impossible to machine using traditional machining processes. • Traditional examples of single action, mechanical non traditional machining processes. PDF | 55+ minutes read | Non-Traditional Machining process. To learn about various unconventional machining processes, the various process Unconventional machining Process – Need – classification – Brief overview.

Unconventional Machining Process Pdf

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Need For Unconventional Machining Processes. 2. Classification Of UCM Processes. 2. Brief Overview. 3. UNIT II MECHANICAL ENERGY BASED. Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology, Virudhunagar Course Material ( lecture notes) ET C SV ME - Unconventional Machining Prcesses - Unit 1. Total: 45 OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, the students can able to demonstrate different unconventional machining processes and know the.

But in the TIG-process, the arc is burning free and unchanneled, whereas in the plasma-arc system, the arc is necked by an additional water-cooled plasma-nozzle. The welding process involves heating a gas called plasma to an extremely high temperature and then ionizing it such that it becomes electrically conductive.

The plasma is used to transfer an electric arc called pilot arc to a work piece which burns between the tungsten electrode and the plasma nozzle. By forcing the plasma gas and arc through a constricted orifice the metal, which is to be welded is melted by the extreme heat of the arc.

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The weld JN pool is protected by the shielding gas, flowing between the outer shielding gas nozzle and the plasma nozzle. As shielding gas pure argon-rich gas-mixtures with hydrogen or helium are used.

The high temperature of the plasma or constricted arc and the high velocity plasma jet provide an increased heat transfer rate over gas tungsten arc welding when using the same current. This results in faster welding speeds and deeper weld penetration.


This method of operation is used for welding extremely thin material and for welding multi pass groove and welds and fillet welds. The common application areas of the machine are: 1. Single runs autogenous and multi-run circumferential pipe welding. In tube mill applications.

Nontraditional Machining Processes – an Overview

Welding cryogenic, aerospace and high temperature corrosion resistant alloys. Nuclear submarine pipe system non-nuclear sections, sub assemblies. Welding steel rocket motor cases. Welding of stainless steel tubes thickness 2. Welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, brass, monel, inconel, aluminium, titanium, etc. Welding titanium plates up to 8 mm thickness. Welding nickel and high nickel alloys. Plasma torch can be applied to spraying, welding and cutting of difficult to cut metals and alloys.

Plasma Arc Machining PAM : Plasma-arc machining PAM employs a high-velocity jet of high-temperature gas to melt and displace material in its path called PAM, this is a method of cutting metal with a plasma-arc, or tungsten inert-gas-arc, torch.

The torch produces a high velocity jet of high-temperature ionized gas called plasma that cuts by melting and removing material from the work piece. TU Temperatures in the plasma zone range from 20, to 50, F 11, to 28, C. It is used as an alternative to oxyfuel-gas cutting, employing an electric arc at very high temperatures to melt and vaporize the metal.

Advanced (Non-traditional) Machining Processes

Equipment: A plasma arc cutting torch has four components: 1. The electrode carries the negative charge from the power supply.

The swirl ring spins the plasma gas to create a swirling flow pattern. The nozzle constricts the gas flow and increases the arc energy density.

This page is all about Introduction Classification Characteristics. Process parameters and MRR or cutting speed. Share this: Related Posts on Machining tag s. Unconventional Machining Processes.

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Reamer Tool. Shielding Gases.

Shaping Ceramics. ME Mechanical Team https: All Comments. You can download pdf format by entering page url on sites like printfriendly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Shallow removal on large flat or curved surfaces; blanking of thin sheets; low tooling and equipment cost; suitable for low-production runs.

Unconventional Machining Process - UMP Study Materials

Electrochemical machining ECM. Complex shapes with deep cavities; highest rate of material removal among other nontraditional processes; expensive tooling and equipment; high power consumption; medium-to-high production quantity.Please enter your comment!

Find out more. Nontraditional machining processes, also called advanced manufacturing processes, are employed where traditional machining processes are not feasible, satisfactory or economical due to special reasons as outlined below.

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