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Our favorite butler and master are back with more tea and cakes, more cutlery- based warfare, and more Book of Circus: His Butler, Presenting. uncut, english. Free Black Butler Subtitled and Dubbed Episodes Free Black Butler Season 1 ( English Dubbed) Where can I watch an English-dubbed version of “Black Butler: Book of the WEBSITE: Watch Black Butler - Black Butler: Book of Circus TV.

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Before I begin, I just want to get one thing out of the way: yes, this is technically a continuation of the first season which picks up the manga's story where the first season left off which is around Episode onward.

This is of course both good and bad. The good is the fact that you don't have to sit through the first 15 episodes of the first season to actually familiarise yourself with the characters and the like since any events that happened within the first season are quickly recapped for your convenience. The bad news is that if you are in fact, a complete newcomer to the franchise Keep in mind that this is only 10 episodes long though, so you should just kind of roll with it if you're watching and look it up later if you really are that curious.

Black Butler: Book of Circus (Dub)

Aside from the stuff I mentioned before, another reason why people don't give Kuroshitsuji a chance is because well Book of Circus adapts the much-lauded Noah's Ark Circus portion of the manga's story which is where Toboso actually cut all of the superfluous bullshit and actually focused on giving us involving plot that sucks us in.

Here's the deal: a travelling circus comes to London, but the problem is that children keep getting abducted in every city that the circus has been in. Considering Ciel's reputation as the Queen's guard dog, it was only a matter of time before he's ordered by Her Majesty to conduct an investigation. Right off the bat, we have an awesome set-up. People unfamiliar with Black Butler tend to dismiss this show as a slice-of-life supernatural comedy taking place in Victorian England, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

The biggest reason that I can think of as to why people tend to have this misconception is because the first half of Kuroshitsuji's first season REALLY dialled up the comedy which really affected the overall tone of the story.

The manga does retain a similar style of humour which mostly consists of visual gags and slapstick, but it's far less prevalent. Considering the fact that the vast majority of this show takes place in a circus, it's no surprise that there would be some hint of a light-hearted tone with a little bit of comedy present. However, that's mostly evident within the first four episodes where the Noah's Ark Circus is being introduced and the mystery was being touched upon.

As the show progresses, the mystery surrounding the Noah's Ark Circus is gradually explored and good GOD does it get morbid.

I'm not even joking when I tell you that there's actually a point in the penultimate episodes where there actually was censorship put into effect for a good seconds parts of the screen end up being blacked out.

Anime DVD Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Season 1 - 3 9 OVA English Dub Ship

For people who come into Kuroshitsuji expecting some kind of bishie festival full of yaoi subtext and shota undertones full of over-the-top comedy akin to something like say Whenever Yana Toboso actually gets to work on an arc with a serious story that has the potential to suck you in, she more or less drops most of the bullshit and actually focuses on developing the story with minimal interruptions whatsoever. I mean As for the pacing, the actual mystery surrounding the Noah's Ark Circus is handled quite well, which you might think is rather surprising given that this is a episode season.

Sebastian explains to Ciel that three years ago, the head of the Trancy family died, leaving his son, Alois Trancy , to take over as Earl and head of the family.

It is revealed that inside the crate is an extremely valuable mummy in a sarcophagus.

The two are sent on a case involving kidnapping for ransom. After the two meet a group of strange passengers, a policeman resembling Fred Aberline causes mass hysteria when he reveals there is a murderer held by police on the train.

He later reveals himself as Aberline's twin brother in the dining car, but Ciel has no recollection of him. Afterwards, Ciel encounters the porter from the station who carried the crate onto the train, recognizing him by the scratches on his hand, and concludes that he is the kidnapper. The porter flees to caboose lounge car, disconnects the cable, and demands the money from a nobleman, whose son is held hostage. Sebastian stops this from happening, but is soon distraught when the kidnapper explains that he implanted a bomb inside the train that will detonate once the train stops, urging him to pursue the train.

Meanwhile, Ciel finds the kidnapped boy in the sarcophagus, but is taken hostage by an aforementioned murderer who demands the train be stopped.

However, not only is it revealed to all that the train cannot be stopped due to the bomb, but the train is headed for a broken bridge, and there may be an outbreak of cholera.

Many of the strange passengers rise to aid the situation, but Sebastian denies their offer and insists on taking care of everything himself. He amends the crisis by getting rid of the murderer, tearing off the dining car roof containing the explosives, and halting the train just before it reaches the broken bridge. Claude, who had been in the dining car the entire time, confronts Sebastian, presenting him with an invitation to a costume ball at the Trancy estate and claiming it would resolve Ciel's revenge.

However, Soma bursts into tears around Ciel when he arrives at the Trancy estate for the costume ball, but thanks to the effort of Agni, Ciel has no real suspicions concerning his memory.

Ciel warns Sebastian to be on his guard, because he feels uneasy in the mansion. During the costume ball, a passing maid spills red wine all over Ciel's costume, so she takes Ciel to a private location to clean the mess before it stains. After Ciel notices the spill has not been thoroughly cleaned, the maid begins acting strangely, commenting on his blue eye. She licks his ear before ultimately running off with his eye patch. Ciel chases after her, eventually reaching the cellar, where Ciel begins to hallucinate, hearing and seeing of when Sebastian was first there for the special black tea box.

The visions cause Ciel to become frantic, so much that he vomits before fleeing to the woods outside. Ciel already figures out that the maid was really Alois all along. Claude and the servant triplets join Alois as Sebastian returns to Ciel. Confident his butler is superior to Ciel's, Alois threatens to slaughter everyone attending the costume ball if Ciel does not willingly give himself up.

To Alois's surprise, Ciel agrees. Alois then orders Claude to capture Ciel, while Ciel commands Sebastian to protect him, no matter the cost. Nonetheless, the three do not give up, as another fight erupts between them and Sebastian. Meanwhile at the estate, Hannah Annafellows plays the armonica for the guests, but the glassy sound soon becomes painful to hear. Hannah has taken control of the majority of the guests with her music, having turned them into hostile zombies.

While Lau and Ran-Mao have corks in their ears, Agni assists Prince Soma and his friends to retain control of themselves while fending off the controlled guests.

Sebastian fights off the servant triplets, and rushes to the mansion with Ciel, after the two heard the haunting tune from outside.

Sebastian arrives to counter Hannah's melody with his harmony, using a glass harp. As the armonica shatters, the guests are freed and applaud Sebastian's performance.

Alois and Claude take this chance to make an entrance, and soon after, Sebastian and Claude agree to have a private conversation. On a lake, Sebastian and Claude duke it out. During their squabble, it is revealed that Sebastian could not devour Ciel's soul because he had "become a void". It appears Claude somehow snatched Ciel's soul before Sebastian, but could not use it due to it being "incomplete" without also having his body.

Afterward, the two butlers strike a deal in which Alois will be the new target of Ciel's revenge, and form a contract by dripping their blood into the petals of two roses. At the costume ball, Elizabeth is forced into a dance with Alois, so Ciel joins the dance to get closer to her. As Ciel and Alois pass one another, they each make a separate vow, in that they will exact their revenge on each other.

Ciel initially rejects the invitation, but after discovering some clues pertaining to the murder of his parents, he decides to pay Alois a visit, though only for the purpose of killing him.

At the Trancy estate, Alois has already prepared an enormous chessboard for Sebastian, Claude, Hannah, and the servant triplets to battle on while the two young lords observe from afar. The Viscount of Druitt, showing up a week late for the costume ball, decides to observe as well.

The triple servants are easily defeated after Sebastian impales their heads with a spear. Hannah fails to graze Sebastian with her bullets, even to when he mends his jacket.

Sebastian and Claude begin a culinary battle during a tea break, dodging the ingredients thrown at each other, surprisingly creating food sculptures. The two serve desserts to their lords, however the Viscount of Druitt fawns over both desserts to the point of indecision. As the battle resumes, Claude retrieves a demon sword from Hannah's stomach and begins to attack Sebastian at full throttle, soon trapping him in a spiderweb. Meanwhile, Ciel, tricking Alois into giving him a brief tour of the mansion, challenges him to a duel.

Alois soon gains the upper hand after Ciel is unable to decapitate him. However, Ciel manages to grab onto the blade before being pierced in the chest. The two butlers outside hear the clanging of swords, drop the fight, and track down their lords. They see that Ciel has stabbed Alois in the side, causing the latter to writhe on the floor.

Ciel prepares to finish Alois despite his claims of also losing his parents and pleas for mercy. Claude stops Ciel, but is slapped in return, as some of Ciel's blood lands onto Claude's cheek. Ironically, Claude is immediately entranced after nonchalantly licking the blood. Sebastian tells Claude that their battle will continue another day, as he leaves with Ciel in his arms.

Claude, preoccupied with the blood on his cheek, ignores Alois's plead for help, yet he still does not assist him when he hears Alois vomit blood. Alois then collapses, presumably dead. When Claude come to change Alois's bandages, he smiles for the first time when he admits his desire to feast on Alois's soul, which somehow disturbs Alois. Later, Hannah is interrupted by a overwhelmed Alois, who begs her to take him to see Ciel.

On his way to the Phantomhive estate, it is revealed in a flashback that his real name is Jim Macken, and that he had a younger brother named Luka Macken. Alois confesses to his younger brother that he wishes the villagers would die because of how they were treated after becoming orphans. Later that night, they discover all the inhabitants of the village were dead, which causes Alois to erupt in a delirious joy.

Black Butler (Book of Circus) Change of Occupation [DUB]

After raiding the dead for their personal belongings for a while, Alois searches for his brother only to find him dead, causing him to scream in anguish. Years later, Alois, among a group of male slaves, are brought to the Former Head Trancy, recognized as a pedophile. Although primarily rejected by Trancy, Alois overhears a method to summon a fairy that grants wishes.

He encounters Claude in the form of a spider, but is unable to think of a wish. Alois later uses his sex appeal to win over Trancy as well as the inheritance, and he soon makes a contract with Claude some time after that.

Claude tells him that it was Sebastian who destroyed the village as an order from a former master. Upon discovering told that Ciel Phantomhive is Sebastian's new master, Alois plans to seek out Ciel and make him suffer, so that he can make Sebastian suffer for killing Luka.

In the present, Grell crashes the carriage and arrives to take Alois's soul. Alois starts crawling away as Hannah fends off Grell.

He later breaks down on his hands and knees in desperation for Claude, when the latter arrives just in time to rescue him from a hungry wolf. In turn, Claude suddenly crushes his master's head, as he loses his appetite for a soul what would give its love to a mere butler.

Taking Alois's ring, Claude states that there is still a use for Alois's soul. Grell appears and shows no hostility towards Claude but has taken interest in the state of affairs.

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Hannah, who was impaled by Grell, looms over Alois's body, gouges out his left eye, and seemingly absorbs his wish. He explains that Ciel and Alois are more alike than they appear, which he plans to use to his advantage. At the Phantomhive estate, Ciel is summoned to solve a case involving in which a poor boy had his eyes gouged out by a rich boy.

After being attacked out of the blue, Sebastian asks Ciel to remain concealed in a crate. Sebastian encounters and battles both William T. Spears and Ronald Knox , who are still investigating Alois's soul.

Meanwhile, Ciel slowly recollects his memories about himself, even when Sebastian had put him in a trunk and told him to stay there. He bursts out from the crate and flees the scene due to this.Alois concedes to Ciel and apologizes for what he has done before he fades away.

Claude then replies that Alois was able to make his long life interesting, and consequently Alois's soul was more precious than he thought. It's no surprise that Toboso hasn't quite fleshed out the characters yet.

Sebastian persuades Grell to help gather information regarding the village, where Alois and Luka lived, that was destroyed. I'm not even joking when I tell you that there's actually a point in the penultimate episodes where there actually was censorship put into effect for a good seconds parts of the screen end up being blacked out. He will lie and cheat if it means that whatever he's doing for the sake of the Queen will go further which is clearly evident whenever he has to weasel his way out of some less-than-ideal situations.

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