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Free PDF Books Of General Studies, CSAT, English Grammer and Much More bestthing.info can 8) Morden History Book (Spectrum Hindi): Download. As most of the books are available in PDF format and available in this link Click to Download. Following links are for Facts of Indian Culture, Spectrum [ IMPORTANT]. The Wonder IAS Preparation Books FOR GENERAL STUDIES PAPER 1. Paper‐III General Studies –II – Marks. A Brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir (Spectrum) New Edition PDF · Indian Art and India Year Book PDF · GS Score UPSC Mains GS Paper 2 Model Hints PDF · GS Score UPSC.

No need to refer any other book for Paper 2.

Recommended Books for General Studies – Civil Services Books – Mains Exam

Manorama Year Book is a recommended source for general knowledge information. Its international events section is also very useful.

Oxford Student Atlas is the best atlas for IAS preparation since it has latest and most accurate information presented in a well illustrated manner. The language is easy to grasp for lay readers.

The latest developments in polity are also covered. More useful for Prelims than Mains.

It tackles many current issues related to environment, climate change, pollution, water scarcity etc. You should definitely read this book, for both, Prelims and Mains.

This book starts from the Revolt and continues right till the independence period. It is a handy reference book for Modern Indian History. Normally these are not ideas the government would have access to. Jaishankar was in Thimphu last week.

NCERT Textbooks

Where do you see ties at present and where are the avenues for growth? I think our ties are at their highest possible point but the hidden height of the mountain always remains.

Jaishankar, we will do whatever it takes to strengthen ties further. No, I want to correct you, there is no delay, as no timeline was set.

I am very happy Mr. Modi accepted my invitation to visit when I was in Delhi, but I also told him that there was no need to rush.

UPSC Syllabus for IAS Exam 2019 – Prelims, Mains & Personal Interview

He has so many engagements laid out in his new tenure, and we look forward to his visit here when that is possible. As far as Mangdechhu project is concerned, high-level visits are not connected to inaugurations or media events. Mangdechhu is in the final stages of completion now, and we have other bilateral projects that are being worked on: for example the South Asia Satellite programme. We have requested another government-to-government mega-hydropower project on the Sankosh river, which may see some progress as well.

On hydropower, which is often seen as the cornerstone of the India-Bhutan relationship, there has been some criticism due to the environmental impact of mega dams, delays in big construction, and cost increases. Do you remain in favour of these mega- projects? The answer is yes, but the shift if probably to slow down the pace of [starting new projects]. During my tenure, I am targeting one mega-project, the Sankosh project, which will be a reservoir project, and if other current projects are completed, we might think of new ones.

General Knowledge India (Part One) – Free E-Book – Download Pdf

After we requested some changes, New Delhi agreed to change them and we are very grateful for that. While people believe hydropower is the cornerstone of our ties, I think our relations rest on the mindset of the visionary leadership in our two countries.

What about progress in electricity trade with other countries, like Bangladesh? I was asked about this during my visit to Dhaka, and I said, why not? I can say or promise anything, but this is an issue where we may not be able to move forward quickly.

The same party DPT that stopped the MVA going forward in the National Assembly with the previous government is also in Opposition now, and they are stronger this time, so they could stop it again.

I believe we need connectivity to enhance our economic growth, but Bhutan is the smallest country in this partnership, and we have a very high commitment to environmental conservation. We are different from our neighbours in the choices we make, and signing on to BBIN for the economic benefits must be balanced with our desire to preserve our environment, tradition and culture too.

SAARC has a long history and emotionally connected to us all. I believe that we in South Asia need to develop as a region and we must work together. But given the current relations between India and Pakistan, how do you see that happening?


We must open our hearts and march together without countering each other. So my prayers and wishes from our deeply spiritual country are for the leaders in the region to go ahead together.

Two years after the confrontation between India and China at Doklam, there are reports once again of a military build-up by the PLA on parts of the Doklam plateau.

How worried are you about a recurrence of the confrontation we saw in ? Anybody in my position will always worry about that, as these are issues that could hamper bilateral relations between any two countries in the world.


We are aware of the situation, and whenever we discuss border issues with China , we stick to our stand that the status quo must be maintained. No side should do anything without informing the other side at the border.

The problem comes when you work unilaterally and have a unilateral agenda. So long as the status quo is maintained, there will be peace and tranquillity in the region.You can also find recommended books for popular UPSC optional subjects for Mains exam by following the links below:. Sir can u guide me, from beginning how can i prepare for paper — gs paper- rajesh verma objective arithmetic spectrum geography.

President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G summit in Osaka. It gives a progressive viewpoint on social issues impacting the development in the nation and vice versa.

Policies, Programmes and Legislation 6. General studies paper i in — download spectrum handbook for general studies paper-i book online at best prices.

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