You find that the app couldn't be downloaded Here's a quick and simple on how to fix a site ebook that's not downloading. (+Screenshots). If Libby won't let you send a book to site, there could be a few reasons: channels, you can't send it to site from Libby (unless you borrow the book again). Why can't I read my site Book on my site or site reading app? Print. Choose the image below that looks like the titles in your library's.

Cannot Ebook To site

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If you happen to experience a problem with a site ebook or site app not downloading or not finishing downloading, there are a few. You and your approved contacts can send documents to your registered site devices, free site reading applications, and your site Library in the site . If you've tried to download a title to your site but don't see it listed on your Home Troubleshooting for any site e-reader model 3rd generation or newer. Restart Your site · Battery Won't Stay Charged · Can't Connect to Wi-Fi · Can' t.

Enter the recipient's email address, and your name, into the respective text boxes. How to Download a Borrowed site Book If a friend has sent you an ebook to borrow, follow these instructions for downloading it to your site reading app: Open the email from the sender and click the button called Get your loaned book now.

The email will come from site. If asked, sign in to your site account in the new Window that has opened.

If you know which device or reading app you'd like to send the site book to, select it now, and then choose Accept loaned book.

If you don't have a site or an app that can read site books, click Accept loaned book anyway, and then follow the instructions for downloading a free site reading app.

That's it! You're now borrowing your friend's site book.

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Lending Limitations Not all site books can be loaned out. Only books that are marked as eligible for lending can actually be borrowed by others. Once you've loaned a book out to someone, you can not read it during that period.

In other words, a site book can be read by only one person at a time, which means a book being borrowed from you is accessible only by the person that's borrowing it. The person you've loaned your site book to will have it for a maximum of 14 days this period of time is set by the publisher before it's returned back to you. Given that they have seven days to accept the loan, assuming they wait a full week to finally borrow the book, and given that you can't access your book from the moment you begin the loaning process, you could be without the site book for a total of 21 days.

You can lend a particular book only once, which means once one person has borrowed a specific site book from you, you can not loan the same book back out to the same person or anyone else.

Connecting With Others Who Want to Share site Books If you want to borrow a site book that your friend doesn't have, there are certain websites that will let you connect with other people who want to share site books.

How to Identify Your site

You're able to sort results by how many borrowers there are as well as by the number of loan requests. I am trying to download after years of using this same device. I am getting picture of an upside alien or bug at the top of the screen.

Any clue what is going on?

Have tried disconnecting from wifi and turning device off. Neither work. Excellent suggestions, however none of the above worked for me.

downloaded books wont open up

I had downloadd a book through site unlimited but the download got jammed. I logged into site through my phone and returned the book. Tried redownloading it then on my site tab and it worked!

Hi I am trying to download a book on my site from site unlimited.

I av tried switching site off n switched off internet, looked through my site account and nothing is showing. Repeat this process until the download is complete. Lost all download books and mags on my site Fire.

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Tried resetting to factory settings- nothing. Contacted tech support 6 times because they could not fix the problem that leaves me with blank book and mag pages. Last guy got very condensing and rude. Ordered two site books yesterday.

To download to site iOS.

Nothing is helping. I cannot delete the books concerned. I have about 80 books in the cloud, but cannot delete them to try downloading again.

What gives? site site , eBooks.

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If your problem is with connecting to the 3G network, first check the site 3G coverage map which should help you determine whether a 3G signal should be available to you or not. Next, check your battery. If it is low, then you will need to charge before proceeding.

More MOBI, fewer problems: Here's how to get EPUB books on your site

Restarting your site may help here — see the next section for details. Remember that it can take a few moments for your site to connect to a network after you switch it on.

Help — My site Has Frozen! An unresponsive site is particularly frustrating.

Restarting your device may help, but you should begin by charging it so that the e-reader has a full battery before proceeding. To restart the site whichever model hold the power button until the device powers down.

Leave it for few moments before repeating the action to boot it back up. Be aware that the problem that caused the freeze may need resolving, so the reboot may be slow.Posted 16 hours ago — By Andy Boxall. Yes No. But here I can only ignore this strange thing. Although the devices provide good performance in an attractive frame, sites do have one notable drawback — they do not support the EPUB format. Select one or more books you'd like to share with a family member, and then choose Add to Library.

Do you have a preferred method for sending Epub ebooks to your site account? Only by drm removed, your mobi books will show up on your site. Was this information helpful?

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