Step 2) Run PSP Grader, If you have not already downloaded the Official eBoot you can do so using the download button. If you already. This is the latest Custom Firmware for your PSP. If you have custom firmware installed already and want to update to m33 download the file below and extract it. This is an update to the original M33 update. To make an MMS, I recommend using a program called PSP Grader. The latest For the next step, you will need the OFW EBoot file.

5.00 Eboot For Psp Grader

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I've psp which is fully bricked because someone told me that there And i download eboot from here: Eboot - Downloads. Download Link- Pre Made Magic Memory Stick m Time Machine After Files Are Extracted, Double click 'PSP Grader v - Lite bestthing.info' . an update , you create a folder UPDATE in game folder and put EBOOT. A PSP with USB Cable and or bestthing.info M33 Custom Firmware Installed The official Sony Firmware EBOOT files for , , , , , and Installs the Noobz Pandora Downgrader to your PSP.

For the next step, you will need the OFW 5. Once downloaded, rename the file to You will need 7-zip to extract the. Tick Format Memory Stick, and press Load 5. Check which trigger button is selected to the right of the application. The default trigger is the Left Trigger, though this can be changed if you wish.

This will be important later. Click Create Pandora Stick and allow the process to complete. After this, you can close the program. Installing CFW Now, this is the fun part.

First of all, insert your pandora battery with the MMS still inserted, whilst holding down the trigger that was configured during the making of the MMS. After a menu is loaded, it's recommended that you plug the PSP in, to ensure that power is not lost during the process.

After this installation you can remove the battery and plug the PSP back in or use a normal battery and it should have 5. From this point, you should upgrade to either 5. InsaneNutter , Mar 5, Its the original, I though I would need a downgrader to do that. So the PSP would consider it an update?

Dark Scyth , Mar 7, The Pandora battery puts the PSP in service mode, something only Sony is supposed to be able to do, when in service mode you can flash anything you want to the PSP. You used to have to downgrade to 1. InsaneNutter , Mar 7, Dec 27, Messages: I think you can only downgrade from official fireware 3.

Pandora/MMS guide for installing CFW

Safinn , Mar 8, I can't do Pandora's battery on this because its not what it should be on the inside. Dark Scyth , Mar 9, I thought it was hard to do becuase I wasted one battery so my mate did it for me.

Safinn , Mar 9, My psp battery is screwed so i'll need a new one. I DID hack it though so would I need to pandora a new battery or could I just get a new battery and leave it be? I'm trying to use a Snes emulator, it has no sound.

Mar 10, Dec 9, Messages: I wish I would have never upgraded from 3. It worked fine for a while, then it just started doing this. I've formatted my memory stick and even swapped it with other ones both Sandisk and Sony and it still happens.

Stealth Geek , Apr 14, You dont need to take the battrey out, hold the power swith up for about 8 seconds and the PSP should turn off. I think you can downgrade if you go in to recovery mode and launch the installer for 3.

Pandora/MMS guide for installing CFW

Tried installing the 6th patch for the 5. Ive atatched it if you want to give it ago. InsaneNutter , Apr 14, If you have a big memory card I have an 8gig.

I would really advise upgrading to 5. It allows faster memory stick reading.

With the SNES emulator there a still bugs, although it might just be my emulator. I really like the progress that Daedalus, Nintendo 64 emulator.

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I can't listen to the audio of the games since its slows down the FPS too much. So I use IRshell and put on some music and then start up the emulator. So atleast I hear something when I'm playing. Oh yeah, I know some people don't want to upgrade because they won't be able to use some of the older homebrew, so this will help.

This would be the 1. Then you will get 2 different things one will be Put the PBP in the root of your memory stick the first thing you'll see when you double click on the memory stick.

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Put THAT 1. Hold the R button and turn on the PSP, to go into recovery mode.

Then go to Configuration, then go to Game Folder homebrew press X then it'll go from 5. XX Kernel to 1.


I will posts some pics if need be. May 23, Adum24 8 years ago on Introduction. You may also now be interested in using a Prometheus firmware.


It is important that this is the only leg that is cut, as cutting other legs may cause unexpected malfunctions. Reply Upvote. First step: select a region for your new idstorage.

UMD: yes. Step 4 If you used a psp it should be recognized and the drive letter selected. Once it has installed, reinsert your normal battery.

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