bestthing.info?utm_campaign= bestthing.info&experiment_id=tutorial bestthing.info In the online age that we live in, having a professional website is an absolute necessity for nearly all career choices and business ventures. Dear Newbie, First of all, welcome to Wix! We applaud you for taking things into your own hands and deciding to make yourself a website.

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Step 1: Access the WiX Website. Click this button to get started. Start Now. Starting Out: Creating an Account. The Great Waterway: Tutorial a. Helpful Links. 1. How to transfer a site bestthing.info editor/other/transferring-sites. 2. How to upload and link to pdf's bestthing.info files. Wix is a web development platform that enables you to build a website without any technical or programming standard of creating websites, enabling rich.

Email this Article Print This Article Website building platforms have become a great commodity recently.

How to Build a Website with WIX: Step by Step Guide

The acquisition of Weebly , another popular website building platform, by Square in April is the latest example. Building your own business WIX website is free and relatively straightforward.

To do this, you just enter your email address and a password or you can sign in with a Google or Facebook social account. Some of the selections most useful to small businesses might include a business website, online store or blog.

1. Add a Product

You can browse from the popular templates or search for something specific. You can also search within specific categories like websites made specifically for consultants, service providers or marketers.

Or you can choose from a selection of mostly blank themes and then build up from there. And you also have the ability to change the background of your page. Just click on the background option on the sidebar, and then you can choose a color or upload a photo or video to serve as the background of your website. Add Different Elements Your template is really just a starting point for your new website.

You can also add other elements to the page to really make the site look complete. You might choose to add things like text boxes, images, slideshows, buttons, menus, videos or shapes. Free from ads, it comes with a personalized domain name for one year, and enough storage for most website needs. Starting an online store?

The Business Unlimited option, which includes unlimited products, is best for budding entrepreneurs. For larger online stores, the VIP plan offers first priority customer support. Once you click, Wix will ask what type of website you want.

It has numerous options. You should be. From there, it will take you to the template selection, offering a large menu of tempting templates tailored to your choice.

Step 3: Update Text and Images You will now be taken to a preview of your template. Here you can play around with the simple but brilliant editing features, such as the drag-and-drop design and text boxes.

Firstly, you need to update your company, portfolio or blog details. Simply click on the text you want to change, then rewrite. You can also change the font size and color, plus the typeface favorites — italics and bold — are there for some extra font-based fun.

Editing text on Wix is easy If your template comes with images, these can be changed too. This is what makes Wix the best — you can really make the website your own, one click at a time. Click it and switch it for anything you like.

Step 3: Personalize the Background Change the background too, if you like. You guessed it: click and change.

WiX Toolset Tutorial

Read our article on the best UX trends of How to edit the background with Wix with a couple of clicks On the right hand side are the options for deleting, rotating and duplicating the elements on your page. The left side menu is for all your creations.

The Add button is your friend here, allowing you to throw in text boxes, slideshows, buttons, and just about any small detail a winning website needs. Step 4: Add Apps Worried your website is too plain? They cover everything from online stores and forums, to restaurant orders and quizzes.

Not only do the apps look great, but they provide your website with the modern interface they need to succeed. The Wix App Market has over options Take a wander through the marketplace and pick your favorites.When you customize your site for mobile, pay close attention to readability, navigation and image sizing.

Getting Started With Wix Stores: 5 Basic Lessons for Beginners

Consider this the essential starting kit for anyone who is interested in a powerful online presence for a business, an organization or a personal hobby. It also builds more personal sites, thanks to its Premium Plan upgrades and wide choice of Apps.

For one, it lets you communicate your message and ideas in a more personal, eye-to-eye tone. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term process that does not end once your website is launched.

Keyword research: Adding a blog to your Wix site is just a matter of a few clicks. Who are they? Recent Posts See All. Wix offers a vast selection of gorgeous website templates for multiple themes, styles and purposes.

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