Cause & Effect: intermediate reading practice by Patricia Ackert; 5 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Textbooks for foreign speakers, English language. Get Free Read & Download Files Cause And Effect Answer Key Patricia Ackert PDF. CAUSE AND EFFECT ANSWER KEY PATRICIA ACKERT. Download. Cause & Effect. Fourth Edition. Reading & Vocabulary Development 4: Concepts & Comments. Third Edition. Patricia Ackert | Linda Lee. HEINLE. CENGAGE.

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[PDF] Download Cause & Effect: Reading and Vocabulary Development Book Details Author: Patricia Ackert,Linda Lee Pages: Binding. Designed for intermediate learners, Cause & Effect is the third in a series of three reading texts which enables students to develop a useful vocabulary base. Cause & Effect: Reading and Vocabulary Development Book 3. Back to series. Cover image Authors: Patricia Ackert; Linda Lee. Pages .

There is often no way to guess what they mean. Give two reasons why this expedition had so many problems. Why did the men leave some of their supplies behind? Learn these two-word verbs and then fill in the blanks with the right words. Each of the two words is easy. You have to learn each one. Why were camels good animals for this expedition? Do you think Burke and Wills should be called heroes of exploration? The expedition had many problems. Use the correct verb form.

Where did the first Europeans live when they went to Australia? You cannot find the exact answer in the text. He took with him William John Willis and eleven other men. Here are some sentences or parts of sentences from the text. It is September They fight about something almost every day. The There are so many rules about articles that it is easier just to get used to them by practicing just to learn all the rules. It was rainy this morning. Tell them what happened to you. Explain what you will do differently.

You are the last person still alive from the Burke and Wills expedition. In other years. She just leaves them on a chair or the bed. You are the leader of another expedition across Australia. Put an article in the blank if it is necessary. Alexandra David-Neel traveled alone to Tibet in the early twentieth century.

What do you know about the history and geography of Tibet? What do you think her goal was? What information does the photograph give you about Alexandra David. Tibet was a secret and mysterious place to the rest of the world.

Do all the Context Clues exercises in the book this way. The words in bold print below are from this lesson. Take a look. She wrote her husband long letters full of details about her travels. Use context clues to guess what each word means.

For example. She escaped her unhappiness by reading books on adventure and travel. Try not look up every new word in your dictionary. Only a few foreigners were able to visit the area. For centuries. You can often tell what a word means from sentence it is in or from the sentence after it. What are aborigines? Always look for context clues when you are reading. Context Clues It is not necessary to look up every new word in the dictionary.

David-Neel was very unhappy when she was a child. A French Woman in Tibet Tibet has been secret and mysterious place to the rest of the world for several centuries. She was a singer for several years. She traveled to villages and religious centers. The next year. She traveled by herself in India. She escaped her unhappiness by reading books and on adventure travel. She traveled all over Europe and North Africa.

She studied the Buddhist religion. After five days together.

It was an unusual marriage. For several months. She continued to study Buddhism and learned to speak Tibetan. She also became 10 a Buddhist herself. Then 21 she. Neel always said she had unhappy childhood. Yet he supported her all his life. She traveled in India and also in Nepal and Sikkim.

It is on a high plateau in Asia. She ran away from school several times and even ran left without telling anyone away to England 15 when she was only When she was He remained with her until his death at the age of David-Neel was 56 years old. She spent several years writing about her research and information. Because she spoke Tibetan so well she was able to crossed the border and reached the famous city of Lhasa without anyone knowing that she was a European and forbidden to be there.

She said that similar to freedom was the most important thing in life for her. These were years of civil war in China. Sometimes she was sick. Most explorers traveled to discover and map new places. David-Neel went to do research on Buddhism. She travel for thousands of kilometers on horseback with only a few men to help her —through desert heat and sandstorms and the rain. She continued writing and translating until she died.

She returned to France in search for new It was often freezing cold. This was the most dangerous of all journeys. She darkened her skin and dressed as an old beggar. In the United States. Everyone calls her Ellie. Others built houses. Use a word only once. She lived in Asia when she was an adult. Learn about Europe 3. Become a Buddhist b. Lead an expedition c. Her husband travel in Europe with her. After she got married. Study Buddhism b. Took photographs during her travels b.

Adopt a son 2. She lived in Europe with her husband for several years b. Had a car when she lived in a cave c. Her husband supported her c. Escape her unhappiness c. The parents pay for everything the children need. If you see it. The only way to get there is by plane. Spoke Tibetan to her Indian Friends. When she was a child. China c. What did she do when she was living in cave? David-Neel read books on travel and adventure. What is a journalist?

What was unusual about her marriage? Do you think she lived a free life? There was a civil war b. Why is Tibet a mysterious Place? She was traveling on horseback c.

What does a remote area mean? David-Neel ran away from school several times. She was a beggar 7. What kind of work did she do after her last trip? India b. David-Neel had an unhappy childhood. Tibet 6. Freedom was very important to her c. She wanted her husband to travel with her. Why did David-Neel run away from school? Can you help me?

Use the right verb forms and singular or plural nouns. Usually they like to tell me where they are going. There are empty spaces on the chart because there are not four forms for every word.

I took an apple out of the refrigerator. He was one of many explorers throughout history. There was only one apple in the refrigerator.

Maria is a student. Put the right article in the blanks. She is one of many students in the world. John Burke was an explorer. The is used to show that the noun is one special. Maria is the best student in the class. I took the apple out of the refrigerator. It is one of many apples in the world. You are Alexandra David-Neel. Describe an adventure you had or an unusual trip you took. Use details about what you saw. They are not like two-word verbs. Put these compound words in the right blanks in the sentence below.

They are two words put together. Describe of one or two of your adventures in some detail. Add your own ideas about what you saw.

Write a letter to your husband. When you unlock a door. How can you get from Siberia to Alaska? Which are longer in Siberia and Alaska. What is the name of the body of water between Siberia and Alaska? Now practice with these new words from this lesson. Context Clues You can often guess the meaning of a word from the sentence.

Use context clues to guess what each bold word means. The water between Siberia and Alaska is now called the Bering Sea to remind us of this great explorer. Because of this.

Bering made careful plans for his trip.

When you can guess easily what a word means from the sentence. Vitus Bering wanted to explore the east coast of Siberia and to find out if Asia and North America were joined. The ship probably went down into the water to the bottom of the ocean.

They had only one summer instead of two years for their explorations because of many problems and delays. Across Siberia to North America In Alexi Chirikov left later..

The group included a people in the military few scientists. It took two more years to build ships so that they could explore and map the east coast. Petersburg with almost people. There were storms. But finally.

They continued to Yakutsk. There was more bad luck. Bering made careful plans. The scientists planned to report on everything: Then they moved on to Okhotsk on the eastern coast. They also built boats and explored the Lena River. The goal of the expedition was to explore the east coast of Siberia and to find connected out if Asia and North America were joined. Vitus Bering. They travelled mostly in flat-bottomed boats on the rivers.

Yakutsk was only a small village and there were many people in the expedition. And summers are short in the north. Men continued to die from scurvy. They were in a place with no trees. Bering died and was buried on the island that is now name for him. When spring came. Petersburg and forgotten. As the ship sailed south. Then they started dying.

When they drank the salty not having enough water. By this time. Their water supply was low. Many of the men were sick from scurvy.

His expedition gathered important scientific information about the interior of Siberia. This proved that North America and Asia were two separate continents.

Decades later. Haiti and Dominican Republic are parts of the same island. In others. A century is years. In some restaurants. Petersburg ahead of Chirikov. People cannot drink sea water.

Vitus Bering was from St. Definitions Match the words with their meaning. F if it is false.

Cause & Effect : Reading and Vocabulary Development 3

Bering spent two years exploring the east coast of Siberia. Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C. It took them seven years to cross Siberia because they were traveling on horseback. Interior f. Write the letter of the definition from the second column in the correct blank.

Bering left St. Change the false sentences to make them true. After a half hour in the water. What did the men on the expedition do in Tobolsk? Where did they stay longer. How would you read each thing below? How did the two ships lose contact in the Pacific Ocean? It took seven years to cross Siberia. The expedition explored two rivers. Why did the men on the island continue to die even when they had food water? How fast should you read? The answer depends on what you are reading. The expedition built their own village in Yakutsk.

At other times.

This means that you should answer the questions in your own words instead of using the exact words from the text. Why or Why Not? Is scurvy a problem on ships today? Why or Why not? Why did the expedition have to build boats? Sometimes you need to read things slowly and carefully. An exciting mystery story 5.

That is not way to study reading. A letter from your parents 2. You will probably want to read the complete text again after you have finished the whole lesson.

Others like to start at the beginning and read each sentence carefully. The textbook for a difficult science class 4.

Cause and Effect

It is never necessary to memorize sentence or paragraphs. Then read the whole text from beginning to end. After that. Then you might want to read it all again. If the text is very difficult for you. The directions on an important exam 6. A letter from your bank 3. A magazine article about an interesting person Some students like to read the whole text quickly to get the general idea. You can choose the best way for you to start reading a lesson. Verbs Every sentence must have a verb.

Put the right form of the verb in each blank. Write the prepositions in these sentences from the text. Explain why you chose each form. How do you know which form of a verb to use? There are often clues that tell you what form of the verb to use. Petersburg in At last. What do you think happened to them? Give a few details. You are one of the men who left the island in the spring of Tell what happened to you during the decade from to What problems might explorers in the South Pole have? What does this photograph tell you about the geography of the South Pole?

What would you need in order to explore the South Pole? They used sleds to carry supplies farther inland. The men became exhausted and had difficulty pulling their sleds. Context Clues The words in bold print below are from this lesson. Scott had the bad luck of having extremely bad weather. Robert Scott led an expedition to Antarctica for a scientific organization called the Royal Geographical Society.

On earlier expeditions. It was often- 40 minus 40 degrees Celsius. Scott and his men spent the winter near the ocean. A few years later. When he returned to England. Robert Scott. He took sleds and dog teams.

His group traveled farther south than anyone else had ever done. He took three doctors. From to Who was English. Captain Robert Scott was an officer in the English navy. Scott became a hero. They learned that Amundsen was also on his way to the Pole. Scott would not eat his dogs. When they reached Australia.

Amundsen and Scott were very different from each other. Scott took ponies small horses and few dogs. He said that he wanted to make a complete scientific study of Antarctica. He gathered information on rocks. Scott decided to organize another expedition. Amundsen planned everything very carefully. Amundsen did this too. Scott and his men either not flat walked through deep snow or skied over ice and uneven ground.

The next day. When Scott was kilometers from the Pole. Scott also had the bad luck of having extremely bad weather-days storms with wind of blizzards and strong winds.

The whole journey was very difficult. Their fingers and toes began to freeze. Amundsen sailed kilometers closer to the Pole than Scott did. The trip back was worse than the trip to the Pole.

His tent was big enough for only four people. Somehow we had to provide for take care of four people plus himself. On January A few days later. Scott and his men reached the Pole. It was often minus 40 degrees and snow Celsius. Scott started for the South Pole with a few men. This was probably his most serious mistake.

There were frequent snowstorms. They were not the first people to reach the South Pole. At times. He had to walk in the snow. They used sleds and ponies to carry a ton of supplies farther inland to a place that they named the One toward the interior Ton Depot. They had lost the race. There were other differences between the two expeditions.

They became weak from sometimes hunger. The climate was too difficult for the ponies. They become exhausted and had more and more 42 difficulty pulling their sleds.

He walked out into the blizzard to die instead of holding back the other three. Inside are supplies. New Zealand takes care of the building and its contents. Scott wrote his last words in his diary. Then another become so weak that he knew he was endangering the lives of the others. Scott described the terrible journey in his diary.

He was not the first to reach the South Pole. On that day. The search party left the frozen bodies where they found them. On March One night. A search party found the three bodies eight months later. Every day. When I was a child. Burke rode horseback. When I am travelling. Ali stayed up all night to study for a test. There were so many cars on the road that we were an hour late for the meeting. English b. Antonyms Match each word in the left column with its opposite in the right column.

Norwegian 2. French c. Bad luck with motorized sleds. Why did one man walk out of the tent into the blizzard and not return? Why did Scott travel from his base camp to the Pole in January?

Scott and Burke led expeditions in very different climates. Explain one serious mistake that Scott made. What was similar about their expeditions? Moving supplies inland b. Was Scott a hero of exploration? Give a reason for your answer. Getting ready to ski to the South Pole. Why was it difficult for the men to pull the sleds on the trip back from the Pole?

Noun There are three parts of a sentence that always have a noun or a pronoun: There might be adjectives and other words that describe these nouns. He spent a long time in desert. The object of the verb is usually right after the verb. A storm drove the ship onto an island The subject is usually at the beginning of a sentence. David —Neel rode a large black horse to Tibet. A bad storm drove the large sailing ship onto a small island. Choose a word form from line 1 of the chart to use in sentence 1.

After Ms. The large scientific expedition took a lot of food for the animals. Cook got home. Give a reason for each statement. Lopez gets working. When they leave the city. Burke died on his expedition. Do all of two-word verb exercises in the book this way. Burke took camels on his expedition. Bering took scientist with him.

This exercise is good for them. The first one is done for you. The Lopez family adopted two children. To do this dance. You are the tent with Scott in March You are going to lead a journey to the South Pole. What will you do differently from the way Scott did it? Read the following groups of words and then use the words printed in bold in the sentence below. Write a message in your diary. What are some of the dangers of ocean exploration? Would you be willing to explore the ocean in the metal ball shown in the picture above?

Why or why not? Would you like to explore the ocean floor? It was a way to get from one place to another. Sailors thought the ocean was a frightening place. Scientist discovered underwater mountains and more than 4. Early diving suits allowed people to descend 50 feet underwater.

Most ocean travelers stayed close to the coast. These early diving suits allowed people to descend fifty feet below the ocean surface for about an hour.

They thought that. Their goal was not to explore the ocean but rather to find new trade instead. Vents or openings. A later type of diving helmet suit replaced the large cylinder with a heavy metal helmet. Water temperature on the ocean floor was not inviting either. To early sailors.

Early diving suits from the late eighteenth century were not very useful. And today. The tremendous pressure of the water would crush an unprotected diver. Ocean exploration was also hampered by the conditions below the surface. Why is it that we know so little about the oceans that surround us? Perhaps it is because. Scientist say that we know more about the moon than we know about our own oceans. Believing this. Air from above the surface travelled through a tube into the helmet.

Charles Beebe and Otis Barton. They discovered an underwater mountain chain and more than 4. Beebe and Barton descended half a mile below the surface of the ocean in their submersible.

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From inside the steel ball. This was a great breakthrough for ocean exploration. Jacques Piccard and two others travelled to a depth of The work of deep-sea explorers has given us a picture of life far below the surface.

Sylvia Earle. We are now more aware of our dependence on healthy oceans. They gathered information about ocean currents and meteorology. To do this. Even at this great depth. Scientist on the ship tested the temperature and density of sea water. It was a large hollow. There is now greater understanding of the variety diversity of life in the ocean. Two divers. The ship had two laboratories. The results of this expedition encourage interest in exploring farther below the ocean surface.

If you drop a heavy weight on your foot. Early divers carried their own air with them. Early sailors were afraid to explore below the surface of the ocean. The deepest parts of the ocean are lifeless.

The first diving suits were uncomfortable. I only know she was in an accident.

At sea level. We heard it. The early submersibles had motors. In most parts of the ocean floor. What have we learned from ocean exploration? What did scientist discover in ? What was the Trieste? How did Charles Beebe and Otis Barton contribute to ocean exploration?

How far was Jacques Piccard able to descend in the ocean? How are the oceans important to humans? No one knew what was in the ocean. Write the number of the line where you found each answer. How deep did Jacques Picard dive? Find these answers by scanning. Early sailors were afraid of the oceans.

Write short answers not complete sentences. Who is Sylvia Earle? What is an ocean vent? What hampered ocean exploration for centuries? What is the temperature at vents in the ocean floor? You scan instead. What was important about the scientific trip around the world? Noun These are some common noun suffixes: Verb Noun Adjective Adverb 1. The Some geographical locations include the in the name. Major points on the Earth: Plurals of islands. Certain countries Note that most countries do not include the in the name: Do you think we should spend more money on space exploration or on ocean exploration?

Give reasons to support your answer. Describe what you see and feel while you are descending. Copy the chart to the right and fill in the missing information at the top of the list with at least three observations.

Explore the room around you. They come from the video. What do you see. Throughout history.

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Read the information in the box. The word explore can also mean to look at something near you very closely. What do you think the video is about? Video Highlights a Before You Watch 1. Try it out. Did you observe some of the same things? Which things were different? Describe the system Nauticos uses to find things in the ocean.

Use first. Would you like to be a deep sea explorer? The Nauticos Corporation uses a system to find things in the ocean. If you were a deep sea explorer. Discuss these questions with the class.

Match them to the correct definition. These words come from the video. Have you or has someone you know ever found anything valuable on the beach? Do you know of any famous shipwrecks on the ocean floor?

Write a word from Exercise 1 to complete the sentences. Each person takes a turn tossing the coin. Put your counters on the Home square. Activity Page Adventure Trail You and your partner are two explorers who are going to travel all over the world. If your counter lands on a picture. Continue to toss the coin and move your counter until you reach the end the Well Done! You will need a coin and two counters. If the coin you toss lands heads up. When you have reached the end. Like all great explorers.

T to get ahead: To get on with s. The criminal got away from the police. You can learn new two-word verbs from your dictionary. How do you get on with your boss? I got away for a week in the Caribbean. Read their definitions. Many people got behind the politician and helped her win the election.

To support. I to get away from s. To start doing or continue with s. To get behind: He got behind in his rent payments and had to leave the apartment. Dictionary Page Understanding Definitions 1.

Draw lines to match the following two-word verb with their meanings. She had a good job and is getting ahead in life.: Stop watching television and get on with your homework! Now write in the missing part of each verb. Donna is a friendly person. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here.

Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book Details Author: Patricia Ackert ,Linda Lee Pages: Paperback Brand: Notice Message: Trying to get property of non-object Filename: If you want to download this book, click link in the next page 5.Then come comprehension questions may also be given as written assignments. In cold climates. That is about She was a singer for several years.

The group included a people in the military few scientists. While we have many different sources of commercial energy. Why or Why not? They live together in what is called a nuclear family.

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