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ranging from "astral projection" and "out-of-body experience" to "lucid dreaming". We shall use the pragmatic term "the phase" or "phase state" to refer to all the. IAC's Essential Guide to Consciousness & Astral Projection. Introduction To. Consciousness Research and OBEs. The true nature of the consciousness extends. Essential Guide to Consciousness & Astral Projection Tutorials and answers to commonly asked questions in our astral projection beginners guide PDF.

The Study And Practice Of Astral Projection

I wandered away from my body I was then rapidly drawn back to it. I joined it with disgust and it became I and was fed. I roamed on beneath the murky skies, until something again disturbed my body where it lay, when I was drawn back to it afresh and entered it with ever growing repulsion [cf.

About the end of the term of high fever I was summoned back to the huddled mass with intense loathing. The mass was less cold and clammy, and ever after that the wanderings appeared to be fewer and shorter, the body and I grew more together, and ceased to be two separate entities.

I saw plainly, for instance, a poor R. I saw them carry him softly out on shoeless feet, lest we should know that he had died, and the next night, I thought, take him away to the cemetery.

Afterwards, when I told these happenings to the sisters, they informed me that all this had happened. His friend almost died but, when brought back to life, declared that he had been fully conscious.

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He dictated his experience and the account was read by Geddes to the Society. Extracts are as follows. He continued, 'Gradually I realized that I could see not only my body and the bed, but everything in the whole house and garden. There are no words which really describe what I saw, or rather, appreciated. Matt, xiii, 43]. Then realized that I myself was a condensation, as it were, in the psychic stream, a sort of cloud that was not a cloud. The visual impression I had of myself was blue.

Gradually I began to recognize people and I saw the psychic condensation [aura] attached to many of them Quite a number had very little. Each of these condensations varied from all others in bulk, sharpness of outline and apparent solidarity. The predominant 'colours' indicate the predominant desires, thoughts and feelings of the person observed. I saw her go to the telephone. I heard him quite clearly speak to me on the bed, but I was not in touch with the body and could not answer him.

J was really cross when he took a syringe and rapidly injected my body with something which I afterwards learned was camphor. Both Geddes's doctor-friend and 'Major P. Although statements as to reluctance to return are understandable in the light of these accounts, they seem to be unbelievable otherwise: everyone clings to physical life. I was just beginning to understand where I was.

Once back, all the clarity of vision of everything and anything disappeared, and I was just possessed of a glimmer of consciousness [cf. This experience has shown no tendency to fade Of one thing only can we be quite sure - it was not fake.

Without that certainty I should not have brought it to your notice. Muldoon Muldoon's first out-of-the-body experience occurred when he was aged twelve, long before he had heard that such things were possible. T knew,' he said, 'that I existed somewhere, but where, I could not understand I was powerless. My entire rigid body I thought it was my physical, but it was my astral , commenced vibrating at a great rate of speed, in an up-and-down direction, and I could feel a tremendous pressure being exerted in the back of my head.

Then the sense of hearing began to function, and that of sight followed. When able to see, I was more than astonished: I was floating in the air, rigidly horizontal a few feet above the bed [cf.

I was moving towards the ceiling, all the while horizontal and powerless. I believed naturally that this was my Physical Body [cf. Involuntarily, at about six feet above the bed I was uprighted and placed standing upon the floor of the room Then I managed to turn around.

There was another "me" lying quietly on the bed [cf. My first thought was that I had died during sleep. He found himself passing through the door without opening it [cf. I tried to shake them but my hands passed through them. Then I noticed that the cable was pulling with a stronger and stronger tug. I was being pulled backwards towards my Physical Body. It was the reverse procedure of that which I had experienced while rising from the bed. Slowly the phantom lowered, vibrating again as it did so, then it dropped suddenly, coinciding with the physical counterpart once more.

At the moment of coincidence, every muscle in the physical body jerked, and a penetrating pain, as if I had been split open from head to foot, shot through me [cf. Burton, Gerhardi, etc. I was physically alive again, as amazed as fearful. I had been conscious throughout the entire occurrence. Reading Dr Hereward Carrington's earlier books, he realized that he, a young and unknown man, without any instructions in these matters, probably had more real knowledge of this extremely significant phenomenon than anyone else in the world.

Eventually, in collaboration with Carrington, he wrote The Projection of the Astral Body, a book of inestimable value. Bozzano Discarnate Influence in Human Life,]. Watkins, pointed out that the conclusions which Muldoon and Carrington had published in had been arrived at by him, by a process of comparative analysis, and published in Muldoon considered that he possessed a natural power to 'project' his 'double' from his Physical Body.

This, however, states the case in reverse. Carrington, in the Introduction to their book, stated that the bulk of Muldoon's contribution to it was written when he was so ill that he could not get out of bed.

He 'was never certain but that the next day might prove his last'. In other words, Muldoon, so far from possessing a natural power to quit his Physical Body, actually lacked the natural power, vitality or nervous energy, to keep his Psychical and Physical Bodies 'in gear'; he was, we may say, half-dead. Muldoon himself in another part of the book recognized the 'half-dead' condition which he called 'the morbidity factor' as one of several features that predispose to exteriorization.

It would appear that this condition, as well as prolonged fasting, tend to cause fainting and collapse, with the exteriorization of the Psychical Body from the Physical Body, because the Physical Body is 'vibrating' too slowly for their continued coincidence. But this is not the only possible cause of exteriorization. Mystics who are in robust health as well as non-mystics who are 'half-dead' tend to have out-of-the-body experiences: the mystic's Psychical Body is temporarily 'vibrating' too quickly for it to remain 'in gear' with the Physical Body.

Certain of the factors which affect temporary exteriorizations from the body modify, even nullify, the effects of others.

The same statement is true of permanent exteriorizations - see Statements No. Muldoon described exercises that aid in the production of out-ofthe-body experiences, inviting those who are sceptical about the genuineness of his experiences to investigate for themselves.

He added a word of warning: 'If you are neurotic, easily influenced, lack "will", and are fearful If you are of this type, never "think within yourself" and never "watch yourself in the process of falling asleep"; turn towards physical culture.

They were unknown to each other. Turvey also was 'halfdead' and had been very ill for many years. The first public announcement he made of his ability to 'travel' in what he called his 'mental body' was in an English newspaper in Six years later he gave details of his experiences and evidence in support of their genuineness in his book, The Beginnings ofSeership Stead's Publishing House.

According to Turvey, he 'travelled', in his 'mental body' at about two miles above the surface of the earth and at a velocity that rendered objects indistinct and blurred.

He said, 'When I arrive at, say, Mrs Brown's house in Bedford, I am not only able to see into one room, but am able to walk about the house, see the contents of various rooms etc.

In a few cases, " I " have been visible. It is very like a spider's cord. It is silver, tinged with heliotrope, and it extends and contracts as does an elastic cord' [cf. Turvey gave examples of veridical information which he obtained while out of his Physical Body. Muldoon spoke of the total non-physical body 'phantom' as a unit; Turvey recognized three sub-divisions of his total non-physical body, a the 'energy-', 'vitality-' or 'etheric-' body which evidently represents the vehicle of vitality and memory, i.

He is an Icelander, ignorant of languages other than his own. No such accounts had been published in his language when, in , he had his experience. He said, 'I felt that someone was coming. Then I saw a man come into the room. He seemed to read my thoughts, because he said, "You need not fear me. I invite you to come and see those places intended for you after death" I felt that it would be no effort to move.

I saw how the fjord was shiny black, for the mountains were reflecting the sea. We ascended slantingly into the air [cf. Rebell, Sculthorp, Hout, etc. What I saw I shall not attempt to describe, because I lack words II Cor.

Prolonged illness and fasting are among the factors that favour the production of these experiences. Dailey, Brooklyn, was supposed to include multiple personality.

Mollie claimed that, when out of her body, in trance, she experienced two distinct conditions. She said, 'Sometimes the whole top of my head seems on fire with the influx of light; my range of [clairvoyant] vision is very great and astonishingly clear [corresponding to 'super-consciousness' in the Psychical Body and to 'Paradise' conditions]. Then again, it seems as if I were seeing through a smoked glass, and my vision, or consciousness, is dim and indistinct' [corresponding to 'sub-normal' consciousness in the vehicle of vitality or 'body-veil' and to 'Hades' conditions].

Miss Fancher gave a number of examples of veridical information obtained while she was out of her body. Wheatley 'I am not at present a spiritualist in the accepted sense of the term,' wrote Mr Wheatley, though the experience he described was clearly of a nature that is usually regarded as typically spiritualistic. It was published in Two Worlds, Feb. Like Oxenham, having had a 'vivid' experience of the after-death state, he felt it his duty to place it on record.

Writing from the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, where he was recovering from a coma, Mr Wheatley said, ' While I was still unconscious, I felt myself floating in an atmosphere of peace and serenity. He greeted me And he slowly faded from my view. I was told it afterwards by my wife. They say, 'There is so-and-so. Why did you not tell me that he had died? Since then, although she has followed certain instructions for the production of astral projection, she has not succeeded in repeating the experience.

She thinks that this is because she has learned 'how easy to go, yet how hard to get back'. She has observed many deaths in hospital, and, like the supposed discarnates who have communicated details of their 'passing', she said, 'Always it is a peaceful "slipping away" that seems to be absolutely painless' cf.

Mrs Dowell's experience was as follows. I began to get sick. The doctor failed to find the trouble. I became desperately ill and he gave me a hypodermic injection. Before lapsing into a coma I told Mother I was going to die. I was unconscious until four o'clock the next day.

When I came to, my father was bathing my face with cold water. I looked down and could see my body lying on the bed and my father working over me [cf. In later years I have read of the experiences of people who say that there is a "silver cord". I had no "silver cord". I spoke to the men who were standing about the entrance, but was told to come back and live the rest of my life.

The walls around this "Heaven" are pearly and translucent. I started back and it was not long before I awoke in my Physical Body, it seemed that I "blacked-out" at the same distance from my body when I approached it, and regained my consciousness, as when I left it.

Mme d'Esperance was similarly conscious of both shedding and re-entering the body. It made me a better person! Redgewell Mr J. Redgewell, ofParkhurst avenue, Barnehurst, informed me in litt. Since then he has had several, though not deliberate ones. Mr Redgewell was indeed a sceptic as regards the after-life. When ill, lying in bed, he was 'scared' by feeling his Physical Body 'dropping' and his Psychical Body 'rising' [cf.

Although he realizes that he had not projected far', the experience convinced him of the truth of survival. He no longer feared death. While out of his Physical Body, Mr Redgewell tried, unsuccessfully, to attract the attention of his family by shouting at them [cf.

He found that he could jump over a wall which was much too high for him to clear in the Physical Body. He 'landed gently on the other side'. But this did not surprise him: he knew he could do 'seemingly impossible things'.

Land This case was published in Prediction, May, 'I was very ill. I fell into a deep slumber in which I seemed to be taken to the astral plane. An aunt who had died came and began to magnetize my arm cf. She took me with her and said, "This is the first stage when you come over here. I was there some time when I was told that I would have to return to my body.

When I woke up, I found my mother distracted. She thought I had passed away. I believe that my spirit It was a very similar world to this one but more beautiful [cf.

I know that death does not end all. Later they received a letter from America to say that Baeschly's brother had died, and that, shortly before his passing, he had awakened from a long coma saying, 'I have made a long journey: I have been to my brother at Brunatte. Burton This case was reported by J. Burton said, 'I had heart-failure.

Astral Projection Underground - Abhishek Agarwal.pdf

I found myself standing at the foot of my bed, looking at myself and the doctor [cf. Muldoon, Mrs Lester, Gerhardi etc. Then I heard the doctor's voice: "He is coming round". He had considered me dead for some time. We give extracts in Appendix VII. He was delicate and had many illnesses. He thus found that if, during a dream, he could observe some incongruity, that is, if he could begin to exercise his critical faculties, he would become 'awake' to a non-physical environment.

For example, in a subsequent dream, seeing a parrot fly through a wall, and realizing the physical impossibility of the feat, he 'awoke' to 'astral' conditions. Like Muldoon, van Eeden and others, when outside, yet near, his Physical Body within what Muldoon called 'the range of cordactivity' he experienced 'dual' or 'alternate' consciousness, being aware of both physical and non-physical environments.

He said, 'I could feel myself standing in the dream and see the scenery; but at the same time I could feel myself lying in bed, and see my bedroom' [cf. Like Gerhardi and Muldoon, Fox decided to get further away from his Physical Body and see what happened. Then something seemed to 'click' in his brain, his Physical Body ceased to have a strong attraction for his Psychical body, and he was 'free' cf.

Muldoon and Ouspensky. Walking along and seeing a man, he asked what time it was. But he was unseen and unheard [cf. This made him feel lonely; he willed to awake in his Physical Body, and did so. Fox made an experiment with chloroform. Muldoon commented, 'There are many reasons why this could be true'. He added, 'In the course of my various explorations of this place I have found that the astral counterpart if such it be of a city appears much larger than the earthly one; for in addition to its present structures and features are to be found buildings, monuments, etc.

Some of these may have existed in the past; and others I suspect to be powerful thought-forms [cf. If you can become connected up with the psychic trail of the forces governing Xtown Technical College, you may get a vision of the new buildings to be occupied by that institution in - which is what a psychometrist actually does. To the astral explorer, then, Xtown will seem at once both familiar and strange, a curious blend of the known and unknown And as far as my experiences go, the investigator who makes his nth trip to the astral Xtown will still find the same features non-existent on earth that puzzled him on his first adventure.

All the above is very similar to 'communications from supposed discarnates' - e. Life Beyond the Grave. Occasionally I have not been able to see any astral body when I looked for it - no legs, no arms, no body - an extraordinary sensation just a consciousness, a man invisible even to himself, passing through busy streets.

Fox said, ' The experience is so extremely real that one who undergoes it may wonder if he is still walking in his sleep - if he cannot see his body upon the bed.

His doubts will speedily be set at rest when he finds he can walk through the wall' [cf.

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Like Muldoon and Bulford, he gave directions as to how out-of-the-body experiences may be obtained. Like them, Fox asserted that even a sceptic who persevered with the directions could satisfy himself that these are genuine experiences, demonstrating the existence of a soul able to function independently of the Physical Body.

Gerhardi, M. Gerhardi had no previous knowledge of out-of-the-body experiences. He also published in Prediction, and Gerhardi intended to write a book on the subject of immortality and went to bed in a state of nervous exhaustion. He dreamed that he had broken a tooth but that when he tried to pull it out, 'It came out easily, in a long sticky strand, like molten toffee'.

This awakening of the critical faculties during a dream as with Oliver Fox caused a real yet not a physical awakening: that is, it caused an out-of-the-body experience. Therefore, dreaming though I still was, I had but to wake to ascertain that my tooth was sound.

But I woke with a start. I had stretched out my hand to press the switch of the lamp on the bookshelf over my bed, and instead found myself grasping the void, and myself suspended in mid-air, on a level with the bookcase.

The room, except for the glow from the electric stove, was in darkness, but all around me was a milky pellucid light. I was that moment fully awake, and so fully conscious that I could not doubt my senses.

Now would you have believed it! Now this is something to tell. And this is not a dream. The suspension in midair lasted only a few minutes, during which I felt as if I were being suspended by a steel arm which held me rigid. Muldoon, Bulford, 'Mr H. I stood there, the same living being, but rather less stable, as if defying gravity.

If the whole world united in telling me that it was a dream, I would remain unconvinced. How utterly unforeseen.

66 Astral Projection Techniques

I felt the handle but could not turn it [cf. Then, turning, I became aware of a strange appendage. At the back of me was a coil of light [the 'silver cord' cf. It was like a luminous garden-hose resembling the strong broad ray of dusty light at the back of a dark cinema projecting on the screen in front. To my utter astonishment, that broad cable of light at the back of me illuminated the face on the pillow, as if attached to the brow of the sleeper [cf. The sleeper was myself [cf.

Who would have thought that I had a spare body at my disposal adapted to the new conditions? But I was not dead; my Physical Body was sleeping peacefully, while I was apparently on my feet and as good as before. Yet it wasn't my accustomed self It was as if my mould were walking through a murky, heavy space which however, gave way easily before my emptiness.

It is extremely sensitive to thought and can be moulded into any shape or form. These creations can be so perfect as to be indistinguishable from reality.

Astral Projection Underground

The best way to explain this, mind stuff is to draw a comparison between astral matter and unexposed, high speed photographic film. When this film is exposed to light, focused by the cameras lens, a perfect image of reality is instantly burnt into the film by the chemical reaction of the film to light. When astral matter is exposed to thought, focused by the lens of the mind, a perfect image of reality is instantly formed out of astral mind stuff by the reaction of astral matter to thought.

The complexity and durability of any creation in the astral dimension depends largely on the strength of the mind doing the creating. Dreams This is how the subconscious mind creates dreams: By tuning into the astral dimension during sleep, it can create any scenario it wishes. This is the subconscious mind's way of solving problems and of communicating with the conscious mind. It creates a series of complex thought form scenarios and projects them into the mind stuff of the astral dimension, where they become solid.

The conscious mind then lives through and experiences these created scenarios in the dream state. In a way it's like a movie projector subconscious mind projecting onto a movie screen astral dimension. Thought Forms Any new object in the real world is assimilated into the astral dimension over a period of time. A thought form representation of it first grows in the lowest part of the astral, close to the physical dimension, becoming more and more permanent as time goes on.

As with all thought forms, the more attention paid to it the quicker it grows. The higher up in the astral dimension, or the further away from the physical, the less thought forms, of the physical world, as we know it, are found. Physical things have to soak in to it for a very long time before they take shape, and are found, in the higher astral. Have you ever tried to move around a strange house in the dark?

You bump into everything, right. All these cases demonstrate a continuation of awareness beyond "death". Raymond Moody, the pioneer in NDE research, and the author of Best selling NDE book Life After Life, interviewed many people who had been resuscitated after having had accidents and he then put together an idealized version of a typical near-death experience.

He emphasized that no one person described the whole of this experience, but each feature was found in many of the stories. Here is his typical description of an NDE A man is dying and, as he reaches the point of greatest physical distress, he hears himself pronounced dead by his doctor. He begins to hear an uncomfortable noise, a loud ringing or buzzing, and at the same time feels himself moving very rapidly through a long dark tunnel. After this, he suddenly finds himself outside of his own physical body, but still in the immediate physical environment, and he sees his own body from a distance, as though he is a spectator.

He watches the resuscitation attempt from this unusual vantage point and is in a state of emotional upheaval. After a while, he collects himself and becomes more accustomed to his odd condition. He notices that he still has a 'body,' but one of a very different nature and with very different powers from the physical body he has left behind. Soon other things begin to happen. Others come to meet and to help him. He glimpses the spirits of relatives and friends who have already died, and a loving, warm spirit of a kind he has never encountered before -- a being of light -- appears before him.

This being asks him a question, non-verbally, to make him evaluate his life and helps him along by showing him a panoramic, instantaneous playback of the major events of his life. At some point he finds himself approaching some sort of barrier or border, apparently Wings Of Success www. Yet, he finds that he must go back to the earth that the time for his death has not yet come.

At this point he resists, for by now he is taken up with his experiences in the afterlife and does not want to return. He is overwhelmed by intense feelings of joy, love, and peace. Despite his attitude, though, he somehow reunites with his physical body and lives.Vision is happening in your brain.

I knew then, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that my soul, free from the Physical Body, was about to enter another existence, entirely different from that of earth. Try to stay in this state for as long as you can. It just means the peanut is separate from the shell but still contained within it. Bozzano Discarnate Influence in Human Life,].

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