Mezmerella is a villain from The Incredibles comic book series that were published by Boom! Studios. As her name implies, she is a master of hypnosis. A sequel comic series to The Incredibles was one of the launch titles for Boom! Studios' Disney line, beginning in March with the four-issue miniseries. The Incredibles is a comic-book adaptation of the Pixar animated feature- length film, The Incredibles. It started in , and it ended in

The Incredibles Comic Book

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The Incredibles is a comic book followup to the movie of the same name, headed by Mark Waid and Landry Walker, and published by Boom! Kids in to late. Get a sneak peek at what lies ahead for Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and the rest of the Pixar superhero family in the upcoming Dark Horse comic. THE INCREDIBLES, #1 OF 4 (COMIC BOOK) [PAUL ALDEN] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The city of Municiberg was once protected.

Break the Cutie : Mezmerella's plan for Violet. She very nearly ends up doing it to Dash instead.

The Verdict

Canon Marches On : Incredibles 2 completely ignores and even outright contradicts both this series and the video game that preceded it.

The Dog Bites Back : H. It bears mentioning at this point that H. Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys : The newspaper that reports of Bomb Voyage's attack on the Eiffel Tower also reports that the French prime minister is considering to surrender.

Downer Ending : The Unforgivables succeed in their plan and drive the supers out of town.

Despite the last comic saying " Not The End ", the storyline has yet to be continued. Monumental Damage : Bomb Voyage's return is heralded with the Eiffel Tower being blown to smithereens. Subverted, however; the bomb simply sent the tower to Xerek's underground lair.

No, Mr. Promotion to Parent : A villain named Larry claims to have raised two brothers and three sisters when he decides to take care of Jack-Jack after kidnapping him. Elastgirl: You.

A family. Red Right Hand : Shifty has a mole that gives him away in alternate forms.

Comic books in 'Incredibles TPB (Boom Studios)'

Dash acts quickly to destroy the machine and quickly catches Violet when Mezmerella pushes her off the building before Dash quickly beats her down. However, when Dash thought he defeated Mezmerella was actually a hypnotic illusion and Dash experiences such sensations as his parents removing his powers for his recklessness, the teachers in his school being disguised aliens and a battle between the aliens and Underminer where the illusion starts to crack and Dash sees that Violet is still falling.

As the dream world Mezmerella created starts to break down and get crazier, Dash eventually finds his way out, which causes Mezmerella's goggles to shatter. Dash first rushes to catch Violet, and while Mezmerella gloats thinking she took care of both children, she is quickly rushed by Dash, growing more frustrated by his hit-and-run attacks before finally being knocked out. In the Metroville prison, Mezmerella receives an invitation to join the Unforgivables, a new villain organization that's been building up.

Her first act after joining up is to take over the prison in order to use it as a base. A power amplifier is set up to increase the strength of Mezmerella's powers and create a hypnotic broadcast to bring Metroville under control in a plot to discredit the supers.

But the machine's incredible power comes at the cost of putting Mezmerella into a state of unconciousness. However, covers for the delayed "Unforgivables" arc show Mezmerella actively fighting the family, so she presumably recovers. Mezmerella is featured on a villain "target practice" float in the Pixar Pals!

She is the only character from the comics to be featured in a Disney theme park. She is a member of the Confederacy of Crime and eventually the Unforgivables. Rollergrrl is one of the many confederacy members called in to retrieve the Alien Superpower Virus from the lab of Doc Sunbright.

She actually gets a hold of the canister, but is attacked by Dash and eventually put into a forcefield by Violet. About two years later, after the events of the film, Rollergrrl and her fellow Confederacy members are still active, though their team has generally been falling apart.

Going after Jack-Jack , who carries the virus now, the Confederacy of Crime has the key to power enhancement in their grasp, but the treachery of Shifty ends up causing them to lose the virus and the battle. Together Forever: Incredibles 2: Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Incredibles comic books issue 1

The cover to the Family Matters trade paperback. Contents [ show ].

Mini-series issue 2 MyComicShop. Issue 13 September 9, Issue 14 September 29, Issue 16 Never released.Written by Eisner-award winning comic writer Mark Waid and Landry Walker and drawn by Marcio Takara and Ramanda Kamarga, it expands the scope of the film universe with new characters and villains as well as re-introducing Xerek, the villain of early drafts of the movie.

Her putty minions going out of control and attacking her own family as well, Dash manages to quickly steal a De-Evolution bomb from the imprisoned foe and devolve them, though at the cost of turning Organa into an ape and the family being forced to move away far from civilization.

Rollergrrl would be one of the members of the team to escape the NSA authorities and would join up as a member of the Unforgivables , being formed by Xerek, afterwards. Incredibles 1st Series Boom Studios 1J.

All three stories have different artists and they each bring something different and distinct to each of their tales.

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