AQAP(Edition 1) – NATO QUALITY ASSURANCE REQUIREMENTS. FOR PRODUCTION is a NATO/PFP UNCLASSIFIED publication. The agreement of. download AQAP Ed. 3 () Nato Quality Assurance Requirements For Production from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of AQAP at Engineering

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The Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP). AQAP NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Production. (PDF-Datei; kB). PDF | The article is dealing with ensuring the quality of supplies for the military in the To fulfill the requirements of AQAP first you need to create a quality. APQP is dated and is a NATO document: DNA/Staff/DT/NAVARM/Documents/NormeAQAP/

The independence of personnel designated for contract related quality responsibilities must be clearly documented.

Relevant interfaces between the responsible personnel shall be explained. The Deliverable Quality Plan shall describe how the requirements are flowed down to the places where work is being performed Processes General requirements The Deliverable Quality Plan shall include how processes are identified along with their application, their sequence and interaction.

Criteria and methods to ensure that processes are effective shall be included, as well as resources to support and monitor the implementation of them. Special emphasis shall be put on special or new processes. The Deliverable Quality Plan shall include how the supplier will control outsourced products, processes and activities.


The Deliverable Quality Plan shall include how processes are monitored, measured, analyzed and continually improved Documentation requirements The Deliverable Quality Plan shall describe how documentation requirements, including quality policy, quality objectives, quality manual, procedures, records and other documents are maintained and controlled, including retention periods. It shall describe the arrangements for customer communication Design and development The Deliverable Quality Plan shall describe the activities related to how the supplier plans and controls the design and development of the product and how interfaces are managed downloading including control of sub-suppliers The Deliverable Quality Plan shall describe how the downloading process will be carried out, how the supplier ensures that downloadd products conforms to the specified requirements and how sub-suppliers are evaluated and selected.

Allied Quality Assurance Publications

AQAP documents. Development and Production Table 2. This standards are based on ISO realisation, 7,3 - Design and development, 7. But still there are some problem with the P. The level of integration of MSSs was measured by the degree of integration of the system goals, resources and processes. In the survey, the organizations indicated whether certain aspects of integration were fully integrated, partially integrated or not integrated.

Only organizations that declared the integration of MSS answer the questions about the level of integration. In order to measure the degree of integration of system goals, resources and processes 5 point Likert scale were used.

There were used a open-ended questions to gain the information about the implemented systems and the time of the implementation n the survey. That kind of measure is popular and used by other authors [, , 12]. Data processing was largely descriptive in nature. This descriptive analysis enables an illustration of the benefits of 2.

The methodology used to collect the data was a survey mailed in to a sample of Polish organizations registered to at least two 3. The survey was send to first and after some time AQAP standard organizations located in Poland.

Two mostly indicated system and integrated it with other MS, difficulties of IMS integration were low integration was usually on a high level. Concepts This approach is based on the following concepts: 2. The organisations of the life cycle participants should establish, document, maintain and improve effective and economical processes for each life cycle phase.

The quality management process includes the activities of planning, review, audit, measurement and monitoring, verification, validation, corrective and preventive action.

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Since quality is a shared responsibility, the responsibilities should not be allocated exclusively to any one of the participants. These teams are cross-functional and the team members should have complementary skills and be committed to common objectives. The PMTs should have the delegated authority to trade off performance, time, cost, and risk, as appropriate, while maintaining a focus on quality.

The quality management system is that part of the organisation's management system that establishes the quality policy and quality objectives and then focuses on the achievement of results according to the quality objectives. The quality management policy and objectives should provide a way of effectively managing resources and life cycle processes based on the participation of all members of the organisation.

This approach aims at long-term success by creating a focus on continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and benefits to all interested parties. Assessment provides an insight into an organisation which indicates the areas where corrections are required and opportunities for improvements exist.

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The use of internationally recognised life cycle process models, capability maturity levels and the use of assessment type s depending on the need is seen as a trend. The NATO community should seek to influence evolving international standards. B-3 2.

B Products presented by the Supplier for release B Control of non-conforming products B Acquirer supplied products B Final Inspection Requirements 2. The Supplier is solely responsible for the quality of all products he provides to the Acquirer.

Allied Quality Assurance Publications

The Supplier carries the responsibility for the proper identification, control and use of those processes. C-3 2. Compliance with this publication C-3 3.

Quality Management System C General requirements C Documentation requirements C-4 5.

Management responsibility C Management commitment C Customer focus C Quality Policy C Planning C Responsibility, authority and communication C Management review C-7 6. Resource manageme nt C Provision of resources C Human resourcesC Work environment C Management commitment Research competences require also a certain experience in using various kinds of tools and skills in creating the right strategies for using the available information sources efficiently.

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