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Download Cursor's Fury (Codex Alera, #3) free ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) by Jim Butcher. Book details Author: Jim Butcher Pages: pages. 1. Furies of Calderon - Jim KB. 2. Academ's Fury - Jim Butcher .epub. KB. 3. Cursor's Fury - Jim KB. 7. Like Show likes. Academ's Fury: Codex Alera Series, Book 2 (Adobe EPUB eBook, site Book, OverDrive Read). Book Cover. Average Rating. 5 star. (1). 4 star. (2). 3 star. (0).

During Academ's Fury, he was possessed by the Vord, along with the majority of his steadholders, and died in battle against the legionnaires of Garrison. He was challenged and defeated by Doroga, and killed by Fidelius to retrieve Lord Aquitane's signet dagger that Fidelius had given him.

He engineered the Marat invasion of the Calderon Valley in Furies of Calderon, but was forced to assist Gaius in Academ's Fury by leading an attack on Kalare's bloodcrows on the docks of Alera Imperia.

He also worked with Gaius during Cursor's Fury to prevent Kalare from assuming the throne. It is revealed in an old letter that is given to Isana by the High Lord Antillus, that both he and Attis were close friends with Gauis Septimus.

His hostility towards Sextus stems from the loss of Septimus. He partakes in a gamble to lure out his ex-wife and his troops, where he is injured by a fury-crafted blade, fatally, and he dies near the end of First Lords Fury.

It is later revealed that Ehren was the one who talked him into putting him up as bait, actually following Gaius Sextus' instructions in the encrypted letter, thus removing the only threat to Tavi's claim on the throne, though no-one but Bernard is aware of this. Bittan Aleran Fire Snake Kord's younger son, Bittan was favored heavily over Aric, possibly because of his inherently cruel and petty nature. He was killed during an attack against Tavi and Fade by Aldrick ex Gladius, but not before setting the forests of the Calderon Valley on fire with his firecrafting, which led Isana to flood much of the valley to put them out and stop the battle.

Kalare is a tyrant whose lands are impoverished and war-torn. Kalare commands powerful legions of warriors known as 'Immortals', slaves with powerful crafting abilities who have been tortured and twisted into fearless berserkers who feel no pain. During the events of Cursor's Fury, Kalare's forces attempt to stage a coup during a conference taking place in Ceres. Later in the book it becomes known that Kalare made a deal with the Canim to attack the west coast of Alera in order to spread thin the First Lord's forces.

His forces are defeated in part thanks to Tavi's interference with the Canim incursion and he is forced to withdraw to his own lands. In Captain's Fury, it is revealed that Kalare is going insane and that he has provoked the wrath of one of the Great Furies and intends to use it to wipe out a large number of Alera.

Gaius, with the help of Amara and Bernard, infiltrate Kalare's lands and Gaius is able to release Kalare's hold on the fury thus annihilating Kalare and his forces. In general, he is a bully to those he deems weaker than him, but is a coward when faced with a stronger adversary such as Max. While high, and at this father's urging, he attacks Tavi in the street after his duel for Citizenship, and is nearly killed by Tavi in the struggle before Lord Kalare and Lady Placida intervene, which leads to Max's arrest.

This results in his death at the hand of Countess Amara by the end of Princeps' Fury. He is a skilled swordsman, a smuggler, a pirate, and a part-time slaver. He is also a surprisingly honorable man and might well be the most dangerously competent captain currently sailing the seas of Carna. He first appears in Cursor's Fury, delivering a mysterious shipment to Canea, most likely at the behest of Lord Kalare.

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Later books reveal that he was the man who smuggled Sarl out of Alera and brought him, along with the Vord Queen, to Canea. Despite this, Captain Demos is hired by Cursor Ehren the moment he returns from the trip and has no problem working for Kalare's enemies for the rest of the series. Even though he's the first to admit that Araris would beat him in a fair fight, his bond with his ship makes him very difficult to defeat while on board the vessel.

He has no trouble disabling both Tavi and Araris when a brief argument about Demos' part-time slaving comes to blows, only to emphasize that he doesn't plan to double-cross them or back out of their deal. The Slive continues to serve as the personal flagship of Gaius Octavian in Princeps' Fury and First Lord's Fury, after Tavi finally convinces its Captain to swear off carrying slaves by bribing him with solid gold chains that would be far more profitable to sell instead of using them to hold prisoners.

Doroga Marat None Doroga is the current leader of the Marat and headman of the Gargant tribe Gargants are described in a later book as a giant relative of a burrow badger. His wife, a member of the Fox clan, was killed by Atsurak's savage Herdbane. He's Kitai's father, and an ally of Bernard and Tavi and, by proxy, Gaius.

After Tavi saved Kitai's life in the Wax Forest, Doroga repaid his kindness by protecting the lives of Tavi's family—by leading his own horde of Marat into battle against Atsurak at the Second Battle of Calderon. During Academ's Fury, he led the Marat into battle against a Vord nest in Marat territory and went to Bernard to warn Alera about the Vord threat and assist them in combat against the Vord in Calderon Valley.

Doroga returns in Princeps' Fury as a neutral party for Isana and the Icemen. Sir Ehren ex Cursori Aleran Wind, A small amount of wood, not a very powerful fury-crafter Formerly an Academ and now a Cursor, Ehren, though incredibly intelligent and a competent fighter, lacks strong fury-crafting.

He is often teased by his fellow students, but is a close friend to Tavi and Max. He used his weak fury to his advantage because weak fury-crafting is harder to detect so no one noticed him breaking in using his wood fury.

In Cursor's Fury, he worked as a Cursor on an island to the west of Alera, returning to the mainland in time to warn Tavi and Max of the impending Canim invasion. Also in This Series. Works on all eReaders except sites , desktop computers and mobile devices with with reading apps installed. site Book. Works on sites and devices with a site app installed.

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The move countered Tavi's most recent move to the skyboard. Ferocity is useless unless employed in the proper place Then he settled back from the board and folded his paw-hands. He had considered the Cane's move in his planning, but had deemed it too unorthodox and impractical to worry much about it. But the subtle maneuvers of the game had altered the balance of power at that single point on the ludus board. Tavi regarded his responses, and dismissed the first two counters as futile.

Then, to his dismay, he found his next dozen options unpalatable. Within twenty moves, they would lead to a series of exchanges that would leave the Cane and his numerically superior forces in command of the ludus board and allow them to hunt down and capture Tavi's First Lord at leisure. Varg's black lips peeled away from his white teeth, an imitation of an Aleran smile. Granted, no Aleran would ever look quite so Tavi shook his head, still running down possibilities on the game board.

I thought I had your tactics down fairly well. Know yourself. Only then may you seize victory. The Cane showed more teeth. We are at war, Aleran," he said, without any particular rancor beyond his own unsettling inflections.

He rolled a paw-hand at the ludus board. But it is not simply a game. We match ourselves against one another. Study one another.

Codex Alera 2 Academ's Fury

Varg let his silence speak of his agreement. Tavi liked Varg, in his own way. The former Ambassador had been consistently honest, at least when dealing with Tavi, and the Cane held to an obscure but rigid sense of honor.

Since their first meeting, Varg had treated Tavi with an amused respect. In his matches with Varg, Tavi had assumed that getting to know one another would eventually lead to some kind of friendship.

Varg disagreed. For Tavi, it was a sobering thought for perhaps five seconds. Then it became bloody frightening. The Cane was what he was. A killer. If it served his honor and his purposes to rip Tavi's throat out, he wouldn't hesitate for an instant-but he was content to show polite tolerance until the time came for the open war to resume.

Tavi felt a sudden, uncomfortable urge to deflect the conversation. One hundred years as we count them. Tavi pushed his mouth closed with one hand and fumbled for something relevant to say. His eyes went back to the ludus board, and he touched the square where Varg's gambit had slipped by him. How did you manage to set that up? Spread them out. It degrades their ability to support one another, compared to adjacent positioning on the board.

His forces stood in neat rows, side by side. It looked awkward and crowded to Tavi, but the overlapping combat capabilities more than made up for the difficulty of arranging it, while his own pieces stood scattered everywhere, each move the result of seeking some single, specific advantage in order to dominate the board.

Varg restored the table to its game positioning, flicking his tail in emphasis with his words. Their discipline mitigates their physical weakness.

Codex Alera 2 Academ's Fury

No amount of rage can match discipline. Unwisely employed aggression is more dangerous to oneself than any enemy, cub. He couldn't see how to defeat Varg's positioning, but if he pressed on, he might find an opportunity, or Varg might make some kind of mistake Tavi could capitalize upon.

He pushed a Knight to Varg's Steadholder, taking the piece and beginning the vicious exchange. After a dozen moves, Tavi did not find a way to beat the Cane.

His defeat looked inevitable, and he grimaced and lifted a hand to knock his First Lord onto its side in capitulation. Someone pounded on the door to the cell-really, Tavi thought, it was more like a Spartan apartment than a prison, a large suite that included a bed large enough to suit even the Cane as well as a sitting area and a reading area-and a guard opened the wooden door outside the prison suite. A courier from the Citadel is here upon the Crown's business.

He wishes to speak to you. I suppose we'll have to call this one a draw. The Cane tilted his head slightly to one side. Tavi mimicked the gesture, though a little more deeply. Please excuse me, sir. He flashed his fangs in another smile at the guard. The man didn't precisely flinch, but it seemed to Tavi that he had to fight not to do so.

Tavi withdrew to the barred door that faced the cell, never turning his back on Varg. He slipped through the door after the guard unlocked it, then followed him down two flights of stairs to a small, private office. It was a very plain affair, its walls lined with shelves of books, an unadorned table and chairs of gorgeously polished dark wood, a ledger desk, and a writing desk. A plain white porcelain pitcher sat on the table, beaded with droplets of water.

A small, stout, and somewhat myopic man sat in one of the chairs. He wore the red-and-blue-trimmed tunic of a senior functionary in the Citadel.

The guard nodded to the man and withdrew into the hallway, shutting the door behind him. Tavi frowned, studying the messenger. There was something familiar about him. Tavi did not recognize his face, but that meant little in the teeming mass of Alera Imperia's Citadel. The messenger's head tilted slightly, and he remained silent. Then Tavi grinned and swept into a formal bow. As he did, his form wavered and shifted, sliding into a larger, leaner frame, until Gaius Sex-tus, First Lord of Alera and the mightiest of its furycrafters, sat before Tavi.

His hair was thick, well trimmed, and silver-white, though it and the lines at the corners of his eyes were the only features about the man that made him look older than a well-preserved forty years or so. There was an aloof, wolfish quality to the way he held himself, confident in his power, his intelligence and experience. Tavi idly noted that the First Lord had evidently altered his clothing when he changed, as it still fitted him despite Gaius having added six inches of height.

Tavi frowned. They were yours. I'm not sure how I knew. If you had some kind of innate talent we could define, perhaps we could teach your technique to the rest of the Cursors. It could prove extremely valuable. I read your analysis of the reports you've been tracking. I thought those were for Captain Miles. I'm surprised they reached you. If I tried to read every paper in the Citadel, I'd be smothered within a day," Gaius said. Miles wanted me to write in opposition to his preferred strategies.

I was just advocating it to help him find weaknesses in his own planning. It's time to make the High Lords dance to my tune for a change. Sooner or later, Kalare or Aquitaine will move on me in force. Best to move now, on my own schedule, rather than waiting for them to prepare. So you're going on a trip.

Codex Alera 02 - Academ's Fury

I read your paper on the Romanic Arts. So did Magnus. He needs a research assistant," Gaius said. I may need you in position there, depending on how matters fall out. Unless, of course, you do not wish to go. I mean, uh, yes, sire! I'd be honored. And ask Gaele to deliver those letters for you. Gaele, a student and classmate of Tavi's, had never really been Gaele.

The true student had been murdered, doubled, and coldly replaced before Tavi had the chance to get to know the real Gaele.So long as he kept the game running in his favor-and provided his opponent wasn't laying some kind of fiendish trap Tavi had overlooked-he stood an excellent chance of victory. Kalare commands powerful legions of warriors known as 'Immortals', slaves with powerful crafting abilities who have been tortured and twisted into fearless berserkers who feel no pain.

Please excuse me, sir. Even though he's the first to admit that Araris would beat him in a fair fight, his bond with his ship makes him very difficult to defeat while on board the vessel. It contains twelve new stories from a variety of perspectives, including Harry, Marcone, Molly, Butters, Luccio, and even Maggie and Mouse! They sometimes sell out, so the sooner the better! She heard Kalare turn away and walk back into his study, chuckling under his breath.

Kalarus had impressed upon them his will regarding Rook's visits, and not even his guards would dare his anger. War value:

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