel rated it really liked it. For Fear of Sounding like an Idiot! I only read this door-stop pages!!!! I did not think of him as a master, just one in a host of names my snotty intellectual soul has sorted into a category of meh.

Especially bad is when a host of big bad actors star in movies based on these tomes. So I sat down and opened it and started reading.

It took way too long to finish. But from the first page I had to know, I turned the page, I kept going, even though he was still introducing new characters on page , and he really was allergic to adjectives. A Clear and Present Danger starts with the president ordering his national security advisor to do something about this damn plague of cocaine coming in from Columbia.

Clancy is no idiot. He can write, he creates cardboard characters that are believable and cunning, you come to like some of them, and the sniveling weaklings are the real villains. He has a grudging respect for the Cuban agent, Felix Cortez, who is the best of the lot. He trots out regulars one reads realizing a true fan knows a lot about this universe from other books. The plan is to secretly invade Columbia and disrupt drug shipments to the US, by shooting down the planes, and blowing up the processing centers.

Nefarious activities are indirectly endorsed, but the boy scout finds out that nefarious shit is happening and saves the day. OK, there was heart thumping.

And an incredible narrative discipline and consistency of viewpoint. I learned a lot reading this thing. I might even read another, in a year or two. What distinguishes good novels from bad novels is how they are done. Clancy makes no great claims. He is not a psychologist. The only female character is a 40 year old executive assistant who is seduced by a Latin Lothario.

Writer who laughs, could you write a compelling page thriller? Writing thrillers is something I think I can do, but this serves as a reminder that making fun of a genre is a lot easier than achieving something in it, much less becoming a master. I'm not giving a rating since I didn't finish it. Quitting because it's a little inappropriate well, it's a realistic military operation story, so what do you expect?

Plus, I'm having trouble keeping track of all the plot lines. But the danger from within may be the greatest of all. Read by: Solid Tom Clancy story. The movie did not spoil the plot.

Clancy has a knack for letting the reader get inside the character's heads. He also ends his novels well by tying up all the loose ends. Probably a 4. It doesn't seem like a page book. Executive Summary: I've been so-so on the first few Tom Clancy books I've read, but this one I really enjoyed.

Michael Prichard does a pretty good job with this one. It's been a few weeks since I listened now, I think he did a few voices at times, but mostly read it with his own voice. I could be totally wrong. His normal reading voice is a good fit for the story however. He speaks clearly and with good pacing and inflection. This is definitely not a must listen, but audio is definitely Executive Summary: This is definitely not a must listen, but audio is definitely a good option for this book assuming you can get this version.

It appears there have been more than one version when I was originally adding the book to my shelf. Full Review I've seen all of the Jack Ryan movies, including this one. I don't really remember it however. I feel like I enjoyed the movie version of Patriot Games more than I did of this book. I could be totally backwards though. What I do know is I like this book far more than the the others I've read so far. This is more like what I was hoping when I started reading these books.

It did get bit a slow in a few places, but overall I thought it was a pretty fast paced political thriller with a good amount of action mixed in. This is listed as a Jack Ryan book and the movie focuses almost entirely on him if I recall correctly but a large part of this book also focuses on Domingo Chavez and John Clark. I enjoyed John Clark in this far more than Without Remorse. I probably enjoyed following Domingo far more both John and Jack.

I still don't like Jack Ryan too much as a character, but he's much more likeable in this book than the previous ones. I suspect that Jack is everything Tom Clancy wishes he could be, which probably means I wouldn't have liked him much either. That said, I still enjoyed the ride. Clark is livid but Ritter and Cutter blame Ryan. Ryan reveals to Escobedo the deceit and treachery of Cortez.

But Cortez kills Escobedo instead. Clark and Ryan play a deadly game of cat and mouse with Cortez in order to rescue the prisoners.

They save them, kill Cortez and return home. After this scandalous failure, the President begs Ryan not to go public with this information; but, he refuses to do so. Ryan stands by his devotion to the truth and the oath he has made to the American public.

The review of this Book prepared by Joanna When the U. Coast Guard boards a missing yacht, the action begins. The President becomes involved. It's a longtime friend's yacht. Drugs are involved, and the President is livid. He promised that drug trafficking would be halted. Now he must take action.

Clandestine action. He doesn't want to know what's going on, but he's given the CIA the green light. A Latin Special Ops unit is created, and the story begins in earnest with nighttime assaults on cocaine factories, etc.

Drug interdiction intelligence is forwarded to CIA operatives offshore, and drug runners in small aircraft flying at low levels are shot out of the air. When the operation is compromised, the President and the CIA abandon the mission, leaving the Special Ops personnel to die. Ryan won't let that happen, nor will he be blackmailed by the President into lying before members of Congress regarding the failed operation.

The review of this Book prepared by F. Scott Sinclair The Columbian Cartel puts the hit out on a wealthy American man in buisness with them.But is this legal?

This book is part of the Jack Ryan series but it can be read as a stand alone. He can write, he creates cardboard characters that are believable and cunning, you come to like some of them, and the sniveling weaklings are the real villains. Like I said at the top, I almost didn't finish this. To ask other readers questions about Clear and Present Danger , please sign up. In the novel, for example, one of the Special Forces operators points out blowing up a few processing plants will not put a dent in cartel operations while another instance has collateral damage they think is excessive for what amounts to criminal activity.

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English ASIN: I'm not sure how far into the series I'll go, but I'll definitely continue on to The Sum of All Fears , which has to be better than that movie was.

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