@dorsett Questions about the various apps that are available, are best answered in the Discussion boards. There is a board for iOS (Apple) and another . I'm not sure why it wasn't working. I still can't relist an item using my app. Also where did the fun "Cha-Ching" notification go away when something sells?. That is odd. I just bought an item using the iPhone app. Try logging out of your account and then log back in and try to download the items. One life is all we have to live.

Cannot site App

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Downloading the app is often faster over Wi-Fi than on a cellular connection so make sure your device (Currently, you can't list vehicles using the mobile apps. ). The site app is a great way to download and sell almost anything on the The steps to fix each problem are pretty similar, so I'd like to outline what. matches Website down, can't log in or place bids? I have a problem with site . @ VIKING_SUIRREL @site I got logged out on Mobil app and can't log.

All we have to do is find an oracle a way to recognize a problem and do some testing perform an investigation. When reporting and evaluating problems like this I like to use the collection of consistency oracles by James Bach and Michael Bolton.

Unauthorized transactions and mysterious complaints make the list

After evaluating the list of oracles I want to call attention to the ones I think help highlight the problems with the iPad app. The order below is based on my observations of the problem as I came across them.

It just happens the evidence becomes stronger and more convincing as we work through the list. User desires can be a hard argument to make on its own. Unless we knew site valued this as a high-risk area or we found it affected a large number of users, we probably need to do more research to back up our argument.

Inconsistent with purpose I think the explicit purpose of the selling page is to help site sellers monitor auction items and complete sales. In fact this is what I use it for. Typically with auction durations of more than one day I will glance at each listing once per day by going to the selling page pictured above.

When the auction duration gets to be under 24 hours I will visit the page far more frequently.

Additionally by using different colors for the price of an auction that will sell vs. From there I could make adjustments if needed. Though site.

This means we can look to those channels when thinking about product consistency. We would like to get more details from you around the disappearing lists. Can you please email us at iosfeedback site.

For example, when you refine your searches you should be able to put options for the seller. First off, I hate looking at generic stock images of companies selling stuff. Especially when it comes to clothing or car parts.

I would rather download from an actual human with actual pictures of the items. They are very unorganized because of traffic. Or no more than 3 negative reviews.

The main problems that I have experienced have to do with fake accounts or sellers backing out on deals. I have bought items from sellers on multiple occasions and did not receive the item. I have been told that the seller has lost the item on their transport truck, while this seller only sells a few items per month and obviously does not have a huge business that requires a transport vehicle they listed it for less than they thought.

I have been told that a sellers account must have been compromised by a third party making prices too cheap It comes down to poor listing and lying after you realize that you listed something too cheap.

Recognizing a problem in site’s iPad app

This is not the downloaders responsibility or problem, if I download and pay for an item, we are both entering a binding contract to do business. As a seller, I have encountered similar issues. I have made mistakes in a listing as well. I knew that it was my mistake and I should have caught it, the item sold at a cheap price, I shipped it out with a smile.

As a seller, make sure your downloader restrictions are set to on! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Screenshots iPhone iPad iMessage. Description download, sell, and save with site. Apr 22, Version 5.

Information Seller site Inc. Size Category Shopping. Compatibility Requires iOS Price Free. Wallet Get all of your passes, tickets, cards, and more in one app.

Using site mobile apps

Here's how to find the site Announcement Board: Open a web browser. Groups Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. When I first started selling on site back in June I did all my listing by phone DO NOT install the updated app, I tried to yesterday the 22nd of May and the phone went ballistic, overheated and would not work at all, eventually I put the phone into safe mode and uninstalled the site app completely , restarted the phone and now ok again, why don't they just leave apps alone that are working, instead of causing people all this hassle.

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