Also do not call this method if the last page returned by this method is not finished by calling finishPage( Sign in · Documentation · Overview Guides Reference Samples Design & Quality More. Platform · Android Studio · Google Play · Android Jetpack · Docs. Whether you're building for Android handsets, Wear OS by Google, Android TV, Android Auto, or Android Things, this section provides the guides and API.

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I think only HTML is available and you get it by installing the Documentation using the Android SDK tool: enter image description here. (See the 4th item in the . · ▻ Android has excellent documentation. If you can read, you can program Android. Android. ○ BlackBerry. ○ OVI. ○ Windows Mobile. ○ iPhone. ○ LiMo .. http://

Force time synchronization In the "Generate Token" mode, it is possible to manually force time synchronization, which will cause the OTP Tokens to be recalculated based on the synchronized time.

This is used in case of login problems when there is a suspicion that the OTP Token is generated incorrectly. Such synchronization changes time only within the SimplySign application and does not affect the time settings on the device.

SimplySign application, in the "Generate Token code" mode, after 40 seconds from first generation of OTP Token, will displays a hint for the User suggesting the possibility of enforcing time synchronization. In order to force time synchronization manually, go to Settings. Time will be synchronized and shown the difference between the SimplySign application and time on the device. In such a case, after launching of the application, a screen allowing you to start generating OTP Tokens Generate Token button or signing of documents Sign document button will be activated.

Changing the application operating mode It is possible to change the application operating mode.

Change of the operating mode is made in the settings. After entering a correct OTP token and pressing Log in you will be logged into the service. If you log in on this device for the first time, a message about the necessity to allow the application to access the internal information of the device will appear.

After pressing Allow button you will be logged into the service and a screen where you can add files to be signed or go to application settings will appear. If the OTP token entered is incorrect or some other error preventing from logging in occurs, an Access denied message will appear on the bottom. Later, in order to log in to the service, press the Sign document button. The login screen will appear.

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Press the Log in button. Application will automatically generate an OTP Token and try to log user to the service. If during login you encounter problems resulting from incorrect OTP Tokens, there will be automatic time synchronization in the SimplySign application and an additional message will be displayed. After automatic time synchronization, press the Log in button again.

You will log into the SimplySign service. Application settings After logging in to the service, the user gets the access to the application settings.

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In order to access the application settings, press the gear symbol located in the right upper corner of the screen. In order to change the application operating mode, expand the list.

Select a target application operating mode from the drop-down list. A warning about the change of the application operating mode will be displayed. To confirm the change of the application operating mode press the OK button. After confirmation of the change of the mode, the application will return to the start screen in this case to OTP Token Generating. Change of a default certificate To change a default certificate, select the My cards and certificates option from the main screen of options.

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A screen containing all cards and certificates of the logged in user will be displayed. Choose the Default certificate option.


A screen containing all cards and certificates of the logged in user will be displayed again with the possibility to choose a certificate. Choose a certificate which is to be a default certificate from the list of certificates. After choosing a certificate, return to the list of certificates. The selected certificate will be visible on the list of certificates as a default certificate.

Changing PIN code to a virtual card To change a PIN code to a virtual card, select the My cards and certificates option from the main screen of options. Enter the correct PIN code for the selected card. A screen where you have to enter and repeat the new PIN code for the selected virtual card will be shown. After entering and confirming the new PIN code for the selected virtual card, press the OK button visible on the virtual keyboard.

If all data are correct, the PIN code will be changed and a relevant screen informing about it will be displayed. Handling errors during the change PIN code to a virtual card operation In case when an incorrect previous PIN code and a new correct pair of PIN codes are specified, the following error will be displayed.

In case when a correct previous PIN code and a new incorrect pair of PIN codes are specified, the following error will be displayed: Signature parameters Use a trusted time stamp Enabling this option will result in adding a trusted time stamp to the signature. Below you can see a setting where this option is disabled: Enabling or disabling this option consists in tapping your finger in its area. Each finger tap within its area changes its state to the opposite one.

Below you can see a setting where this option is enabled: Sign reason Choosing this option allows for specification whether the so-called Sign reason will be added to the signature structure. The application allows you to add your own signature to the list. This reason will be selectable in the future while signing a document if the option of adding a sign reason is enabled.

A screen where you can enter your own sign reason will be displayed.

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Enter your own sign reason. The entered sign reason will be added to the list of reasons.

A situation when the option Always ask for sign reason is enabled is presented below. Everyone please do this. It will save lots of time, and make for better questions too. Could you indicate where people will find this in eclipse after doing the update? I read the documentation by opening Android 4. Android 6. Andrew Andrew 2 4.

It's no more free. The free download is only a sample and full copy asks for a price. I have started putting together the updated dev guide into pdf.

This PDF looks much better than the other ones on this thread. Not to mention you've posted a DOCX along with it very handy. The one by Yourfriend returns "Access Denied" after a "Malware Detected" warning from Chrome , and the one by Loman has some extra branding added to it that I don't care for.

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April and salary with experience.Build apps. Interact with peripherals. After clicking Finish button Eclipse will load all selected projects into workspace, and you have to wait some time while it is building OpenCV samples. This ID helps to identify the job later to update requirements or to cancel the job.

Go to Udacity. The activation is started by pressing the Activate application button. Background Tasks. See the FAQ in the Wiki.

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