Eager to get a healthy Russian language learning routine going? Well, you know what they say. A book a day keeps the doctor away. Wait that's not how it. Maybe you're reading the wrong books—what you might need right now is a good, solid Russian textbook. Whether you need help getting started or advancing. What does the Russian word 'книга' mean? This page includes the English translation, pronunciation, usage examples, synonyms, proverbs, and related words.

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All books have links so click on them to learn more at site. Links are my site affiliate links. 1. Sputnik: An Introductory Russian Language Course. download products related to russian language learning products and see what This book along with speaking to native Russian speakers has assisted me in a lot. Editorial Reviews. Review. Table of contents: INTRODUCTION ALPHABET SIMPLE RULES OF The Ultimate Handbook for Learning Russian Language.

This is a concise, very useful handbook for adult learners.

There are no pictures or colors like you would see in children's workbooks not that it's a detriment to this book, just a comment to inform on how it's presented. The lessons follow a logical progress of how a complete beginner would pick up the rules of the language, and I really like the format of how examples follow the rules. I especially like that the author includes stress marks to make pronouncing words much easier. The small size of the book does make the exercises look crowded and a bit daunting doesn't help that I'm horribly nearsighted , so I have to write Add to cart.

I think it is important to learn a few key phrases of any country I visit, and I find this program to be one of the best to help you have a conversation with someone. You do repeat a lot of the same phrases throughout the sessions, but I think it's useful and helps the new language "stick. Sometimes I listen to a lesson at least two or three times before a new word or phrase finally kicks in. The key is to continue trying until you can understand and say it correctly.

One thing to know is that you are learning the formal way of speaking the language, not the casual or informal way of speaking to friends. For example, you will learn to say, "Wouldn't you Beginner's Russian with Interactive Online Workbook. This book is a good starting point for someone with more than phrase book Russian in mind. It is geared towards university study rather than tourism. The interactive online workbook is not optional, it is necessary.

If you don't have easy access to the internet don't download this book. If you do, this book is a good value for the price. The online portion includes listening practice and several activities to help you learn vocabulary, including spelling. If you are ambitious, install a Cyrillic keyboard and learn to type Russian too. I downloadd this book for self-study so I am unable to practice the many conversation portions for lack of anyone to converse with.

But if you do have someone to practice with then this is a very well rounded curriculum. Russian For Dummies.

Beginner Level

Clear, concise, and to the point. This book along with speaking to native Russian speakers has assisted me in a lot of ways. I recommend it to everyone here that asks about it. Keeps you engaged and truly helps but I can't attest to the CD-ROM that came with it because I don't have one available to me at the moment.

I used Rosetta Stone to help assist me in the that aspect of my studying. Julia Rochtchina. Well-laid out. An enjoyable book that links to a free online program with great pronunciation guides and quizzes. For my learning style, it is very helpful to have a concrete book to go along with the online tools.

Speak, write, and understand Russian in no time! Only 14 left in stock more on the way.

I adopted a Russian family and had to download quite a few books to teach myself the language. This was by far the best available. Especially notable is Julia's clarity in explaining the case system, which is the most difficult aspect of the Russian language to grasp. Most other books should be judged based on how they articulate the case system.

11 Best Russian TextBooks for Beginners & Learners. 2017 Update

If there is only one book to download to study the Russian language, this is the one. Russian Grammar Quickstudy Academic Outline.

There are six sides to it and At first, I was skeptic to download this product because I wasn't sure how much information it would give me. But now that I have it, I strongly recommend it. There are six sides to it and I originally thought there were only two. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Again, this is an interesting and well-organized book and it is challenging while having enough review to keep the reader on top of things.

It is fun and easy to use. Russian Essential Grammar and Conversational Language. Available for download now. This book has got it all, cases, pronouns, genders, adjectives, everything. Universities use this book. Great overall introduction that follows the lives of young Russians in Moscow through 6 units that build upon each other. Be sure to check out Volume 2 too. Living Language Russian, Complete Edition.

This is a complete set. You get 3 course books. You get 9 CDs and the entire program is designed to get you from Beginner to Advanced.

Overall, a big bundle of resources put together.

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Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners. A lot of learners seem to love this book.

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Oh, and it has exercises. Russian For Dummies. Take it by its title. Russian for Dummies is a gentle introduction into Russian. A much easier, slower pace — so you understand what you learn. Very easy. Good as a resource, but not a direct source of learning. Definitely NOT a boring book.

And most are. Great beginner book. It teaches you how to read. Y ou can easily progress from the basic lectures to the more complicated lectures without getting beaten down with grammar rules.

Russian for Beginners. This is a newbie approach to Russian grammar. And this is all done in a span of 42 lessons — pages. This gem has been written in the s and is still used today. So, the good news is that it works. Aside from teaching, the authors also give learning advice on grammar and memorization. Russian Full Circle: A First-Year Russian Textbook.

Russian Vocabulary (and Wisdom)

This is another well laid out and comprehensive beginner textbook. As with most Russian Textbooks, it focuses on the foundations of Russian — grammar and vocabulary. However, it does lack an answer key for the exercises you get. Safe option for beginners. V Puti: Russian Grammar in Context, 2nd Edition.

The 8 Best Beginner and Intermediate Books to Learn Russian

You learn the language and grammar for basic conversations, daily activities of everyday life and things you normally talk about in general. For Intermediate and Advanced students. Just as the title says, you learn Russian language by learning Russian history.Approximately million people speak Russian worldwide.

Though appearing formidable to one who has never studied it, the Russian alphabet is not difficult to learn. I recommend it to everyone here that asks about it. Want to speak Russian with confidence? The With Ease Series t Russian Language Learning.

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