AmpliTube 3 User Manual - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for free. AmpliTube 3 User - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. times for their favorite books like this amplitube 3 user manual, but end up in AmpliTube 4 User Manual - PDF Free Download -

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IK Multimedia - AmpliTube 4. AmpliTube 3 User Manual - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. AmpliTube 3 User. DownloadAmplitube 3 user manual download. This car handles very well Pipeline planning and construction field manual pdf free. • Manual de utilizare saga. AmpliTube 3 User Manual - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or A M P & F X M O D E L I N G S O F T W A R E User Manual AmpliTube 3 .

If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not correct or incomplete, or IK Multimedia has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not correct or incomplete, IK Multimedia has the right to suspend or to revoke the license.

The termination of the license shall be without prejudice to any rights, whatsoever, of IK Multimedia. Its component parts may not be separated for use on more than one computer. Not for Resale Version.

Software Transfer. You may not transfer, license or sublicense your rights as Licensee of the software or any IK Multimedia product, as licensed to you under this agreement without prior written consent of the rights owner.

Instead, promptly returntheentirepackage, includingtheunopenedmediapackage, tothedealerfromwhomyouhaveobtainedit, forafullrefund.

Manyofthetopmetalplayerskeepthisnot-so-secretweaponin thestudioforgreatcleansounds. Itssonicfeatureisthefantasticbuilt-inanalogchorusandvibratounitthatreallymadethisampaclassic figure8. Formoreinformationabouthow tosetthis, see Chapter 9. Theampremainscleanupto volume3or4andstartsdistortingforhigherpositions. Fromthere, continuingrising thecontrolbringsmoreandmoredistortion. NotethatChorushasno settings. NotethatChorushas nosettings. Usethischanneltogetyourhyper-drivensounds fromstompsonly, aswellasforcreatingcleanoredgysounds figure8.

All takes are numbered consecutively. Remove the current take. If you want to: You can add one AmpliTube 3 instance per track via the AmpliTube button.

This is to avoid you having to manually load AmpliTube 3 each time when you play live using any of the IK Multimedia hardware interfaces. To activate AmpliTube 3 as a plug-in processor in Track 2: Select Track 2 by clicking on its number figure 2. Cab and Rack to process your audio files. This means that you can use the entire AmpliTube 3 or any of its modules Stomp.

Track 1 is automatically loaded with AmpliTube 3 when the application is started. To monitor the track with AmpliTube 3 added as effect. To bypass the effect. To deactivate it. Click the AmpliTube button.

Deactivate AmpliTube in the tracks that you are not working on: Select the related tracks and click the AmpliTube button. Select the Stomp. The interface will disappear.

Use what you need: To preserve your CPU usage. Freeze all the tracks that you are not working on: Select the track that you are not working and click the Freeze icon figure 2. Room Ambience. Use the Quality Mode that you need for the current task: If you are practicing scales you do not need the Hi Quality Mode with 12 Stomps. AmpliTube 3 Selector and click Bypass. Select the settings in the Export File window and browse your recording destination folder.

You get the point. Moving the pointer up will increase the value and vice versa. Click and hold the BPM value. To do that. A Project file includes all the information and data included in that particu- lar project. To determine what kind of note value constitutes a beat. AmpliTube 3 Standalone Mode allows you to cre- ate. AmpliTube 3 Time Signature Sign: A Save dialog will appear allowing you to enter your project name.

To open this project later.

In short. Logic Studio. RTAS Windows. AmpliTube 3 automatically sets the Audio Interface sample rate for you. Considering that DAWs are in constant update. But in case you hear imported audio files playing at wrong speed first thing to check is Sample Rate on your Audio Interface.

AmpliTube 3 works in any DAW that supports the following plug-in formats: Audio Units. Acid Pro. Digital Performer.. Avoid red… 3. You can check important information about your product. To understand how the IK Controller selector works. Lead Guitar track.

On the other hand. The Phase control is normally set at zero center considering that could be a positive or negative value. AmpliTube 3 3. The following table shows you which control is implemented in each module. When the signal drops below the set threshold level. This is useful with bass amps. Just click On. AmpliTube 3 threshold level at the lowest possible value fully counterclockwise and set it higher only when you need to activate the gate figure 3.

If you need to add more attenuation. Higher values will result in a gate that takes a longer amount of time to close again. Default is dB. If it does. Cab or Rack parameter. This situation can be fixed by reducing the Master level so that the output master signal stays slightly below the clipping level. The clipping indicator should never light up. Preferences and More 3. Preamps and Power amps when AmpliTube 3 is set to Hi quality.

Amps Reverb: Real Spring: AmpliTube 3 Stomps. Amplifiers with built-in reverb will use a digital algorithmic emulation of a spring reverb.

Oversampling is enabled by default on Stomps. Real Ambience: Pre and Amp Oversampling: Enabling oversampling improves the sound quality significantly when the signal is heavily distorted. This option. Please disable High Resolution only if your computer does not have sufficient CPU power for the current session.

High Resolution enabled by default: This is the most realistic option. AmpliTube 3 will use a high-quality digital reverberation algo- 3.

This will take a little bit more CPU power than the Digital option. When this is enabled Amplifiers with built-in reverb will use a real spring reverb model. If you use high gain sounds. Tempo Source: This option allows you to select the Tempo source. This is useful when you play live with AmpliTube 3 but are using an external real guitar cabinet. Cabinet Global Bypass: This bypasses the Cab module globally. Cabinet Resolution: This will deliver the best quality from the AmpliTube 3 speakers.

This option has to be used only when you really need to save CPU power as the realism and musicality of the speakers is not really expressed at its maximum potential under this setting. When you use AmpliTube 3 as standalone. In this case. Always use this setting when it is possible.

Tap at least 4 times figure 3. The tempo can be overridden by clicking tapping the tempo on the TAP button. In the BPM display.

This is another cool feature considering that from there. Two separate amp setups. Through the eight available presets. Two separate stomp effects setups into two separate amp rigs into all the rack effects. This is a very important feature because it allows you to route your guitar signal to multiple amplifiers or cabinets. All stomp effects and rack effects into both amp rigs. All stomp effects and rack effects into one amp rig. All stomp effects and rack effects into one amp rig with both cabinets.

Two separate stomp effects setups into one amp setup with all the rack effects. Two separate amp setups with separate stomps into two indepen- dent rack effects. Two separate stomp effects setups into one amp with two cabinet setups. AmpliTube 3 4. Select the Signal Path Presets 2 or 6. A Preset contains all of the information for the models selected. A Patch is the combination of a preset and its external controller settings such as master volume. Once you save a preset into a patch.

AmpliTube 3 Chapter 5 Presets and Patches 5. This is because the name of the associated preset contained inside each patch can also be thought of as the name of the patch since the preset contained inside a patch is a unique pre- set that is only associated with that patch and is not tied to any other preset in AmpliTube.

The new Patch mode shows 4. Patches have numbers for example. Presets have names for example. For more information on Presets and Patches. Tuner Module. The default refer- ence is Hz but it could be changed from Hz to Hz by clicking on the display.

When the pointer appears. AmpliTube 3 6. AmpliTube 3 Cents are a convenient way of describing small increments of pitch. To access the Stomp module. Stomp Module. When the effect is On the red LED is lit figure 7.

IK Multimedia

AmpliTube 3 Like the actual gear itself. This option allows you to experiment different configurations and explore new sonic territories on the fly… By the way. The TapDelay is actually 8 delays in one single unit. When set at maximum. This is a relative control. You can create groov- ing rhythm patterns by combining more taps with a specific time signature.

It can be shown in milliseconds or in musical divisions. When set to reverse a delay tap will sound like a reversed tape loop. Use it to globally change the delay tempo without changing the relations between all taps.

In addition. It does not alter the timbre of the distortion. The Low pass filter is very creative when combined to high distortion levels figure 7. This effect can produce very aggressive distorted sounds. Useful when creating heavily distorted sounds. From subtle crunch to complete mayhem.

Hold notes to create amazing synth-like sounds or boost solos for more cutting tone. This unit is perfect for extreme gain and sustain. Nothing compares to this pedal for pure distortion mayhem figure 7. It delivers deep.

AmpliTube®, AmpliTube® Metal™, AmpliTube® X-GEAR™, SVX™,

Long discontinued. It is one of the most aggressive overdrive pedals ever made. From subtle to over-the-top. Its basic controls make it easy to dial in the exact sound you want figure 7. From smooth. This model packs a whole powerful amp into a single stomp box figure 7. It is capable of mild compression or intense signal slamming. The controls include Hz. It is capable of sounds ranging from very simple auto wah effects to extreme never before heard filtering effects figure 7. It uses the envelope of the incoming signal to control a synthesizer style filter.

With the included BPM Sync this is a very useful effect for creating interest- ing. Make your guitar sound like a sitar or like a synth-drone to cre- ate sonic resonances to sing on and control the notes with your controller to create arpeggios and steps while playing figure 7.

AmpliTube 3 User Manual.pdf

You can set the desired voice note by note number or by frequency in Hz. By moving the All slider you can shift the recently created Chord without changing the intervals between the voices.

When set to max the note will sustain by itself. You have 4 resonating voices that can be tuned independently from note E0 to note B7. E3 and G3.

If you want to set another scale and want to remove notes from the chromatic scale just open this menu and leave on only the notes you need.

Turn this Off to have the tuning of each voice to be displayed as frequency in Hz. Use this control to adjust the overall output level of the Rezonator. At full minimum position only Cutoff frequency is modulated. This is the cutoff frequency the filter will have when the steps are set to half position. This is the resonance amount the filter will have when the steps are set to half position.

When set to Strike the cycle will re-start each time a chord or a note is played. If you want. You can also draw a curve while holding the mouse while dragging over multiple steps. In addition to the wah effect it also features an auto function.

When is set at minimum the wah effect is barely noticeable. Based on a mul- tiple feedback opamp circuit.

It gives a darker sound when moved lower heel position and a brighter sound when moved higher toe position. The original model is considered to be one of the best sounding Wah-Wahs of all time figure 7. This is a great feature! The Auto function allows you to use this effect without an external controller figure 7. Typically used on lead guitar. This was the main fuzz box that Jimi Hendrix used. Often combined with a Wah. It is one of the most collectible fuzz boxes ever figure 7.

The higher octave can be more distinct for medium positions of this control. It was one of the first commercially available floor effect units. This unit delivers everything from classic tape flange to over-the-top sweeps. Perfect for adding classic metal-style flange to your rig figure 7.


If Depth is zero. It provides both analog Chorus and analog Vibrato effects. When the effect is on the red LED is light. When enabled. Adjust the timbre of the resonance and filters by setting the Range knob.

This means that you can use the effect to have static resonance and filter matrix effects. While it has amazing warmth. If Width is zero. Used by a wide range of first-class guitarists. Did you try the Phaze Nine on bass.

From left to right the perceived effect intensity will increase. When enabled the rate knob becomes a selector that allows to choose between various musical figures.

The sound is affected even when the Intensity knob is set to zero. This created a swirling effect quite similar to the most famous rotary speaker cabinet but with the addition of speed control.

More than just a pitch shifter.

Simply select the scale to use. The harmonized notes will be according to the selected scale figure 7. Possible scales types are: It will produce two additional sounds.

This new pitch shifted signal is blended with the original sound to create harmony guitar leads or other types of dual pitch effects figure 7.

Measured in intervals. Measured in cents. From classic shred to the most aggressive modern metal. Set it at lower positions to get a more gate-like effect or set it to higher posi- tions to get a smoother effect. It can be setup to cre- ate anything from the most amazing tremolos to the most complex rhythm effects that always stay in perfect sync with the beat figure 7. At min position the steps will not have effect.

When set to Free the cycle will be continuous and will always cover all the steps that are specified in the Steps parameter. This helps to immediately recognize when the swell is trig- gered. Set it higher if you want the Swell cycle to start even at the beginning of softer passages. Use it subtly to add groove to your rhythm parts or use it with deeper settings to create dreaming pads or string-like sounds figure 7. By default the depth is at max position. Use of these names does not imply any cooperation or endorsement.

AmpliTube 3 marks of Applied Research and Technology. Amp A and Amp B.

Each of the modeled amps is a true representation of the original hardware units and an invaluable addition to your sonic arsenal. There are two separate amplifier modules that can be accessed independently e.

This is useful to quickly select a specific guitar amp with its related EQ Model. Amp Module. For this reason. This feature allows you to create your own mixture of stages and promotes experimentation. In these cases. This allows you to design custom amps choosing different components from a variety of top-notch amplifiers.

AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix and some of the amps included in AmpliTube Metal contain separate stages modeling that can be individu- ally selected. The Pre Model is the first stage in the Amp module.

This section models the initial preamp and drive of each amplifier figure 8.

Manual De Amplitube 3

For those amps that have been modeled with individual selectable stages.This mic model is based on one of the most famous multi-purpose studio microphones figure 9. Two separate amp setups with separate stomps into two indepen- dent rack effects.

In short.

Software Transfer. Traditional emulations are forced to a tradeoff between.

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