Apple Watch encourages you to sit less and move more, and get some To browse the Apple Watch User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page. Follow the instructions on iPhone and Apple Watch to finish setup. During setup, you'll choose .. Apple Watch User Guide, and click PDF. (You can also find the. Apple Watch guide for new or advanced users: we help you learn new tips on how to use Apple Watch and everything you can do with it through simple tutorials.

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Whether you're new to Apple Watch, or just enjoy having the official user guide from Apple as a reference, having it on hand can be useful for. The Apple Watch User guide is available on Apple's help site, and will also be made available on the iBook Store. There are 22 sections in the guide that cover . The online Apple Watch Guide features instructions on how to set up your Apple Watch and pair it with your iPhone, plus other helpful tips like how to use the.

In the watch world, a complication is an added feature on the watch face. Like a dial that displays the date. Apple, in an effort to honor watch history, has adopted the terminology for its smartwatches' widgets, which can be placed on a watch face.

They can be used to display the weather, give you news, show your battery percentage, launch apps and more. How do I add complications to the Apple Watch? Firstly, you'll need to make sure you're selecting a watch face which already has complications for you to edit. Luckily, the majority of Apple's watch faces offer complication support - however, the amount of complications they offer differ.

From there, simply hold down the screen on your Watch, tap which green box you want to edit and use the Digital Crown to scroll through which options you want on your face. Can the Apple Watch charge wirelessly?

Yes, but not to the Qi Wireless Charging standard. All Apple Watch models charge through Apple's proprietary magnetic charging dock system. This is technically wireless charging, but Apple Watch doesn't officially conform to the Qi Wireless Charging standard, as the latest iPhones do, for example. However, back when Apple announced its Qi wireless AirPower charging mat, it pointed out that the Series 3 was compatible.

Japanese blog Mac Otakara was later successful in getting the Series 3 to charge with certain Qi charging pads, but Apple doesn't officially list the Series 3 - or the Series 4 - as Qi-compatible.

Will the Apple Watch connect to wireless headphones? Simply head into the settings section of the Watch, before selecting Bluetooth and the device which you are looking to pair. We've found some issues with the Watch pairing to headphones when a set is already known to our iPhone, but this has varied depending on which headphones we've been using.

Will Apple Watch track my sleep? Likely due to the Watch's limited battery life, Apple is yet to prioritise sleep tracking natively.

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However, there are a host of third party Apple Watch sleep tracking apps available on the App Store. No matter which Apple Watch model you have, double-tapping the side button will bring up your card and a tap of the reader will let you utilise Apple Pay on the device. Through a recent software update, Watch users can now also send money to their friends using Apple Pay Cash.

For more, including how to set up Apple Pay, read our guide on how to pay using an Apple Watch. How does Apple Watch's fall detection work? The Series 4 is outfitted with fall detection. If it detects a hard fall, it'll buzz your wrist and sound an alarm. It'll list quick access to Emergency SOS via a swipe gesture, which will contact emergency services.

It'll also offer a button that says "I'm OK" if you don't need help. If your Apple Watch detects a fall and then detects that you've been immobile for a minute, it begins a second countdown while tapping you on the wrist and sounding an alarm. The alarm will get louder and louder to try to alert someone else to your needs.

It'll also automatically contact emergency services, providing your location. Where is the Apple Watch battery indicator?

Similar to how you can swipe up and down through iOS, watchOS also allows you to do this to access certain settings of the Apple Watch. If you swipe up, you'll notice a percentage icon on the left side, below the Wi-Fi tab and next to the Ping iPhone tab.

If you don't fancy swiping every time you want to check your battery, you can install the battery widget on customisable watch faces. Important: Press a quick release button first so that the Link Bracelet is in two pieces before you attempt to remove or resize it.

Milanese Loop Materials include stainless steel; contains magnets. Page 22 Modern Buckle Materials include leather with stainless steel; fits the 38 mm Apple Watch only; contains magnets. Page 23 Dock or up to 10 of your favorite apps.

The most recently used app appears at the top of the Dock with other apps below, in the order they were last opened. Page 24 Tip: You can also add the apps you use most to your watch face.

See Customize your watch face for more information. Remove an app from the Dock. Press the side button, then turn the Digital Crown to the app you want to remove. Swipe left on the app, then tap Remove. Switch from the Dock to the Home screen.

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Page 25 Available Apps, then tap Install next to the apps you want to install. Get apps from the App Store. If you know the name of the app, use Search to get to it quickly. Page 26 Grid view: On the Home screen, touch and hold the app icon until you see an X on the icon, then tap the X to remove the app from Apple Watch.

It remains on your paired iPhone, unless you delete it there, too. Page 28 World Clock Check the time in other locations The status icons Status icons at the top of the screen give you information about Apple Watch Page 29 You have a workout in progress. Any time you switch to Airplane Mode on one device, the other switches to match. When connected to cellular, the complication displays the quality of the connection—good, poor, or bad. Check cellular data usage. Tap Text Size, then tap the letters or scroll the Digital Crown.

Then, any time you change Do Not Disturb on one, the other changes to match.

Apple Watch Series 4: Cheat sheet

Page 37 Ask Siri to perform a task. You can also tap the Siri button on the Siri watch face or press and hold the Digital Crown until you see the listening indicator at the bottom of the screen, then speak your request and release the Digital Crown.

Page 38 By default, your notification settings on Apple Watch mirror your settings on iPhone. To choose different notification settings, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, tap Notifications, tap the app for example, Messages , then tap Custom. Page 40 Play a sound on Apple Watch. Page 42 , and relax and breathe mindfully Note: Apple Watch Series 2 and later has a built-in GPS that allows you to get more accurate distance and speed information during an outdoor workout without your paired iPhone.

If Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi Page 44 Watch Faces Faces and features Apple Watch comes with a variety of watch faces, most of which you can customize. Look for software updates; the set of watch faces that follows might differ from what you see on your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch user guide: Tutorials to get the most from your smartwatch

To see the latest set of watch faces, Page 48 Modular This watch face has a digital time display and a grid layout that lets you add many features to give you a thorough view of your day. For variety, add more than one Photo face. Page 50 Not seeing photos? Make sure the photos are in your synced album. For help, see Choose your album and manage storage Simple This minimalistic and elegant watch face lets you add detail to the dial and features to the corners. Timelapse This watch face shows a timelapse video of a natural setting or cityscape of your choice.

Page 53 Switch faces at any time to see the right timekeeping tools—or to shake things up.

Tip: The Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app is the easiest way to see all of the available watch faces, customize one, and add it to your collection. Page 54 App Store.

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To make these complications available when you customize a face, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then tap Complications. Page 55 such as World Clock.

Apple Watch user guide: Tutorials to get the most from your smartwatch

When you find one that looks interesting, you can customize it, choose complications, then add the face to your collection—all from the gallery. Page 56 Faces and features Add a face. After you customize a face in the Face Gallery, tap Add.The best Apple Watch apps If there's one major differentiator between the Apple Watch and the competition, it's the breadth of apps. For optimal performance, Apple Watch should fit closely but comfortably on your wrist. Return to normal power mode.

You can also press the side button until you see the slider appear, then drag it to the right. Utility This watch face is practical and functional; add up to three features to display what you want to see at a glance.

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